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First Day of School

First Day of School

The First Day of School is a scary story about a student who moves to a new town and starts attending a new school, but has trouble finding the right classroom.

First Day of School

The first day of school is always nerve-wracking for any student. My first day at a new school was an absolute nightmare.

I was 14 years old and my family had just moved to a new town. moved home. My Dad had been offered a job with better pay and a mere week later, we had sold our house and rented an apartment in the town we moved to. It was during the summer we moved, so it was simple starting at my new school.

On the first day, I walked alone to the school. I was nervous about having to make new friends. When I arrived, I picked up a timetable and saw that my first class was Mathematics. It was in Room 104.

I began walking down the hallways, searching for the room, but the school was like a maze. Eventually, the bell rang and the students made their way to their classrooms. In less than a minute, the corridors were deserted.

I stopped in front of a pair of old looking wooden double doors. I pushed and with a scraping sound of metal on wood, they opened. I found mysef in a corridor that was old and dusty. The lockers were all hanging open and the stench of mold and damp hung in the air. I was about to turn around and go back the way I came, when I noticed the numbers on the classroom doors. “100… 101… 102…”.

I began walking down the hallway, but when I peered through the windows of each classroom, they were empty. Then, I came to room 104. I peeked through the window. All of the students were sitting at their desks, the teacher was standing at the blackboard and class was in session. I quietly opened the door and went inside.

None of the other students paid any attention to me. I started to apologize awkwardly for being late, but the teacher just turned her back on me and began writing on the board. Turning red from embarrassment, I hurriedly found a free seat at the front of the classroom and sat down.

The teacher had already written her name in chalk on the blackboard. It was Mrs. Taylor.

I was nervous and self-conscious, so I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. Throughout the class, I just kept my head down and concentrated on solving the maths problems.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours, the bell rang and the class ended. The other students scrambled out of their desks and ran out the door. I looked at my watch and was shocked to see that it was already 3 PM. The school day was over and I had only attended one class.

I walked down the corridors, trying to find the exit. All of a sudden, I heard someone calling my name and looked around. There was a teacher making his way towards me and he had a frown on his face.

“You! Yes, you! You’ve the new boy, aren’t you?” he said.

“Uh… Yes,” I replied.

“Where have you been?” he demanded. “I’ve been searching for you all day! Why didn’t you go to your classes?”

“But I was in class,” I protested.

“Which class?” he demanded.

“Mrs. Taylor’s class,” I replied. “Room 104”.

The teacher’s eyes grew wide and he flew into a rage.

“I suppose you think you’re pretty funny, don’t you?” he shouted. “Well, you’re not. It’s no laughing matter. Now get out of my sight!”

I was very confused and, on the long walk home, I kept wondering what I had said that got him so upset. As soon as I reached my house, I turned on my laptop and went online. I started searching for the name of the school and the teacher, Mrs. Taylor.

What I found scared me to my very soul.

There were old news articles about a terrible massacre that happened in the school 10 years before.

One morning, bright and early, a crazed gunman had simply walked into the school and started shooting. He stood at the doorway of a classroom and shot the teacher. Then he picked off the students one by one until every single person in the class was lying dead in a pool of blood.

There were pictures of the classroom where the murders happened. I recognized it immediately. It was room 104.

There were also photos of the victims. I recognized them too. Trembling with fear, I gazed at the smiling faces of Mrs. Taylor and all of the students I had been in class with.

I felt sick to my stomach. My hands were shaking and a chill ran through me. I spent all night trying to convince myself that it wasn’t true.

The next morning, I was too terrified to go back to school. I broke down and told my parents what had happened. At first, they thought it was just nerves, but eventually, after I had refused to go to school for a whole week, they gave in and enrolled me in a different school.

I managed to get on with my life and tried my best to forget all about the incident. I almost succeeded…

This morning, I received a letter in the mail. There was no stamp on the envelope and no return address. It had been hand-delivered.

When I opened it and read the printed card inside, my hands started shaking again.

It was an invitation to a class reunion…

…and it was signed “from Mrs. Taylor”.

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  • I wish I had that superpower! But, I would want to be able to take control of it. 10/10 green aruas

  • First things first, the dad got a better pay yet he sold there house to get an appartment, why not keep the house? Second of all they should re-read the story before putting it up (a lot of typos). But I have to say it was a good story, and it was scary.

  • ive heard a similar story except the person goes back in time and sees the teacher commit suicide. its still creepy though

  • SFK, I made a story called “Seeing Red” based on a story I saw on reddit,
    so here the story goes:
    I have an ability to see auras around people. The colour is based on how long they’ve got to live. Green means they’ve got plenty of time. Most everyone I meet has green. A fair amount have yellow and orange, meaning a car crash or illness or something that takes people before their time. And then the fun starts with red, meaning the person will be murdered or die by suicide. It’s my first day of eighth grade. I walked into my first class, and I was by myself. The first guy walked in. His aura was red and I chuckled. Too bad, mate. But then everyone who walked in had a red aura. I thought this was odd and caught a glance of my reflection in the window. My aura was deep red. I gasped and whispered to myself “C’mon Anna you’re imagining things.” I looked again. Still red. “Oh darn” I muttered to myself. I quickly rushed out of the classroom and hid. I caught a quick reflection of myself on a marble block. “Phew, it’s green.” I said to myself. My friend Chihiro seemed to get the hint since she knew about my talent. She walked out of the classroom as well and her aura changed from red to yellow, back to red, then green. I whispered to her, “Chill, you’re green now.” Watching from behind a table, we saw the teacher, His aura was blue. Impossible because that means he must be immortal or he lives for hundreds, thousands, millions of years. That’s why I never mentioned blue auras. Because it’s impossible. I see him lock the door, his aura staying the same. We watch him pull out a knife trying to stab each of the students. Each and everyone of the fourteen students left. We ran to the principal and had her call 911. The teacher was arrested and his aura turned red, meaning he was probably going to go on death row or get beaten up in prison. Six of the students survived but came out with severe PTSD. Chihiro and I also came out with PTSD. Her aura turned red and later hanged herself. I won’t recover. And I’ll never forget having to watch a murder.

  • This story gave me creeps but the boy was given the class 104 so was this his real class no. ? or it has been mistaken by someone

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