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Elevator Music

Elevator Music

Elevator Music is a scary story by a member of this website who goes by the name of musicismyeverything. It’s about a girl who gets stuck in a hotel elevator.

Elevator Music

As I checked into the hotel I felt very tired. After all, it was hard working twelve hours a day. I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the sixth floor. As the doors shut, I heard the elevator music start playing in the background. I always hated hearing that bland music, but at that moment it sent a chill down my back.

The elevator seemed to take years to make its way up the shaft. Then, I felt a sudden jerk. I pressed the emergency open button and waited. It was a few minutes before I started to panic. I paced nervously back and forth and started to sweat profusely. I was starting to get really hungry and I checked my watch. It was 7:45.

I started to scream for help, but it was obvious that no one would be able to hear me. I finally tired myself out and fell asleep. When I awoke a while later, I was delirious and had no idea where I was. Then I slowly realized that I was stuck in the elevator.

I rammed against the doors and to my surprise, they opened. I felt a huge relief wash over me. As I stepped out, I had the strangest feeling that something was not quite right. The hotel looked different. The walls were different. The color was odd. It was as if someone had just splattered red paint everywhere. But it wasn’t paint. It just too dark and thick to be paint.

In the background, I heard the elevator music start up again. The corridor smelled of copper. It was a smell I knew all too well. As I was walking to my room, I noticed that there were no more rooms in the hallway. In fact, there were no doors at all.

I passed one of those carnival mirrors. As I looked into the mirror, I saw me. But it wasn’t me. I was mangled and I looked possessed, like a demon. I was surrounded by the fires of hell. I shuddered and walked away. As I walked away, though, the image was still there in the mirror.

I continued to walk down the outstretched hall and I realized the hallway never ended. I turned around and came face to face with the Devil himself. He smiled and reached for me. I began to run, knowing that I could never outrun him. I would just keep running forever until I grew weak with exaustion.

As I ran, I passed more mirrors, each with a different person inside. Each person looked as terrified as me. In all of the mirrors, I could see the Devil behind the person. I continued to run but I quickly realized that I had been running in circles. I came back to my mirror. I collapsed and started to cry.

As the Devil came toward me, I took one last glance at the mirror. Now I saw the same image I had seen earlier, except now I saw the Devil behind me. As he stepped over me, I saw a door. Heaven. It seemed so far away, but maybe I could reach it. I started crawling, but something pinned me down.

“He can’t save you now” I heard the demonic whisper in my ear. “Come, children. We have a new recruit”.

I looked up and saw demonic figures coming toward me. I gasped as I realised that they were all the people I saw in the mirrors. The last thing I heard before fiery hands reached up and pulled me down was a deep voice growling, “Welcome to Hell”.

A young girl checked into the hotel. She was very tired. She stepped into the elevator and it took her awhile before she realized that she was trapped. I hate doing this to people, but he punishes me if I don’t. Poor girl. She should’ve taken the stairs.

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  • What did any of that have to do with elevator music? I mean, nothing even had to do with the elevator music. Otherwise it was good story. 5/10 Weird Mirrors

  • I have a fear of someone watching me not of elevators. Elevators are safe people you don’t need to worry, I mean how likely is it that a elevator is going to crash? A person watching you is more likely.

  • @Reqiuem, I agree with you…im not afraid of elevators, but just don’t like them…

  • second! I have a fear of getting stuck in elevators. i agree with requiem.

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