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The Chupacabra (or Goatsucker) is a scary monster that is believed to drain the blood of its victims. There have been sightings of this creature in Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Chile, and Mexico. Locals call it “el chupacabras”. It has terrorized farms and is responsible for animal mutilations, killing livestock like goats, cattle and horses.


According to those who have seen it, the Chupacabra has two small arms with a three-fingered clawed hand, two strong, almost reptilian hind legs, again with three claws and spinal quills down its back, which it uses to fly. This appears to enable it to run quickly and leap over trees. Its head is oval in shape and has an elongated jaw. It appears to have strong coarse hair all over its body.

The Chupacabra is like some kind of vampire that preys on animals. Farmers have found their animals lying dead on the ground with puncture wounds in their necks and all the blood drained from their bodies.

Sightings of Chupacabra continue to be reported in various parts of Puerto Rico and Texas. It has allegedly killed 11 goats in the town of San German, and on one occasion a group of townspeople said they chased the creature away as it was attempting to kill three roosters.

In Guanica, a 44-year-old man was grabbed from behind by an unidentified creature. He managed to fight the creature off and later received treatment for scratches and cuts on his body.

No pictures or videos have been captured of El Chupacabras yet, but some people have seen it in daylight. When villagers in Campo Rico spotted the creature, they chased it into the woods. The Mayor got together an army of volunteers to hunt for it. They were armed with rifles and had a caged goat to use as bait. However, they failed to catch the legendary goatsucker.

Farmers in Calamain, Chile awoke to find their goats and sheep dead in their pens. Calama officials quickly called in the National Guard. Hundreds of armed soldiers undertook a massive search of the area, hunting the Chupacabra. Night patrols, however, found nothing. The Chupacabra is still at large.

Since then, the Chupacabra has been blamed in the deaths of over 2000 animals ranging from other livestock to household pets. There have been sightings of the beast in several American cities including Miami, New York, San Antonio, Cambridge, and San Francisco.

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  • @ xXxGrrrrRawrxXx : i saw that too
    it looks like a dog with no hair
    i think they did a dna test but it was inconclusive

  • 1. It has been on tape, I saw it on a show I watch
    2. It’s not in SF or anything like that! It’s in a desert between a border or Mexico and something else I forgot

  • When I went camping for a couple days with my class, this one Mexican kid kept saying he saw a chupacabra and no one believed him. He got a couple of his friends to say he saw it too, so now the entire class was saying how we saw this so-called chupacabra near the fields. We actually scared our teacher enough to make him bring a counsellor over and ask about the wildlife. It was hilarious!!! “U-um hello Mike, could you please t-teach my class about the wildlife here?” We got an extra lesson just because my teacher was creeped out XD it sucked but it was SO worth it!

  • Iam from Puerto Rico…From the Town called Mayaguez and the “ChupaCabras” has had a lot of sightings here… And the information that SFK has put is very “Good”….

  • Wow… A vampire… I thought they eat humans too….. Very cool stories good job sfk…..

  • Ppl do think they found footage and if they did it looks nothing like described here and some chick even froze a body of an animal that she thinks might be the chupacabra and had it stuffed. A museum has a taxidermy just like it and ppl thing it could also be the legendary chupacabra. One of the footage clips is from a police car. Saw this on a show called fact or faked: paranormal files…pretty awesome stuff man.

  • ived seen it an do believe its real
    ive seen it when i was in mexico on my grandparents farm
    whe heard the roosters and chickens making loud noises
    so my grandfather got hes rifle and i went with him
    i would never forget for the rest of my life on how it look’s like

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