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Do Not Open

Do Not Open

Do not Open is a creepy tale about a college student who hears a loud nock on her door one night.

Do Not Open

There was an 18-year old girl named Beatrice who was in her first year at college. She lived alone in a small apartment near her university. One night, she was washing her dishes after dinner, when her phone suddenly started ringing. She picked it up and saw by the caller ID that it was her friend, Peter.

“Hey Pete, what’s up?” she asked.

“Not much,” he replied. “I’m bored and I thought I’d see if you wanted to hang out.”

“Sure,” said Beatrice. “Come on over. We can watch a movie or something.”
“Cool, I’ll be over in 15 or 20 minutes,” he said cheerfully.

She hung up the phone and decided to take a shower before her friend arrived. About ten minutes later, she was in the middle of shampooing her hair when she heard a loud knock on her front door.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

Sticking her head out of the shower, she shouted, “Come in! It’s open!”

A few minutes later, the banging on the door started again.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!

She stuck her head out again. “It’s not locked! Just let yourself in!” she cried.

Just then, her mobile phone rang. It was Peter.

She answered it and said, in an irritated voice, “I’m in the shower. Why don’t you stop knocking and just come in?”

On the other end of the line, her friend’s voice was hushed and urgent.

“Don’t open the door!” he hissed.

Beatrice was shocked. “Why not?”

“I’m outside your apartment building,” he whispered. “I just saw a strange woman going up the stairs to your apartment. She was crawling up the wall on all fours…”

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  • omg, there’s a blackout in my town and i’m reading stories in SFK, nothing makes sense

  • Me: * turns around* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    * sees an ugly naked guy through my sliding window* 🙀

  • Who leaves their door unlocked while taking a shower… in the night…alone? ._.

  • Creepy. And also guys, when a person says “it’s open” they’re saying that it’s unlocked not that it’s actually open. Why would a person knock on a door if it’s actually open? Anyway, just clearing that up.

  • The weird lady may not have wanted to get down on the floor to turn the handle of the door. Maybe he wanted Beatrice to open the door for her so she could have crawled in from the ceiling and pounced on her or something. She also might have waited for Beatrice to open the door so she could have clawed on her face or attack her from the side if she was on the wall. Anyways, I would have been very scared just to go to the door to latch it. Creepy.

  • Good story, wish it was longer.
    Y would she just tell a guy to come in her house when’s she taking a shower?!

  • @ evil-kittens Maybe she was a vampire. They can’t come in your house without being invited in (opening a door for them)

  • technically shouldn’t she be dead the door was open so the creepy lady could just walk (crawl) in to her apartment and kill her

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