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Choking Dog

Choking Dog

The Choking Dog is a scary urban legend about a woman who owns a Doberman Pinscher. This story is also known as The Choking Doberman.

Choking Dog

There was a woman who lived in a small house in the suburbs of a big city. She wasn’t married and lived alone, with only her big dog to keep her company. The dog was a Doberman.

One evening, the woman came home from work and found her dog choking on something. It was lying on the living room floor and gasping for air. The woman dropped her purse and tried to clear her dog’s throat, but she had no luck. Concerned about the animal’s welfare, she immediately loaded her pet into the car and drove him to the nearest vet’s office.

The vet examined the Doberman right away and said he would probably have to operate in order to remove the obstruction in the dog’s windpipe. He told the woman to go home and he’d call her later to let her know how things went. Meanwhile the dog was still gasping for air and growing weaker by the minute.

The flustered woman went straight home. As she was closing the front door behind her, she got a call on her mobile phone. It was the vet and something seemed to be seriously wrong.

“Listen carefully,” he said in an urgent tone. “You need to get out of the house right now. Go to your neighbor’s place and wait for the police to arrive. I’ve already called them. Go now!”

Shocked and frightened, the woman wasted no time and ran straight out the front door.

A few minutes later, a police car arrived with its siren blaring. The policemen got out and explained that they had to search the house. They entered through the front door, with their guns drawn. The woman was speechless. She had no idea what was happening.

She called the vet and asked him what was going on.

“I managed to clear the obstruction in your dog’s throat,” he said. “When I found out what he was choking on, I called the police. Your dog was choking on three human fingers.”

After the police searched the place, they found a masked man in the woman’s bedroom closet. He was armed with a knife and cowering in pain, clutching his right hand.

The dog had bitten off three of his fingers.

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  • This is why I love dogs <3. Now I really want to get a dog like that xD.

  • Hmm ok story fishy part is how did the vet know where she lived? OMG he was behind this

  • And this is why I love dogs. Btw, does anyone else get ads about russians wanting a bf? Bloody hell, what if someone actually went on this website and no one wanted to date them? What if the Russian was ugly and nothing the ad said?? Nah jks, not hating on russians. Just hating on the ads >:3

  • Uhm… does anyone know where they sell dogs like that? He seems very loyal. LOL

  • Cool. Fool probably didn’t come out of the closet cuz he was to afraid of the dog haha. Still weird he was in there for so long though.

  • um. not to ruin the loyalty you feel, but im sure the dog was not intending to choke on the dude’s fingers…he jus was trying to get the guy to leave or scare him. but sure, that was a sweet dog

  • I would love the dog even more it almost choked to death to stop the intruder

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