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New Home

New Home

The New Home is a story written by a member of this website named horrorrainbows. It’s about a family who move into a brand new house and find something lurking in the basement.

New Home

About two years ago, my mom, my brother and I all moved into a new home. When I first saw the house, it looked quite normal and I thought our family would be happy there, but that all changed when we made a small but life-changing decision.

We had been living in the house for three days when we suddenly realized that we had never had checked out the basement. Curious to see what was down there, my brother and I asked our mother if we could explore. Little did we know what was awaiting us in the darkness below.

Our mother agreed to let us go down in the basement, but she said that she would have to go with us because it was very dark and there were no lights. My mom brought a flashlight with her to guide the way downstairs. I led the way and while we were walking in single file down the rickety steps, I thought I heard a voice counting, “1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9…”

As soon as I set foot on the 10th step, I suddenly felt something grab hold of me and pull me down the stairs. I disappeared into the darkness.

Terrified, my mom droped the flashlight and almost ran away. My brother was trying to reach me but he couldn’t find me. Something was holding me and I started screaming and crying. My mom called my name like 500 times, but I did not answer. Then all I remember is waking up in my moms arms with a knife wound in my back.

The police came and told us that before we lived in the house, it was owned by a family with a young daughter. When she was 7 years old, the family had claimed that a ghost had possessed her body. My mother, terrified of what happened, started to cry in horror. She was too devastated to speak.

I went to the hospital to have a surgery to make sure nothing was put in my body. While I was lying on a bed, waiting for the doctor to enter the examination room, I felt someone trying to strangle me. I opened my eyes and saw a little girl standing there.

When the female doctor entered the room, the girl left but she had dropped a golden ring. Feeling curious, I picked it up and a shiver went down my spine. It scared me so much that I threw it on the floor and started breathing heavily. The doctor stared at me and held my hand. Her kind eyes felt like I had seen her somewhere before… perhaps in my dreams. She was not the kind of person you normally meet. I felt very safe with her. then, she smiled at me and vanished into thin air. I was frightened but not worried she was the mother of the girl the girl looked like me and i knew right then and there that i did not have to worry… until the girl came back. When we got home my mother kissed my forehead but her kiss felt different like a different feeling that i have felt before like a mother who was so relieved. The girl that night slept beside my mother but gave us no harm until one day with my younger brother. The girl wanted to play tag and my brother wanted to play catch, her eyes glowed with anger and power, feeling scared my brother started running running as fast as he could but the girl would not rest. I tried to stop her but she took her sharp deadly nails and dug them into my arm and whispered into my ear,” leave me alone… or else.” then she threw me in the grass and kept on chasing my brother. i could not move and she brought my brother back with a knife in his leg, i couldn’t bare the sight of him… but he was not dead. The girls mother grabbed him and healed his wound, i was so grateful she then took the girl and sent her away but my mother was scared for life. The injuries that me and my family had were unbearable we sold the house 2 months later but we did not tell the owners that the girl was in the basement. After we sold the house we heard on the news of a ghost sighting in the area so we started to wonder if the girl had go searching for her lost mother. We soon later found out she was searching for the ring. 4 months later we heard a slow knock on our door my mom very slowly walked towards the door opened it and a figure as quick as lightning flew into the house. 10 seconds later the house was flipped upside-down the girl had gone looking for the ring and when she found it her body was restored but with white eyes. She rushed to the door, smiled grimly and screamed as loud as nails on a chalkboard she then vanished and left us alone for the est of our lives but we will never forget that day.

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  • The story is good, though you need to work more on punctuation and grammar, and the last paragraph was too long and thus too confusing. It should be divided into 2 or 3 paragraphs.😋 Otherwise, it was a good read.😊

  • 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9… ITS THE TEN DUEL COMMANDMENTS! (I’m sorry I had to do it xD)

  • As soon as it got to the part where he saw the nurse or whatever come in i stopped reading, you need to use paragraphs and your punctuation is not perfect timing, it’s very random and a bit more like what a child would write, not bad anyway.

  • The story is confusing because all the sentences are put in one whole paragraph. 0/10 rings

  • Y U HAVE NO PERIODS?????????? Rambling too much but otherwise a good story 7/10 golden rings yes great story I like it its good but there are so many ghost stories and this is another one but its good and I like it. Lol I rambled on purpose.

  • I’m sorry, but it didn’t catch my attention. There were too many run-on-sentences and the plot was confusing. :/

  • The beginning was soo good but really didnt expect the end to be like it..! Sorry to say.. Last paragraph is very boring and bad!! Will not read it :/

  • the story was good at first, but then it went on and ended up unpredictablle. Still it is not bad though

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