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Vanishing Hitchhiker

Vanishing Hitchhiker

The Vanishing Hitchhiker is a scary urban legend about a young girl who is on her way to a dance one night. A boy who is driving down a lonely country road sees her and stops to give her a ride in his car. This story is also known as “Lavender”, “The Hitchhiking Ghost” and “The Girl in the Road”.

Vanishing Hitchhiker

A boy and his friend were in on their way to a dance, driving down a lonely country road. They saw a young girl standing at the side of the road, with her thumb out. The boys stopped to ask her if she’d like a ride. She asked them if they’d take her home but they told her they were on their way to a dance.

They asked the girl if she’d like to come too and she accepted their invitation. So they all got in the car and she sat in the back seat. It was a very cold night and she borrowed one of their overcoats.

They danced all night and when it got late, she asked them to take her home. So they drove to her house and stopped and let her out. Suddenly one of the boys remembered he had forgotted to ask her for his overcoat. His friend said “Wait until tomorrow. We’ll come back”.

The next morning the boys returned to look for the girl. They found her mother, a very old woman, at home. She said that the girl was her daughter, but she’d been dead for 12 years. She had been killed in an car accident at the same corner. The old woman pointed to a cemetery down the road.

The boys didn’t believe her and they went into the cemetery and looked around. Then they saw the overcoat draped over a headstone. Engraved in the tombstone was the girl’s name and the date of her death was exactly 12 years ago to the day.

This type of phantom hitchhiker also features in the urban legend about the San Antonio Ghost Tracks.

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  • @Curious Shubhi , I read a story like this in one of Ruskin Bond’s story collections. In it the ghost’s name was Emily Something-something. It ended with the rhyme: “With us one moment, taken the next… Gone to her maker, gone to her rest.” Anyways, nice story.

  • I ‘ve read similar one having a bit different ending… At last the boy’s overcoat was found neatly folded on girl’s grave in cemetry.

  • remember when you see someone who needs a ride to not give them a ride they could be a ghost.

  • ohh there’s also story here in Mexico, but there’s a lady that just climbs in, before you know it she’s in your car in the back seat. And aldo near that road there’s a legend that says that a man got ran over, and his upper body got turned the opposite way, People say that at night this man runs like he’s jerking but running and running next to your window while you’re driving, and you have to look at him so he stops following you.

  • wow now that is what u would call a awesome story
    but what was the ghost girl doing with her finger?
    Im going to summon her and ask:
    me: so what were u doing with ur finger?
    her: i dunno

  • The pic is from the supernatural pilot, woman in white. That story & resurrection Mary are very different. In the episode, the woman in white, Constance welch, found out her husband was cheating on her so she went temporarily insane and drowned their kids. Then when she came to her senses, she was so guilty she jumped off a bridge and killed herself. Over the years she would appear to unfaithful men and when they picked her up, she would say take me home and when they agree she kills them. The whole episode was the Winchester brothers trying to find their dad who was hunting her (they are hunters, whose job is to kill ghosts, demons, vampires, etc). Then there is La Llorna who is a Hispanic ghost of a woman who had kids and was in love with a man who didn’t want kids. So she drowned them. But the man dumped her and she went crazy with guilt over her kids and drowned herself. The story is that she haunts rivers in Mexico and states like Texas, New Mexico & Arizona and if she finds a child she thinks it is hers and she takes them. All of it is creepy!

  • The movie fingerprints is about ghost children who died on the way to school. It also has to do with the san antonio ghost tracks. I wanna try that once I get a licence!

  • Lesson to be learned my friend..NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER pick up hitch hikers that is all.

  • Omega you watch the show supernatural too?!yes! It was the pilot episode! That picture is from that episode!!

  • I saw that episode The show is called SuperNatural and thats the first episode :)

  • Whatever. I think her night on Earth that only happens once a year turned out pretty good.

  • i heard a story like this but it was a man was drving and he got in a car accident with a woman and he said srry and all and they started dating after that but on there 12th date he went to her house and her mom said she was killed 12 years ago someone ran over her.this is kinda like it.

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