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The Candyman is an urban legend that tells the scary story of a murdered slave who returns from the dead in search of revenge if you say his name five times. A horror movie was made in 1992 about the legend, followed by two sequels, starring Tony Todd as the Candyman. Read the story and find out how to play the Candyman Challenge.


According to the legend, if you look into a mirror and chant the name “Candyman” five times, he will appear behind you and kill you with his hook. For you see, the Candyman is a vicious killer with a bloody hook for a hand. He appears from the mirror, covered in blood and bees and he has nothing but murder on his mind.

They say that many years ago, the Candyman was a real man. Back in the days of slavery, Candyman was a black slave named Daniel Robitaille, who worked on a plantation in New Orleans. He was a talented painter and was chosen by the plantation owner to paint a portrait of his daughter.

But Daniel fell in love with the daughter of the white plantation owner. When the racist plantation owner discovered that his daughter and the slave were in love, he raised an angry mob and chased Daniel out of town.

Armed with pitchforks and a pack of dogs, they chased the poor slave across fields and streams. Finally, they caught up with the exhausted slave near an old barn. The evil men siezed Daniel and cut off his right hand with a rusty saw. Then they covered him in honey and threw him into a beehive.

The unfortunate Candyman was in terrible pain and died from his injuries, but not before he cursed the men who killed him and vowed to return and exact his revenge. They say his spirit would never rest and now his ghost walks the world for all eternity, appearing when his name is called five times.

So remember, you can say “Candyman” once, twice, three times or four. But never say it five times or you’ll be sorry!

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  • This story /urban legend is creepy and it true for me i have.seen him in the bathroom when i did it 😨dont mock the candyman he will.get you you dont have to believe me but it is true

  • i wasn’t scared of candyman before i watched the movie i thought he was a man who gave out candy so i wanted do see him

  • Me: Candyman Candyman Candyman-!
    Candyman: *emerges from mirror*

  • Lol we are doing the Willy wonka musical in a week and we have to ship the candy man like 10 times. I should be dead right now then 😝

  • Me singing Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
    Oh i’m still alive oh yay i can still yell thanks CandyMan at halloween

  • I feel so sorry for him. I don’t understand why he would attack people who probably had nothing to do with his death.

  • including the intro about this story, they have said candyman five times sooooooo…

  • it kinda of spooked me out also I’m 10 so I wont do this unless I’m at a dying age

  • even after knowing what wud happen if u make a person suffer and die,why does many of the ppl in the stories do exactly that

  • He probably kills you after you utter his name five times because you are uttering the wrong name. He was covered in honey not candy remember ? Darn he gets really angry I guess….

  • I’d summon Candyman if I want cake or strawberry ice cream with maple syrup and sprinkles on it, after that I’ll say thanks bro then I’ll say goodbye :DD

  • I am looking for more information about the candy man or similar
    I hear this is an old folklore legend not based off of a slave as it is a much older story and other cultures and or countries have a similar man one of my first memories as a child was waking up in my bed and looking toward the wall and I saw a man with a sombrero type hat with bees going in and out of him I was 3 or 4 at the time and my mother heard my bed shaking ran to check on me and although she did not see him she knew something was wrong and she did see a light fly from the bedroom to another room after picking me up and immediately started praying so I guess this maybe the candy man or similar but why would I see him? I never called his name didn’t know about it at 3 years old and I was sleeping! Has anyone else heard of this as a Latin urban myth or other ethnicity urban myth? If so can you share?

  • If this was real, the guy who sang the “Candyman” song, would be dead XD

  • I thought this story is related to someone who sells candy, But it was totally different. Why candyman..?? Because of honey..???

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