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Red Car

Red Car

The Red Car is a scary urban legend from Mexico about a group of witches who travel the roads looking for men. It is also known as “El carro de las brujas” or “The carriage of the witches”.

Red Car

They say that, in Mexico, there is a scarlet red car that travels at night on the road between Mexico City and Cuernavaca. Usually, it is only seen by men who wander the lonely streets after dark. They call it “El carro de las brujas” or “The carriage of the witches”.

Inside the red car there are 2 or 3 women. Sometimes there are as many as 5 and they are all very beautiful. When they see a man alone by the side of the road, they stop the car and try to entice him to get inside. They use sensual language, gestures and promise that they will fulfill his dreams.

If the man accepts their offer and gets into the red car, he is usually found some time later, lying lifeless by the side of the road, his bruised and battered body covered with cuts and strange arcane symbols. It is obvious that he has been subjected to some dark occult ritual in which he has been sacrificed to the devil.

Some say that the scarlet lining of the red car is made from the blood of the victims.

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  • what would happen if a man refused to go with the witches would the witches kidnap him or would they leave him alone?

  • cool legend… But I am thinking why all legends are happening in mexico… Why not in india? My native place… Anyways if some file us walking by the ross will the all girls turn onto boys…? Actually my sister had this question….. if I was there I wouldn’t get tricked in the beautiful girls….

  • why why dose there always have to be someone who makes people affraid of the rest of us we arnt all bad

  • Reminds me of the abandoned town of Las Brujas of GTA San Andreas. So witches can drive too?!

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