Scary For Kids


Cliffhanger is a scary poem for kids by Dilys Winn. It is a shape poem, a free verse poem and it is all contained in a run-on sentence. The structure is supposed to give you a feeling of movement uphill or upstairs and create the mood of tension, fear and apprehension.


to help
no one
there was
you suddenly
to scream
and you wanted
your soul
ooze into
you felt dampness
the latch and
and bolted
yanked you inside
and a sinewy arm
to the ancestral home
welcome my dear
thundering voice say
and heard a
you stumbled
you became and when
the more apprehensive
and the closer you got
a night there alone
of the will you had to spend
but to qualify for your share
haunted and would not go near it
The villagers swore the place was

scary for kids


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