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Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest is a story by XxdeliciosscreamsxX. It’s about a homicidal woman who escapes from prison and goes on the rampage.

Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest

The most dangerous prisoner in town was a woman named Dark Harvest. Everyone called her The Dark Harvest Murderer because of the brutal crimes she committed. For seven whole months, lying in her prison cell, she had collected scraps of metal, hair and teeth and fashioned them into a knife. She planned to use it as a weapon.

When a prison guard passed by her cell one evening, her hand shot out through the bars and grabbed the back of his collar. With the makeshift knife, she slit his throat before he could scream. Then, she grabbed his keys and his tazer and escaped into the night.

That night, three teenagers named Jenny, Diana and Mark were all hanging out and watching a scary movie. Diana and Mark had been dating for about a month. Just then, Jenny remembered that she had left her flip-flop in the pool, so she went downstairs to fish it out. In the backyard, she picked up the pool hook and tried to snag her flip-flop with it.

She had no way of knowing that the dreaded Dark Harvest Murderer had sneaked into the backyard. Jenny screamed as Harvest appeared from the shadows and grabbed the pool hook. The murderer stabbed the hook into Jenny’s head, killing her instantly. Then, she put the end of the pool hook through the hinges of the diving board, so that Jenny’s dead body was hanging over the shimmering pool.

Meanwhile, Diana and Mark were upstairs, still watching the horror movie and holding eachother tight. They hadn’t noticed a thing. The Dark Harvest sneaked inside the house. Creeping into the kitchen, she stole the biggest knife she could find and then tip-toed upstairs. Standing behind the couch, she hooked her hand under Mark’s chin, pulled back his head and slit his throat. Diana turned her head just in time to see her boyfriend take his dying breath. Quick as a flash, she ran upstairs to her bedroom. Unfortunately, the door didn’t have a lock.

Harvest kicked the door open with great force and used the tazer on Diana, full blast. As Diana was flipping and flopping on the floor, Harvest scooped out her eyeballs and stuffed them into Mark’s mouth.

(hope you guys like it and scaryforkids plz post it ;D)

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  • Awesome story… Funnily enough, Dark Harvest is the name of an episode of my favorite show. :)

  • omg i cant believe my story is posted!!!!!!!! oh thanks so very much sfk!!!! and thnx evry1 4 all of ur support i feel so extatic and happy!!! srry i havnt been on here earlier, i was on a trip 2 my cousns wedding in salt lake city utah. and again thanks so much!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

  • That wasn’t scary it was sick! This scary for kids. Kids don’t like this stuff it’s to old for them

  • I think i have heard this before but anyways good job i like that it has changes from the one I have heard,they make the story better=D

  • That was a good story
    But I read the original on tell me ur story and they r both good

  • sfk, would you please post my story? I would also like to be part of this website. I have written it in the comments of the first” Tell me your story” post.

  • What are some awesome horror stories not on this site??? I love horror. Nice story XxdeliciousscreamsxX

  • Last part was a bit disturbing but i’ve read worse.good job XxdelicoisscreamsXx =)

  • Love it!
    I write new story :)

    Title: Megan

    The new girl, Megan, looked at me with a hard glare. Her mouth was set in a straight line.

    I finally became tired of the staring. I walked up to her and said, “What your problem? Would you stop staring at me, Freak?”

    She cleared her throat. Then came her soft voice. “I-I’m sorry. I was just thinking–”

    “About what?” I demanded. I gave her an icy glare.

    She gulped and pushed her glasses up. “You.”

    “Well stop. Tell me you’ll stop.” I said. I set my hands on the square lunch table.

    “I’ll stop. Please, don’t hurt me!” She squealed, putting the back of her hands in front of her face.

    I felt a sudden ping of sympathy and guilt. “I’m so sorry for all the things I said. Can I join you?”

    “Sure!” She smiled. “I never get company.”

    I grabbed my lunch and sat next to her. We ate and talked, and I was actually taking an intrest in her.

    I gave her my phone number. We became best friends and hung out everyday. Then we had a fight.

    “You cheated on my boyfriend!” I yelled.

    “I’m not proud of it! I’m sorry!” She yelled, crying. “Please, I don’t have any friends!”

    “No. Leave my house now! We’re not friends anymore.” I yelled. She walked out of my house, crying.

    A few days later, I woke up. Not in my bed, like I was when I fell aseep. Then I reconized it was Megan’s basement.

    There were ropes around my arms, as if I was supposed to be a puppet. I wasn’t in my PJs. I was in a rag doll outfit, and I felt dried lipstick on my lips.

    “You woke up!” I heard Megan’s voice say. She came down the basement stairs and said, “Time to play puppet.”

    I screamed. “Why?”

    “I’m not the girl you mess with!” Megan yelled.

    “Let me go!” I cried.

    “No!” Megan shouted. I saw a bloody ice pick next to me. I reached for it, and finally got it. Megan saw it and tried to flip it out of my hand. But I put it in her forehead and she fell back. I screamed.

    Her mother came down and untied me.

    Now, I live in fear. I live in the woods. When somebody knocks of my door, they never come out…

    (Hope it was good!)

  • … Is it bad that this made me hungry? And WOOOOHHHH!!!!! FIRST!!!! (well, first user, anyway)

  • Here is the original story by XxdeliciosscreamsxX
    Jenny,diana and dianas boyfreind mark were all hanging out at dianas house for a little fun. At the exact same time the towns most dangerous prisoner is josia harvet but everyone calls her the harvet murder because she is a brutal murder,anyway for 7 whole months she has made a weapon sort of knife made of teeth and scraps,this is for a escape. when a guard with keys passed a cell next to hers, she grabbed the back of his neck collor through the bars and slit his throat before he could scream out, she grabbed his keys and tazer before she escaped out into the night town. meanwhile the 3 teens popped in paranormal activity 3 to watch around 9:00, while they were going through the previews jenny remembered she left her flip flop in dianas pool so she went downstairs to the pool to get it, she picked up the hook pool cleaning tool and tried to fish it out, the harvet murder has sneaked into dianas backyard then snatched the hook from jenny and stabbed the hook into her head,she then put the end of the pole through the hinges of the diving board so she was hanging over the bright red and blue pool.diana and mark were upstairs gripping eachother from the horror of the movie not noticing a thing. harvet sneaked inside into the kitchen downstairs and stole the biggest knife she could find. she crept upstairs behind the couch then slit marks throat (she has a thing for slitting throats)mark died in a instant. diana was so scared from the movie and the sight of her dead boyfreind, with sharp quick instincts she ran to her room wich unfortunatley dosn’t have a lock, harvet with great force kicked the door open and than tazered diana on full blast,diana was soon fried up, harvet scooped out her eyeballs and stuffed them into marks mouth. THE END

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