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New Pet

New Pet

The New Pet is a famous urban legend about a woman who goes to Mexico and brings back a stray dog. This story is also known as The Mexican Pet or The Mexican Hairless and appeared in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as Sam’s New Pet.

New Pet

There was woman who went to Mexico on vacation. She got bored of hanging around the resort hotel and decided to explore the town. After doing a little shopping and buying a few souveniers, she happened to see a little dog trotting down a dusty alley between two buildings.

She was immediately smitten with the cute little animal and followed it. When she caught up to the dog, she picked it up and it started licking her face. The dog didn’t have any collar or tag, so she assumed it was a stray. The animal was so adorable that she decided to adopt it.

It’s illegal to transport animals back from Mexico to the United States, so on the journey back home, she hid the little dog under her sweater and pretended that she was pregnant. The guards at the border crossing never suspected a thing.

Back in the United States, she brought her new pet back to her apartment and gave it a bath. Then she set out a bowl of food for the little dog to eat. She laid out a blanket in the kitchen for the creature to sleep on and then went out to a restaurant to have dinner.

When she came home a few hours later and walked into the kitchen, she found her new pet chewing a hole through the wall. There was an oozing mucus around the animal’s eyes and it was foaming at the mouth. Afraid that her new pet might be sick, she wrapped it up in a blanket and let it sleep in her bedroom.

The next morning, the woman woke up to find the creature gnawing on her ear. She screamed and pushed it away. The woman realized that her new pet was seriously ill and took it to the vet. She sat impatiently in his office, waiting for him to see her.

As soon as the vet came out, the woman rushed over, carrying her pet in her arms.

“There’s something wrong with my dog,” she said.

He took one look at it and asked, “What did you say this was?”

“I’m not sure what breed it is,” she replied. “I think it’s some kind of rare Mexican breed.”

The vet shook his head. “This is no dog,” he said. “This is a sewer rat.”

The woman was horrified. “A sewer rat?” she cried.

“Yes,” said the vet. “But the bad news is, it has rabies.”

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  • She probably has to get a shot now. The rat was gnawing on her ear and licking her face. Also, how could you not tell the difference between a sewer rat and a dog?!

  • Why would she think a disgusting sewer rat was a dog?! Also, I read the Sam’s New Pet version. Pretty much the same. 10-10

  • I have a rather scary story to tell you guys :3 And it will give you creeps.

    One morning, it was around about 5:30am and my mother woke me up. I don’t know why, because it was a Saturday and my mother usually woke me up at about 9:00. ‘Come on, Ella. We are moving away. Now.’ She said. She pulled the duvet of my bed,which really annoyed me. I slipped some fatty clothes on and went to find Dad. He was in the kitchen, making some porridge for himself. ‘Dad! I can’t believe we are moving away.’ I said. He didn’t answer me. He just kept stirring the porridge. I poked his belly and waved my arm in his face jokingly. ‘Daaad?’ I whined. He pushed me away from his face but finally said a word. ‘I’m. Not. Cominggg!’ He screamed as he whacked my arm. I saw that Dad had a bruise and a cut near his mouth, and he wasn’t making porridge, he was cleaning the pus coming out of his knuckles. ‘B..b..but you HAVE to come.’ I said. Dad growled so I walked off to find mom. Her bedroom door was closed and I couldn’t find Mom anywhere. I figured she was just getting ready. So I walked into the living room and switched he news on.
    NEWSMAN: there has been an attack in Horwich
    Me: Wow, I live in Horwich!
    NEWSMAN: Mark Floursence has beaten up his wife, Jennifer Floursence.
    Me: T..t..that’s mother…
    NEWSMAN: poor Jennifer didn’t survive.
    Me: but I saw her this morning!
    NEWSMAN: Apparently, yesterday, the couple and their child, Macy were supposed to be moving away to Florida. Jennifer went in the room to wake Macy up when suddenly Mark attacked.
    Me: Dad?

    Then, Dad crept up behind me, clutching a butcher knife. He grinned and chopped my limbs off.

    I am now permanently paralysed.

    I live in Horwich and I have three kids, Joel, Lily and Kate. If you ever see me wandering around in my wheelchair with three preschoolers toddling along. Don’t come near us.. I repeat… do NOT.

  • I have seen Mexican sewer rat, it just looks like a dog. No wonder she misinterpreted the rat. It was funny how she transported the pet from Mexico. 😁

  • LOL..!!!
    Good thing is he didn’t harm her…
    hahaha how can anyone assume a sewer rat as a dog…!!!

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