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Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Dance Floor is a creepy story written by a member of this website named writer123. It’s about a young woman who loves to dance and a young man she meets in a nightclub. Together, they party the night away.

Dance Floor

Rebecca Wilson was a young woman who loved to party. Every night, she would go out to the nightclub and start dancing like there was no tomorrow. She would usually dance with guys she didn’t know and would dance until the club finally closed down for the night.

One Friday night, Rebecca was going to the club as usually and got out onto the floor with the rest of the crowd. However, as Rebecca sat down at the bar and sipped on a drink, she noticed a young man with long brown hair and wearing a plaid shirt and brown boots standing alone, looking really down.

Feeling sorry for the man, Rebecca walked over to him and said, “Hey, wanna dance?”

When the man saw Rebecca, he looked surprised and didn’t say anything at first. But after a few seconds, he cleared his throat and said, “Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been wanting to dance with you for a few days, but I’ve been too nervous to ask you.”

Rebecca took the man by the hand and led him out onto the dancefloor. As the two danced to the techno song, Rebecca saw the man was starting to smile.

“Ahhh, he’s so happy. I love this,” Rebecca thought to herself.

When the song ended and Rebecca started to walk away, the man grabbed her hand and said, “Wait, please dance with me one more time. I love seeing you move.”

Touched by the desperation in the man’s voice, Rebecca decided to dance with him again. While they were dancing. Rebecca saw the man was looking happier than he did before.

When the song ended, Rebecca tried to leave, but the man once again grabbed her hand and said, “Just one more song. I need to see you dance one more time. Just one more time!”

Reluctantly, Rebecca decided to dance with the guy again.

“What’s with this guy?” Rebecca thought as the next song came on. “He won’t even let me out of his sight for a moment.”

After that, whenever Rebecca tried to sit down, the man would beg her to dance with her for “just one more song”. When the club started to close for the night and everybody had left, Rebecca tried to leave, but the man caught up with her before she got to the door and said, “No! You can’t walk out on me like this! I need to see you dance with me one more time!”

“Sorry, dude, but it’s over,” said Rebecca. “The club’s closed. There’s no more music playing.”

She put on her coat and walked out the exit.

“Then you are of no use to me anymore,” the man said in a cold voice. He pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot Rebecca in the back of the head, killing her instantly. Then, he dragged her body down a dark alley and tossed her into a nearby dumpster.

The next night, a young woman named Leslie was sitting at the club when she saw a young man with long brown hair standing by himself, looking pretty sad.

“He isn’t really cute, but I feel sorry for him,” she thought as she walked up to the man. “I’ll ask him for a dance. It’ll just be one time….”

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