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Random Chat

Random Chat

Random Chat is a scary story about a teenage boy who chats with a strange girl over the internet. It is based on a Korean horror comic.

Random Chat

One night, a boy was sitting in his bedroom, reading scary stories on the internet. His parents had gone out for the evening and he had the apartment to himself.

After a while, he got bored and started looking around for something to do. He decided to download a random chat app and installed it on his phone.

This is a transcript of his chat:

*** You are now chatting with a random stranger ***

*** Say Hi! ***

You: Hi

Stranger: Hey. Tell me about yourself.

You: 16 male

Stranger: I’m 15 female

You: Are you sure you’re really a girl? HAHA.

Stranger: Of course. LOL. Where do you live?

You: HAHA But… Can I really trust you?
You: I just got fooled by a guy a minute ago LOL

Stranger: Well… if you can’t trust me, then just leave the chat…

You: No… It’s not that I don’t trust you LOL

Stranger: Well it sounds like ur calling me a liar

You: No I’m not.
You: I just want to be sure you’re not a guy.

Stranger: HAHA Want me to prove it to you?

You: Yeah, sure… How?

Stranger: Just a sec…
Stranger: I’ll send u a pic

Random Chat

You: Wow!

Stranger: Believe me now?

You: Damn! You’re hot!

Stranger: Thanks LOL

You: OK, You wanted to know where I live.
You: Oregon.

Stranger: Wow! Seriously?
Stranger: Me too.

You: Really? What city?
You: I’m in Portland

Stranger: Me too.

You: What a coincidence. LOL
You: We could be neighbors.

Stranger: Freaky LOL

You: So… We live so close…
You: Why don’t you just come over to my place and we can talk in person?

Stranger: Dream on. LOL

You: Well, anyway, I was just kidding HAHA

Stranger: Maybe I will come over.
Stranger: What would we do?

You: I’ll think of something.

Stranger: I’m sure you will. LOL

You: So are you coming over or not?

Stranger: Tell me the address.

You: Apartment 604, Worthington Apartments, Mulberry Road.

Stranger: I’m leaving right now.
Stranger: See u in a while.

You: Cool

*** 30 minutes later ***

You: So are you on your way?

Stranger: I’m already here.

You: Where?

Stranger: Here with you.

You: Huh?

Stranger: Want me to prove it to you?

Random Chat

You: Is this some sort of joke?
You: How did you get a picture of me?

Stranger: Want another?

Random Chat

You: Look, this is NOT funny!
You: You’re freaking me out.

Stranger: And another?

Random Chat

You: How are you taking these pictures of me?

Stranger: This is the last one I’m sending you.

Random Chat

You: What’s this?
You: Is that supposed to be me?

*** You have disconnected from the chat ***

Minutes later, the boy’s dead body was found lying face down on the pavement outside his apartment building. His skull was split open and his brains were leaking out onto the road. His phone was still clutched in his cold, dead hand. He had apparently jumped from the window of his 6th floor apartment and taken his own life. No motive was found for his suicide.

When police traced the IP address of the Stranger in this chat log, it led them to a phone belonging to a teenage girl who had committed suicide two years before. Her parents said that no one had been using her phone and it had been switched off ever since she passed away. Police are baffled and the boy’s suspicious death remains an unsolved mystery…

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