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Purple Scarf

Purple Scarf

The Purple Scarf is a scary story written by a member of this website named “creepypasta”.

Purple Scarf

Hi, I’m Em. I’m 18 and I live in a happy family with my dad and mum. One day we went to my grandmom’s house in the village. When we reached there, we saw the police crowding the T-junction in front of the house. There were police dogs too. It seemed like a crime scene. Everybody was staring at a branch of a tree. There was a purple scarf tied to it. My dad approached the crowd with curiosity in his face and asked one of the policemen what was going on.

“A man hanged himself on that branch using a scarf,” the policeman said and he produced a photograph, holding it up so my father could see. “Do you happen to know this guy?”

“My God. No, I don’t know him,” my dad replied, trembling with shock.

I was listening to the conversation from the car. My dad turned and headed back towards me. He told us what had happened and advised us to not interfere with the policeman’s work.

The next day, I took a stroll outside and wondered why was the scarf still hanging there. Suddenly I heard a man’s voice speaking to me.

“They said they couldn’t get it down.” I turned around. It was my dad.

“But how could that be? Have they tried cutting it?”

“Yes but it was no use, It won’t budge,” he said. Then my dad gripped my hand, interwining our fingers and walked me to the house. He was obviously scared.

That afternoon, I was walking home after a stroll in the peaceful village when I saw my dad. He was tied on the wooden roof of my grandmom’s house with the scarf. The freaky scarf clutched on him. He didn’t say a word. It was a horrible sight to see. By this time, my mum was at the door, ordering me to get inside.

“But mum, what about dad?”

“Let him be. Come on”

I understood her. She knew that she could do nothing. But I still wondered, why didn’t she even bother to call the cops? Mum shut the door and we both sighed in grief. I was trembling. I could not believe what I saw. I sat on the sofa in the living room next to the door, trying to calm myself down.

“Mom, where’s granny?”

“She went out for some grocery shopping.” Mom looked scared. “I’m gonna do the dishes,” mom stepped closer towards me, “you stay calm, okay?”

“Okay,” I replied. Mom walked to the kitchen, leaving me alone in the living room. It was silent, too silent.
I drifted into a daydream when I heard the door screeched.

“Maybe it’s granny,” I thought. The door opened wider, still no human-like figure stepped in. A few seconds later, I saw one of the cops’ dog walked into the house with the haunted scarf tied to it’s neck. It was crystal clear that the dog was posessed. I screamed for my mom, but she did not come. I was scared out of my wits. The dog was at the edge of the sofa when it showed it’s claws to me. It started to scratch my foot. I felt an extreme pain. I was not even dared to glance at my injured foot. I looked at the dog’s eyes instead and all I can see was blank, no emotions. It began to creep on my face. I pushed it but to no avail. It’s claws sunk into my cheeks. I knew I was bleeding heavily.

“Mom!” I screamed with anger. She was so selfish but she came anyway. She was not shocked to see me like that. Worse yet, she did not even bother to help.

“Mom it hurts…” I started to cry. The dog kept scratching on me. It ripped my arms and there was blood everywhere. I tought I was going to die.

“I know, honey,” she said, but never bothered to help.

“Mom, help!” I yelped. Mom crept closer, “Alright, alright,” she said. With hesitation, she grabbed the dog but the scarf got hold of me. It suffocated me. The dog still did not let go of my arms.

The dog released one of it’s claws off my arm and pushed my mom away. She could do nothing to help me. She tried again, but failed. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. The wicked pain and suffocation were unbearable. I was losing consciousness but not before I saw my mom trying her best to help me…

I woke up from my sleep. It was only a nightmare. I sighed in relief and started thinking: “My mother would never do that to me,” I was thinking harder, “no wonder I didn’t care about that man, he’s not my dad…”

I got up and glanced at the alarm clock next to the bed. It was 9 in the morning. I went downstairs to have breakfast and saw my mom and dad, yes, my real dad are having breakfast.

