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Pope Lick Monster

Pope Lick Monster

The Pope Lick Monster is a scary urban legend about a half-man half-goat creature that is believed to live beneath a Norfolk Southern Railway trestle over Pope Lick Creek in Louisville, Kentucky.

Pope Lick Monster

In the late 1800s there were rumors of a wild animal roaming the Canadian wilderness. Locals called it The Pope Lick Monster. Stories about the creature caught the attention of a circus owner by the name of Silus Garner. He offered a substantial reward to anyone who could capture the mysterious monster.

Finally someone tracked the creature down, captured it and claimed the reward. Garner began to exhibit the Goat Monster in his circus freak show. He travelled by train from town to town and the monster was one of his star attractions. But Garner mistreated the monster and it grew to hate it’s captor and all other humans.

One fateful night, as the travelling circus was bound for Louisville, lightning struck the train tracks, derailing the train and causing a fatal accident. All the passengers aboard the train were killed, all except for one. The Pope Lick Monster.

Since that time, people say the monster lives up on the Trestle at Pope Lick Creek and lures people to their doom. The Pope Lick Monster lures his victims by mimicing voices. The victim would hear the voice of a loved one asking for help on the train trestle at night. Drawn to the voice and focused on helping the loved one, the victim will not notice the approaching train and would either be run over by the train or forced to plunge 100 feet to their deaths. It has also been said that the very sight of the creature is so unsettling that those who see it while walking across the high trestle are driven to leap off.

The monster has also been known to attack a victim using a blood-stained rusty axe. However, the monster prefers to harass people below by pelting them with stones and making disturbing noises. It derives sadistic pleasures in terrorizing people who walk under the trestle. Other stories claim the monster jumps down from the trestle onto the roofs of cars passing beneath it.

There have been a number of deaths and accidents at the trestle. Local police are constantly trying to keep teenagers from climbing up to the dangerous heights of the trestle and have fenced off certain portions from the general public to try and prevent future death and injury.

Those who have seen the Pope Lick Monster say it’s head resembles a goat and it has the grotesquely deformed body of a man. It’s eyes are on the sides of it’s head and it has powerful, fur-covered legs. Short, sharp horns protrude from the forehead, nestled in long greasy hair.

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