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Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a story written by a member of this website named Pete. It’s about a man in a bunny costume who kills people and kidnaps children.

Easter Bunny

In 1949 a man in a bunny costume was commonly seen wandering the neighborhood of a small town in Fairfax County, Virginia and watching children that were at play. When any children talked to him and asked who he was, he told them he was the Easter Bunny. He would always stand out there on nice spring afternoons and watch the children until they went inside so he could find out where they lived.

At night he would break into their houses and hack up their parents with an axe. Then, he kidnapped the children and disappeared into the night. After a while, when all the kids in the neighborhood had disappeared, the police finally connected the murders and kidnappings to the strange man who had been seen posing as the Easter Bunny. However, he proved to be elusive. Nobody knew who he was or where he lived.

Shortly afterwards however the Bunnyman was seen again in another neighborhood in the daytime, but when police responded he was gone. The police decided to do a night patrol to try and catch him. Sure enough, the man in the bunny costume was seen heading towards a house. He was holding an axe.

The police pulled their car over and heard him singing. “Here comes the Easter Bunny. Hacking up all the parents I can, Hippity Hoppity bloodshed’s on it’s way.”

They yelled for him to freeze but he ignored them and kept on walking. They got out of the car and warned him to put the axe down or they would shoot. Instead, the man charged at the police, swinging the axe above his head. The police had no choice but to shoot him. Their bullets ripped through his costume and he fell to the ground. Emergency services were called and the man in the bunny costume was pronounced dead on the scene.

The police tore off his mask and looked at his face, but they didn’t recognize him. Nobody knew who he was and they were never able to identify him. Another problem was that with the Easter Bunny dead, there was no one to tell the police what he had done with all the kids he kidnapped.

One day, two fisherman were down by the bridge when they heard a bunch of children crying. They went to investigate and found a shed underneath the bridge. The door of the shed had a big padlock on it. They could hear children inside screaming for help. One of the fishermen stayed there and tried to calm the kids while the other ran off to get the police.

When the police arrived, they fetched a boltcutters and broke the lock, letting the kids out. Then, they searched the shed and discovered a bunny costume and all kinds of weapons. The police concluded that this was the secret hideout of the Easter Bunny. They cleared it out, took everything into evidence and then had it demolished.

A year later the mayor wanted the town to forget that the Easter Bunny ever existed. He banned the celebration of Easter and outlawed the sale of Easter eggs. Over the years, the story of the Easter bunny became an urban legend, prompting thilseekers to venture over to the bridge where his shack once stood. It was a common dare among teenagers to venture out there especially on Halloween night.

Those who dared to go often would report seeing a figure standing in the tunnel with an axe in its hand. If no figure was visible, any teenager brave, stupid, or drunk enough to go inside the tunnel would be caught in a blinding flash of light. When it cleared their hacked up bodies would be hanging from the top of the bridge. The Bunnyman’s ghost was rumored to be the cause of this. They say he also roams the nearby woods chopping up any teenagers he finds in them.

Every year on Halloween the cops try to keep thrill-seekers from going to Bunnyman bridge. Since there is a railroad on top of the tunnel it is illegal to wander around on top of the bridge or loiter around it. If caught the cops will give you warning to get out while you can. If you value your life, please obey them. Unless, of course, you want them to tell you the true story of the Easter Bunny.

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  • The Bunnyman Bridge is actually real.
    Though there is nothing about him kidnapping kids.
    Just threatening people with an ax and finding strung up dead animals near the bridge.
    As the wiki goes…
    He was a mental patient at an asylum and during transport the bus crashed and he and 9 other inmates escaped.
    The other 9 were found but he managed to evade capture.
    They found skinned rabbit carcasses throughout the area.
    Especially around the bridge.
    They located him and he attempted to evade capture, but was hit by a train going over the bridge.
    Every Halloween he can be spotted by the bridge in a bunny costume.

    A couple was chilling and an ax was embedded in the back of their car.

    A police officer saw a strange man in a bunny costume chopping at a porch support.

    The only victims of the Bunnyman were the bunnies, and his own family.

  • Wow this story was amazing!! I also have a story called the Easter Bunny but the website hasn’t posted it yet… Oh! I forgot! SECOND! Lol

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