“Oh, Emily honey, come, sit down, I made your favourite, Choclate Waffles,” my mom said, happily inviting me to join her. “Today your dad and I are going to the shopping mall to buy some new clothes for winter, do you want to come along?” I shooked, did not want to join them. I did not want to miss my favourite anime airing at 3.30 P.M.
“Okay fine then. We’re gonna be back after sunset, is that fine for you, Em?”

“Yes!” I answered with glee. I am always happy to be home alone. No messes and noises, The only things around are just me, peace, and quiet.

That day, I did not miss my anime. The show was epic! Animes have always satisfy me when it comes to watching cartoons, even as a grown-up. A few hours later, I heard the doorbell rang. I rushed to the front door to make sure it was mom and dad. When I was sure enough, I opened the door.

“Emily, sweetie, help me with the groceries will you?” my dad asked. I did not protest. Then, when I was trying to get into the house with my hands full of plastic bags, I saw my mum, wearing the newly bought scarf from my dream. My heart skipped a beat.

“What’s wrong, honey?” mom asked softly. I just stood there, still trying to convince myself that the dream was only a nightmare, “Nothing… Nothing,” I grinned and quickly started inside.

I breathed heavily, trying to calm myself down. The scarf was actual, identical, just like in my nightmare.

“Nothing will happen to you, Emily, you’re being childish again,” I whispered to myself and walked towards the living room. My mother still has not taken the scarf off and she was sitting on the sofa, watching TV with dad. I joined them for a while until I got sleepy and went to bed.

I think it passed midnight when I heard my bedroom door on my left opened and I was awakened by a faint, creepy voice whispering my name. It was a woman’s voice. I got frantic and stood up crawling backwards to the top edge of the bed. With some help from the light of the hallway that was always left lit at night, I can see a shadow of a woman. She crept closer, still chanting my name, “Emily… Emily…” I pulled the covers up, not wanting to know what it looks like. It was the scariest moment of my life, and I know this time it is not a dream.

The beckoning was getting clearer and I was trembling so hard. I sobbed but I was not crying. I felt fingers touching my comforter softly. The covers were pulled down hard and quick revealing a very disfigured person knelt exactly in front of me that looks a lot like my mom except for some of her gruesome looks. She had a pale skin, her eyes were bloodshot and bloody tears ran down her hollow cheeks. Her teeth were crooked and demon-like and her hair was a mess. She was wearing the scarf. Her clothes were torned out but the scarf was intact.

She started towards me with her crippled right hand and went for my hair. She raked it down and even though her nails were short, she was wounding my scalp.

“Emily, I love you,” she said with her ghostly voice. She looks sad and full of mercy. I was not thinking. Her fingers ran down my neck and finally got to my arm. She ripped my skin into sheets. I do not know how she did that with her well-trimmed nails but all I know was it hurted really bad and the left side of my body was bleeding. I closed my eyes in fear as I thought death was imminent for me. My possesed mom slowly bleeding me out. Suddenly, I heard the possesed mom screamed. She was getting further and further away from me. When I had the guts to open my eyes, she was already on the ground struggling.

I jumped out of bed, trying to get out of the room. I laid my eyes on the ghost for a while before I saw my dad pulling on the scarf, avoiding her from getting to me. His left eye was bruising and he bled all over. It looked like he got beaten up by mom right before she went upstairs to get me.

“Emily, run, get some help,” He said with concern, I hesitated to leave him in that struggling position, “Go! I don’t think I can hold her much longer!” I ran downstairs crying. I fell off the stairs because the tears fogged my sight. I twisted my ankle.

I ran to my neighbor’s house and they called the police. I was taken to a hospital where they treated my wounds. The police took some pictures of my bruises and got my statements. All of that happened in just a few hours. The mext morning the cops got into my house and saw the dead bodies of mom and dad lying in my room. From the autopsy, the doctor said that my dad was severely scratched and lost a big amount of blood while my mom was strangled to death. The purple scarf was nowhere to be found.

I lived with my aunt since the accident and I took some time to heal physically and mentally. I am still scared that the purple scarf might come again to hurt me.

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