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Foreign Movie

Foreign Movie

Foreign Movie is a story written by a member of this website named ForeverRetarted. It’s about a family who come into possession of a DVD that contains a very strange film.

Foreign Movie

My dad bought a bootleg DVD, thinking it would be a good horror movie. Its name was something I couldn’t pronounce. Something very strange, very foreign. The second with popped the DVD into the player, static started playing on the TV screen. All we could hear were the faint screams of a woman. We put the movie away and forgot all about it.

A few months later, our parents were out on a trip and we had nothing to do. My sister and I looked in the basement for any movies we could watch, and we found a DVD with a very strange, very foreign name. We tried to think about where it had come from, and that’s when we remembered it was the bootleg DVD our dad had bought a while ago.

We decided to find out more about the movie, so I stuck it in my laptop and went to Description. Apparently, the movie was made in 1964 by the director Louise DeLaMorte. In French, the name DeLamorte means from the dead. I looked her up on the internet, and got a shocking surprise. According to Wikipedia, Louise DeLaMorte died in 1960.

That was 4 years before the movie was made! How was this possible?

My sister and I got creeped out so we put the movie away. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. A few days later, we were going to a restaurant as a family. It was a cold day, so my dad was warming up the car. When he came back in, he looked at my mom.

“The car is acting very strange,” he muttered. “The gas pedal was going up and down as if someone was pressing on it. There was no one in the car!”

I looked at my sister, who was creeped out as well. We all piled into the car, and made our way to the restaurant. On the way, the car was making strange sounds, and started jerking left and right. My dad immediately stopped the car, but he was too late.

The car exploded, and there were no survivors.

The last thing I heard was a voice saying, “Now you know how the movie was made!”

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