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20 Questions

20 Questions

20 Questions is a scary text message story about a girl who is being taken out on a mystery date by her boyfriend.

20 Questions

Jack: Hey, are you ready for our date later? 🙂

Emma: Yes, I’m so excited!!!!
Emma: Where is this mystery spot?

Jack: I can’t tell you
Jack: Because then it won’t be a surprise! 🙂

Emma: But I’m just so curious
Emma: Can’t you give me a little hint? 😉

Jack: hmmmmmmmm

Emma: Please!
Emma: Pretty please with a cherry on top

Jack: How about a game of 20 questions?

Emma: YES!

Jack: See if you can guess where I’m taking you tonight 😉

Emma: Ummmm…. is it indoors?

Jack: No… 19 left

Emma: OK… outdoors… um is it an event?

Jack: No! 18

Emma: So it’s a place outdoors

Jack: Yes… 17

Emma: I was just thinking out loud with that one!

Jack: Still 17

Emma: Ugh! OK…
Emma: Does the place involve physical activity?

Jack: No 16
Jack: Bet you’ll never guess it 🙂

Emma: Don’t doubt me!
Emma: Is it somewhere with a lot of people?

Jack: Technically… yes. 15

Emma: Technically? Hmmmm… interesting
Emma: Are there woods around it?

Jack: Yes 14!

Emma: Is it past the hill?

Jack: Yes!! 🙂
Jack: 13 more questions

Emma: Is it somewhere we’ve been together before?

Jack: Noooooo… 12

Emma: Uhhhhh

Jack: Haha giving up?
Jack: You will find out tonight 😉

Emma: I’m not a quitter :p
Emma: 12 more questions… I can do this!

Jack: Sure you can lol

Emma: Is there water at this place?

Jack: No 11!!

Emma: This really is a mystery spot

Jack: I planned it that way 😉

Emma: Is it past the train tracks?

Jack: Just barely. But yes. 10 more to go.
Jack: Think you’re getting closer?

Emma: No idea :p
Emma: What’s past the train tracks surrounded by woods?

Jack: Put your thinking cap on :p
Jack: Or just give up and wait for the surprise tonight! 🙂

Emma: 10 more questions and then I’ll wait :p
Emma: Is the spot big?

Jack: Define “big”

Emma: Like acres upon acres of land big

Jack: Oh… No… 9 more questions!

Emma: Is there something to do at the spot?
Emma: Apart from walking and looking around?
Emma: Like an abandoned tire swing?

Jack: Haha I know where you’re thinking of, but no!
Jack: 8 left


Jack: Stumped? :p

Emma: Perhaps
Emma: Is it somewhere people are allowed to go?
Emma: Like a public place?

Jack: Oh yeah. We wont be trespassing
Jack: 7 more!!

Emma: hhhmm I need to consult Google

Jack: That’s cheating!

Emma: No, it’s just using my resources :p

Jack: You’ve got 7 more
Jack: You can use Google after the game!
Jack: You’re going to find out later anyhow!

Emma: Haha ok… if it means that much to you :p
Emma: Can I have a hint?
Emma: Like a letter?

Jack: You want to play hangman now?

Emma: YES. How many letters is the place?

Jack: Hmmmm idk that’s not how 20 questions works

Emma: Come on please… please. Pretty please 🙂

Jack: You’ll have to convince me

Emma: I like solving puzzles and I’m so curious
Emma: And you’d be even more wonderful if you gave me how many letters it is!

Jack: Haha you’ve convinced me
Jack: It’s 8 letters long
Jack: Now no more hints!

Emma: 8 letters???!!! that’s so long
Emma: I was hoping it’d be 4 or 5
Emma: Maybe 6
Emma: 8 could be anything!

Jack: But it’s something! I promise 🙂

Emma: Ugghhhhhhh I’m running out of guesses =/

Jack: 7 more… Unless you want to give up?

Emma: Why are we going there late at night?
Emma: Is that when it’s best to go?

Jack: Ooohhhh good question
Jack: But for this purpose… Yes it’s best at night

Emma: What does that mean?
Emma: That’s really vague
Emma: What’s the purpose?

Jack: Most people go during the day

Emma: Huh ok. 6 left.
Emma: I think I’m getting closer
Emma: Are there flowers at this place?

Jack: There can be
Jack: I think there usually are some

Emma: Is there a fence around the place?

Jack: Yes 5 more guesses

Emma: I think I know where we’re going
Emma: But I’m confused why
Emma: Maybe it’s not where I’m thinking
Emma: Because the place I’m thinking of isn’t romantic at all
Emma: It’s spooky

Jack: I guess we’ll see
Jack: Maybe you shouldn’t have ruined the surprise :p

Emma: Maybe
Emma: Do people frequent there?

Jack: Depends
Jack: 4 more guesses

Emma: Was that horror indie flick filmed there?

Jack: Yes! 3 more guesses!

Emma: It’s the cemetery right?
Emma: We’re going to the cemetery?

Jack: Haha you guessed it! =D

Emma: The cemetery?
Emma: That’s the surprise spot you picked for our date?

Jack: You have 2 more questions left
Jack: Choose wisely

Emma: Cemeteries are creepy at night!
Emma: Why are we going to a cemetery?

Jack: To bury a body

Emma: WHAT?
Emma: Is this a joke?
Emma: Are you really taking me somewhere else?
Emma: please be kidding Jack
Emma: This isn’t funny
Emma: Answer me
Emma: Let’s go somewhere else
Emma: I’ll pick the spot
Emma: Please tell me there isn’t a body in the trunk of your car
Emma: There’s not.
Emma: There can’t be
Emma: Jack?
Emma: Are you kidding?

Jack: You have 1 question left
Jack: Choose wisely

Emma: You’re freaking me out
Emma: This isn’t funny

Jack: You have 1 question left
Jack: Choose wisely

Emma: Please stop saying that
Emma: I don’t want to guess anymore
Emma: I give up
Emma: I don’t want to play anymore

Jack: You have 1 question left
Jack: Choose wisely

Emma: Please stop

Jack: You have 1 question left

Emma: OKAY
Emma: I’ll ask the final question

Jack: Choose wisely

Emma: Whose body are we burying?

Jack: Yours

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