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Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets is a spooky story written by a member of this website named harrystyleswife. It’s about a new girl at school who becomes obsessed with her friend.

Friendship Bracelets

It was the third month into the school year at Berton High. Everyone was pretty familiar with one another. One day a new student arrived. Her name was Allison Sommers and she was a odd one. She had long black hair, pale skin and deep, dark circles under her eyes. Not too many students paid much attention to her.

At lunch everyone would go about their business, not bothering to offer Allison a spot at their lunch table. This went on until Julie Taylor, a kind-hearted girl, noticed that Allison was sitting alone.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” she asked.

Allison replied with no.

Julie sat across from Allison. Julie’s friend Kate walked by.

“Kate! Come sit with us!”

Kate walked over and sat with them both. They talked almost all of lunch only stopping to eat some of their food. Allison enjoyed Julie’s company. However, she wasn’t too sure Kate that would make a good friend for her. Over the course of the next few weeks Allison began to like Julie more and more but, the more she liked Julie the less she liked Kate.

One day, during Christmas Break, Julie invited Kate and Allison to have a sleepover at her house while her parents were away. Allison, Julie, and Kate were watching a scary movie in the living room.

Julie took out a small bag and said, “I have a little surprise for you!”

She pulled out three friendship bracelets. They all put them on their wrists.

“Now the three of us can be BFFs,” said Julie. “Best Friends Forever.”

Allison stared at Kate, her face twisted with jealousy. She hated her more than ever.

Kate grew uncomfortable and excused herself to go use the restroom. She went upstairs and tiptoed into Julie’s room instead. There, she dug through Allison’s bag and came across some very weird stuff.

She found Allison’s journal and read a few of the pages. They were filled with demented scrawls and things like ‘Julie and I will BE friends FOREVER’ or ‘Kate doesn’t deserve to be Julie’s friend… I should KILL her’. Kate freaked out and put Allison’s journal back in her bag.

Downstairs, in the living room, the other girls were growing restless.

“Im going to go see whats taking Kate so long”, Julie told Allison.

She went upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door. There was no answer. She opened it and Kate wasn’t inside. She went to her bedroom and found Kate sitting on her bed staring at the floor.

“Whats wrong?” Julie asked. She had never seen Kate so scared and Nervous before.

“I… I looked in Allison’s bag and…”

“You looked through someone else’s stuff? Kate you can’t do that”.

“I know, but I was curious. I found her journal… She said she was going to kill me. Can you believe it?”

Julie was dumbfounded. “Maybe you read a word wrong or something”.

“No I didn’t! You know I’m one of the top readers at the school. I know somethings up”.

Julie and Kate returned downstairs. Allison was still watching the movie. What they didn’t know was Allison had been listening to their whole conversation.

All of a sudden the power cut out. Kate started freaking out.

“Calm down,” said Julie. “Maybe a circuit blew or something. The power will come back on in a moment.”

After a few moments it didn’t.

“I’m gonna go get some candles from the basement. You two stay up here”, said Julie as she went downstairs.

Kate kept her distance from Allison. What Kate didn’t know was Allison was holding a knife under her blanket. Which would end Kate’s life.

“I have to go use the restroom”, Allison said getting up. She clutched the knife behind her back. The voices in her head started telling her to do it. She walked up a few steps and then ran back down and Lunged at Kate with the knife.

Kate moved, the knife pierced her arm pinning her to the ground. She screamed out in pain. Julie couldn’t hear.

“Shes mine”, Allison said as she pulled the knife out of Kate’s arm. She then stabbed Kate in the stomach. “You should of stayed away from me. You got in the way of mine and Julie’s friendship! Now you must pay!”

She slit Kate’s throat.

Kate immediately stopped breathing, she lay on the ground still. Julie ran back upstairs with the candles. As she walked into the living room the smell of blood filled her nose. The lights cut back on and to her horror there was Kate in a pool of her own blood. Allison was standing by Kate’s body clutching the knife tightly. She had a crazed look on her face.

“She was in the way of her friendship,” she cried. “I had to get rid of her”.

“What have you done?” Julie screamed. “Kate my best friend! Why?! You’re… Your a psycho!”

Julie tried to run upstairs, but Allison got her before she could.

The next day Julie’s parent’s discovered her mangled body in her bedroom. Next to her were three friendship bracelets. They had been torn to pieces. There was also a small folded sheet of paper. It read: ‘She was MY best friend and MINE only. Too bad our friendship was torn apart…’

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