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Smiley Face

Smiley Face

The Smiley Face is a creepy urban legend from Europe about a man who does terrible things to girls who walk home alone at night. This story is also known as The Smile of the Clown.

Smiley Face

One night, a teenage girl went to a nightclub with her friends. They had a great time, drinking and dancing and it was 3 AM by the time they left. Her friends lived in the city but the girl lived in the suburbs. They said goodbye and went back to their apartment, leaving the girl to make her own way home. Unable to get a taxi, the teenage girl decided to walk home on her own.

On the way, she had to cross through a park. It was very dark and all she could hear was the clacking of her heels echoing in the night. She thought she saw something moving in the bushes, so she quickened her pace.

Suddenly, a man appeared from behind a bush and blocked her path. His face was hideous. It looked terribly scarred and misshapen. She tried to run, but he cornered her and grabbed hold of her arms.

The frightened girl pleaded for her life and tearfully asked to be let go. The man’s deformed mouth twisted into a leering grin.

“Do you want death or smiley face?” he asked.

“Please, just let me go,” she cried.

“Death or Smiley Face,” he insisted.

The girl didn’t know what he meant. “Smiley face,” she replied.

Without a word, he pulled out his knife and sliced the corners of the girl’s mouth up to her ears.

Her face was left completely deformed. She was scarred for life. Whenever people saw her in public, they said she resembled a grotesque smiley face.

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