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Silver Water

Silver Water

Silver Water is a story written by a member of this website named Shadow_of_Darkness.

Silver Water

Carrie was sitting in her bed. It was a lovely summer night. The red bell flowers growing over her window had parted over time to form a light-pink curtain. The silvery moon reflected upon the river that grew to a large pond on Carrie’s farm. Her blonde hair glimmered in the light. Her blue eyes sparkled like diamonds. She was beautiful.

Carrie longed to swim in the water – oh, how pure it must be! – but her father forbade it. She had no idea why. Carrie blinked. She went to her closet and put a light bathrobe over her gown, and quietly stepped out of her room. Going to her parents’ room, she kissed her father and mother on the cheek and said goodnight.

She walked downstairs. The cat was asleep. He was a tabby cat, named Dewdrop. Carrie walked through the kitchen. Opening the screen door, she stepped outside. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The pond was hidden by reeds and grass, and crickets danced among the crops. She smiled. This was where she belonged. The sycamore trees intertwined with the boxelders, and oaks shaded the river. Leaves fell gracefully from Carrie’s favorite maple tree. The wind blew softly. Tall grass whispered secrets to each other, and the moon reflected on the pond.

The silver pond.

Carrie walked to the tranquil water, and breathed in and out. Slowly… slowly… she lowered her head. She scooped up a mouthful of clear, pure water and brought it to her lips. Closing her eyes, she drank the water. It was delicious. The water had no taste, but it was so sweet and cold… Carrie swallowed.

It had a mighty bitter aftertaste.

The last thing she saw was the rising sun. The next day, Carrie’s father went out to mow the lawn. Squinting hard, he saw a lifeless figure floating in the river, moving along with the current. He came closer and struggled to fight back the tears.

It was Carrie. She was dead.

The water was infested with pesticides.

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  • I think silver water is actually called, Mercury. (it would have been better if it was mercury)

  • Here is the full alternate ending:

    “Carrie approached the tranquil, rippling water. She lowered her face to the water, gathering it in her pale hands. She kneeled on a wet stone in the water, drinking the clear, sweet liquid. Even without flavor, its coldness and delicious feel. Carrie swallowed.
    She looked wistfully at the rising sun. The clouds were a beautiful lavender.
    A sharp pain pierced Carrie’s back. She gasped, and fell into the water which she had longed for for so long.
    The next day, Carrie’s father went to mow the lawn and tend to the farm. Perhaps it was only the sun, but the silver water of the pond was a scarlet red. He ignored it for some time, until he saw the lifeless figure in the water.
    The man looked closely, moving towards the pond.
    What he saw would scar him for all his life.
    In the pond lay the body of his own daughter Carrie, a knife in her back. Now, instead of glistening silver, the water was a deep, malevolent crimson.”

  • Yeah…A friend of mine really wanted me to write about the pesticides…kind of stupid. :P

  • Thanks. I also posted an alternate ending that someone stabbed Carrie and “instead of glistening silver, the water was deep crimson.”

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