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Adoptive Parents

Adoptive Parents

The Adoptive Parents is a short story by a user named ally. It’s about a girl who has terrible dreams about her crazy birth father.

Adoptive Parents

When Sally was just four years old, her dad went crazy and killed her mom. He was sent to an insane asylum. Just a few months later, she was adopted.

Ever since she started living with her adoptive parents, she had been having bad dreams. Every night, she would have the same nightmare. Over and over, she would watch in horror as her father murdered her mother. The dream always ended in the same way. As the police dragged her dad away he would stare at her and shout, “I’ll get you, little girl! One way or the other, I’ll get you!”

One night, when Sally awoke from the terrible dream, she was more scared than she had ever been before. The nightmares had been getting steadily worse and every night the frightening dream seemed more real and more intense.

Sally was shaking with fear as she got up and ran to her parents’ room. She told them about the nightmare. They said that it was okay and she was safe and nobody could harm her. They brought her back to her bed and stayed with her until she fell asleep again.

The next night, she dreamed that her birth father came into her bedroom and sat at the foot of her bed. Lying there in shock and fright and mortal terror, she could not move or speak or scream at all. She just lay there silently trembling.

Her father’s cold, evil eyes seemed t bore right through her. As he came closer, she put her head under the covers and prayed to God to please make him leave her alone! Soon, she footsteps leave and go out the door. When she looked up again, he was gone. Relieved, she soon fell asleep.

The next morning, when she woke up, Sally told her parents about the frightening visit her father made last night. Her mother and father just looked at each other in dead silence and were obviously scared.
sally looked at her parents expressions on their face and sensed something was wrong.

“What is it?” she asked. “What’s the matter, Mommy?”

Her adoptive parents looked at her sadly and said, “We wanted to find the right time to tell you…”

“We got a phonecall this morning,” said her mother. “Your real father… your birth father, I mean… He died during the night.”

Sally stared at them in shock and confusion.

“But I saw him,” she said, her voice shaking. “He was in my room last night.”

“Sally, you probably just had a bad dream last night,” her father tried to reassure her.

Sally just nodded and said, “OK.” Then, she went out to play. Her mother was still worried and wondered if it was possible that Sally hadn’t been just dreaming.

That night, Sally was tired and went to bed early. Hours later, she awoke to find her insane father lurking at the foot of her bed and said “im gonna get you now”!! Her father came near here and said come with me now!
Sally refused and said “no!!!!!!!! i don’t want too leave me alone go away!”

But her father would not go away he grabbed a knife and said “Tsk tsk tsk ha-ha your stupid parents got a call last night saying i was dead too bad they didn’t know it was me lying”

Sally screamed in horror but to no avail. Her adoptive parents couldn’t hear her. Grabbing the knife, her insane father cut her body into pieces, hissing ”You should have listened and gone with me when you had the chance!”

The next morning her parents awoke and thought it was strange sally wasn’t up yet (as usually shes up before them). the wife noticed her husband didn’t seem worried and was actually calm. They went upstairs and her horror they found sally in a pool of blood and dead!

Next to her was a note that read: ”This is Sally’s father! You think you got a call from the police saying i was dead didn’t you! Well that was me i was alive and i finally got your little princess! good luck getting me! you’ll never find me!! If i cant have my daughter no one can!”

Finally, at the bottom of the page was Sally’s scrawled handwriting. It read ”mommy daddy why! I told you it wasn’t a dream and that he came to my room the night before! Why didn’t you believe me! Mommy daddy I’m not mad at you anymore i just wish you believed me! I love you mommy and daddy XOXOX sally. BTW don’t be sad mommy I needed to be with my real mommy again. But i wish it wasn’t this way. You gave me all you could. Thank you mommy and daddy ill always love you”

After reading that the mother sank to her knees and cried and screamed and asked why why why!?!?! I should have believed her! The husband didn’t do anything and appeared to have a devilish smile on her face. she didn’t understand why.

An hour later another man came in and asked “honey why is he here” she looked confused for a moment then realized the man that was with her earlier and last two night wasn’t her husband……. it was sally’s father! she forgot her actual husband went on a business trip and wouldn’t be home till that day but the man said that he got off and came home early.

They quickly called the police and took him into custody and a few years later he died in an insane asylum.

(this is my first one so bare with me…… let me know what you think please… sorry its so long.

scary for kids


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  • I liked it and all but how could you not tell if it was your husband? Like HELLO look at the FACE

  • A devilish smile on her face?? The adoptive father was a woman? O_O
    I’ll take a break now…

  • um i have heard this story before….
    also i agree with @KendieBoo and @Shadow_of_Darkness and @ktop

  • It was a really good plot. But…

    2) How does Sally have all that time to write that long, long, repetitive note?
    3) I don’t think a woman forgets if her husband goes on a business trip.
    4) How did both Sally and her adoptive mother think Sally’s birth father was her adoptive father?
    5) At the end, when he says, “If I can’t have my daughter, no one can!”, it sounds like all he wants is his child back. :( Makes the story kind of tragic (and I like that).
    Great for a first time, and I love the plot! Keep polishing it! :) ~SOD

  • as far as im cioncerned nnone of you guys know whether they were twins or something it was her firsat story and it waqsa great for a first timer why dont you guys write a story and then talk about hers

  • This story wasn’t really realistic. The mother would’ve remembered that the father went on a business trip already and the girl’s birth father would’ve looked nothing like the adoptive father.

  • She didnt notice that he was a different person???? She didnt notice that HER HUSBAND LOOKED NOTHING LIKE that little girls dad?

  • No. Just No.
    This Story Has So Many Things Wrong With It.
    1) The Woman And Sally Would’ve Known It Wasn’t Her Husband/Father
    3) It Should’ve Been The Father’s Ghost. OR In My Opinion, It’d Be Great If The Guy Got Surgery And Looked Completely Different, Remarried, And Raised Sally. Just Waiting For The Perfect Time To Get Her. But That’s Just Me.
    4) I Don’t Think The Mother Would’ve Forgotten Her Husband Was On A Business Trip…

  • xD I used to watch MLP until I went to a concert of them and seen one of the ponies drinking coffe backstage and so from then I never watched another episode ever o.o

  • @peanutbrittle my favorite episodes are party of one and a friend in deed. :) and yes I said brony. In your case (since you’re a girl) you’re a pegasister.

  • @htfnutty4575
    I could tell, you said brony.
    I’ve only watched a few episodes of MLP, but my fave is a canterlot wedding (god i sound so lame…)

  • @sonnet eeyup.i like the pinkie pie from past but I think the pinkie pie from this gen is badass. The way she went crazy was epic.

  • ^ remember when pnkie pie use to be the main pony? Yeahh, those were the good ole days.

  • @hfnutty4575
    Who is your favorite pony? I happen to like twilight sparkle

  • uuuummmm i’m confused i liked it but it was kinda random at the end i think there should be more details in the story.

  • the story should have added that her adopted mother had like an eye problem at the momment so that they know that the mother cant see the father

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