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Kindness is a strange and spooky story written by a member of this website named Shadow_of_Darkness (with a little help from ScaryForKids). It’s about a little girl who is bullied in school and always listens to her mother’s advice.


“Kill them with kindness.” That was what six-year old Rose’s mother told her daughter every day when she came home crying about the bullies at school. “Kill them with kindness.”

On her first day of first grade, Rose hung her head low and refused to talk to anyone. Her classmates thought she was weird and ignored her. Even the teacher was concerned about the girl’s strange behavior. On her third day, Rose was sent to the school guidance counselor.

Ever since school started, Rose had been bullied by the other children in her class. She cried all night and wrote about her pain and frustration in her diary. Her mother was concerned that Rose might be suffering from childhood depression. Worried, she went to talk to the teacher.

“Your students are destroying my daughter’s self-esteem and her personal life is in tatters!” Rose’s mother screamed. “Do you realize she CUTS HERSELF when I’m not looking? Yes, my six-year old daughter is suicidal, because of those wretched beasts in your class that you call children!”

The teacher was taken aback. “I’m sorry you feel that way,” she replied. “I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” screamed Rose’s mother. “Give those malevolent little rats a big gold trophy for bullying my child? Give them a good talking-to and bribe them with cookies and gold stars? Exactly WHAT are you planning to do to rectify this situation?”

The teacher was at a loss for words and the angry mother stormed out. Rose’s mother had finally snapped. That night, she went to a bar and drowned her anger and rage in alcohol. Hours later, she staggered home and tucked Rose into bed.

“Mommy, what did the teacher say?” asked the troubled child.

“She said nothing!” sighed her mother. “Rose, my dear. There’s only one way to deal with bullies. You’ll just have to kill them with kindness. That’s all you can do. Kill them with kindness…”

Her mother trailed off and passed out in a drunken stupor.

The next morning, Rose wasn’t in her bed. Her window was open and hr school uniform was gone. Rose’s mother assumed the girl must have gone to school early. Later that day, while cleaning the kitchen, she noticed that one of the carving knives was missing from the drawer.

On the news that night, the top story was about a terrible murder that had taken place.

“This is Brock Faffington, Channel 5 News in Northwest Indiana,” the reporter babbled. “Last night, a young boy by the name of Samuel Thompson was slaughtered in his sleep. His killer escaped without leaving any clues. The youngster was discovered lying stabbed to death in his own bed. The word “kindness” was carved into his forehead. In an exclusive interview, I asked the boy’s mother how it felt to stumble across the dead body of her own son…”

“My first-grader was murdered,” screamed the mother. “How do you think I feel? Look at me! You think I’m gonna say I’m happy? You know what, LEAVE ME ALONE, you stupid little man! Just leave me ALONE!”

Rose’s mother turned off the TV. “You shouldn’t watch that, baby,” she cooed softly. “It’s too upsetting.”

As the days passed and more children were viciously murdered, journalists gave the serial killer a nickname. The Kindness Killer.

“Chet Barebottom, Channel 5 News. The bodies keep piling up! A young girl named Rebecca Straddler was found beaten to death by a baseball bat. The word “happiness” was written in blood on her bedroom wall. Charlotte and Robert Blasi were also found hanging by cable cords from their bedroom window. Their eyes had been gouged out and the words “love” and “joy” were scratched into each child’s forehead. So far, the Kindness Killer has claimed four victims…”

“Channel 5 News, I’m Coco Johnston. Chalk up another score for the Kindness Killer. A young boy named Tyler Burden was suffocated last night. A dirty sock was shoved down his throat and his arms were cut off. They were also shoved down his throat. The word “peace” was written in blood on his bedroom mirror…”

“Gill Weinstein here, Channel 5 News. Fred and Dena George were drowned last night in their family’s swimming pool. They were tied to the bottom with a blowdryer cord, electrocuting both children. The phrases “Be nice” and “Love others” were written in blood on the wet tiles…”

“Channel 5 News, Farple Magruder reporting. Another successful attack by the Kindness Killer! Ursula Vernon was stabbed to death and hanged last night. A sheet of paper reading “helpful” was nailed to her chest…”

“Drake Cheeseman, Channel 5 News. A week after the Kindness Killer last struck, another child, Kristal Barbson, has been horribly attacked. That might have brought this serial killer’s tally up to eight children. However, Kristal has miraculously survived the attack, faking her own death in order to escape the Killer. Despite being stabbed numerous times in the face and having the phrase ‘don’t steal’ carved into her chest, she is recovering in hospital. In this exclusive interview, I have managed to sneak into her hospital room, posing as a nurse, to ask her some questions. Kristal, what the heck happened?”

“Well, in the middle of the night, I heard my window open,” the little girl began. “I got real scared, so I hid under my covers. Then someone climbed in, so I screamed. While I was being attacked, my hands were flailing around. My Mommy’s camera was lying on my bedside table. My hand hit the button and it took a picture…”

“What do you mean?” screamed the reporter.

“It took a picture of the killer’s face,” replied Kristal.

“Really?” cried the reporter. “Give it to me! Good lord! Folks, in a stunning turn of events, Channel 5 News is ready to reveal the true identity of the Kindness Killer… Oh my God! This is going to make my career!”

The reporter held the digital camera up to the screen.

Watching at home, Rose’s mother gasped. “Rose… Rose… Is that…?“

Rose nodded. “You always said kill them with kindness…”

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