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Basement Bathroom

Basement Bathroom

The Basement Bathroom is a scary story from Korea about two men who clean office buildings at night.

Basement Bathroom

A young man named Charlie got a new job with a cleaning company. He had to work all night cleaning office buildings after the executives had gone home. Because he was new to the job, he was being trained in by an old man named Zeke.

One night, Charlie and Zeke were cleaning the men’s bathroom in the basement of a big office complex. Suddenly, Charlie heard a loud scream coming from somewhere close by. He ran out of the bathroom into the hallway. The screams were coming from the women’s bathroom next door.

Charlie opened the door and looked inside. There was a young woman standing there, weeping and clutching herself. Her clothes were torn.

“Are you OK?” asked Charlie.

“Someone’s in the toilet!” she screamed. “He grabbed me!”

Zeke appeared at the door and said “Charlie, what the heck is going on?”

Suddenly, all the sinks in the bathroom began spraying out water. With that, the young woman began screaming and crying hysterically. She rushed past Zeke, fleeing out the bathroom door.

Charlie could see that one of the stalls in the basement bathroom was closed. He approached it cautiously and peeked under the door. He couldn’t see any feet.

“What’s wrong, Charlie?” asked Zeke.

Charlie gently pushed the door the stall. It slowly creaked open to reveal… an empty cubicle. There was nobody there.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Charlie went around to all the sinks and turned off the taps.

“What was that all about?”, asked Zeke.

“I don’t know”, said Charlie. “It’s very strange. Something caused all those taps to start spraying out water. It’s creepy”.

“I heard stories” said Zeke. “Years ago, there was a murder in this office building. They told me it happened in the ladies’ bathroom. Late at night. The basement bathroom. They say it’s haunted and the murderer was never caught.”

“I don’t believe in ghosts”, said Charlie. “There has to be some logical explanation for why the taps in the sinks suddenly turned on. It wasn’t supernatural, but whatever it was, it sure scared that woman.”

“Who?”, asked Zeke.

“The woman who was screaming” replied Charlie. “She ran right past you.”

Zeke’s eyes grew wide as he whispered “I didn’t see any woman, Charlie. I didn’t hear anyone screaming. You and I are the only ones in the building.”

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