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White Hands

White Hands

White Hands is a scary Japanese urban legend about a group of friends who go legend tripping at a tunnel that is rumored to be haunted.

White Hands

There were four teenage boys who were the best of friends. One night, they decided to drive out and visit a haunted tunnel they had heard about. Local people sometimes visited the tunnel to test their courage. The boys didn’t believe in ghosts and they wanted to take a picture of themselves in the tunnel so they could show their friends.

That night, the four young men set out in a car and drove up a steep and lonely mountain road. Eventually, they reached the tunnel and parked outside.

According to the urban legend they had heard, if you stood at the mouth of the tunnel and repeated a certain phrase, a ghost was supposed to appear.

Together, they stood in front of the tunnel, illuminated by the car’s headlights and said, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” over and over again.

Then they waited, but nothing happened.

“Just like I thought,” said one boy. “There’s no ghost.”

“Yeah, it’s just a stupid legend.” said another boy, trying not to show his fear. “Come on, this is boring. Let’s take a picture and go home.”

The boys gathered at the mouth of the tunnel and left the camera on the hood of the car. The timer ran down and it took a photo of them. Then, they all climbed back into the car.

However, the boy who was sitting in the driver’s seat didn’t turn on the ignition. The others waited for a few moments in silence. Then, they grew impatient.

“Hey, why aren’t we moving?” shouted a boy from the back seat.

The driver didn’t respond. He just sat there.

“Come on, man, what’s wrong with you?” said his friends.

The boy in the driver’s seat turned slowly and faced his friends. His face was pale and small droplets of sweat were rolling down his cheeks.

“Guys… We’re friends, right?” he said. His voice sounded like it was shaking.

“Of course we are,” answered the others. “Best friends.”

“You guys would always stick by me, right?” he asked.

“Sure we would,” they replied. “Through thick and thin.”

“If I was in some kind of trouble, you guys would never leave me… right?” he said.

“No way,” they said. “You can always rely on us.”

The young man in the driver’s seat smiled weakly and mopped his brow. There were tears in his eyes. In a faint whisper he said, “Then… Look at my feet…”

The other boys excahnged puzzled glances and their eyes slowly moved down towards his feet.

Two white hands were coming up through the floor of the car. The long, gnarled fingers were tightly gripping the ankles of the young man in the driver’s seat.

For a few moments, his friends stared in shock. Then, suddenly, they started screaming in terror. They scrambled to open the car doors and fled as fast as their legs would carry them, leaving their friend alone in the car.

The boys didn’t stop running until they came to the bottom of the hill. Stopping to catch their breath, they looked at each other with horrified faces.

After a while, they cautiously made their way back to the entrance of the tunnel.

The car was still sitting there, the headlights illuminating the tunnel, but the young man in the driver’s seat was gone.

He had vanished and they never found him. Today, his whereabouts are unknown.

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