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User Stories 3

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The Lost Child by nightmare_night

Once there was a family who were on holiday, visiting relatives in Mexico. They visited a few shops before they left and the little boy saw a toy he wanted but his parents said no. So when they weren’t watching him he escaped and went to find the toy he wanted. When his parents found out they we’re furious and went to look for him. Hours passed and they got worried. They found a nearby police station and told them what happened. The police said they would call them if they found their son.

Days passed, then months. They eventually decided that he might be dead and went to the airport to fly home. Then they got a call. It was the police and they said they had found the missing child, but they told the parents they might not like what they see when they get their child back. The parents went down to the police station and they saw their son lying on a bench, sleeping peacefully. They didn’t want to disturb him, so they asked the police why they meant when they said that they might not like what they see.

The policeman just said, come with me. They went to go see the child and when the policeman removed the boy’s shirt, he had stitches going down his chest. The policeman removed the stitches and the parents were horrified to see their son’s body had been hollowed out and he had been stuffed full of packets of drugs. The policeman said
they found the kidnapper at the airport and he had the dead child in a stroller. He was trying to smuggle the drug to America using the boy’s hollow body and passing him off as a sleeping child. Not long after that, the kidnapper was sentenced to death for his crime.

Lemonade by Happenstance

In the middle of the day, a boy named Rick was running a lemonade stand and while he was sitting there, a really weird kid came up and said. “One please!” Rick said sure and gave him some lemonade. “Wanna be friends?” said the weird little kid. he said maybe his mom only let him be friends with certain kids (hes like seven and she doesnt want him curseing) he ran to the house and said mom can i be friends with him he pointed to the lemonade stand who rick said his mom he turned around and no one was there i really wish you stop playing with imaginary friends your seven so act like it she snapped he left crying i wish i had friends all be your friend said the weird boy where did you goo snapped rick i was uh um looking for speedy my puppy ooo can i see him asked rick sure if you want to sleepover at my house said the boy ok that night the boy went to get rick and the seconed rick opened the door the weird boy grabed him and ran down the street rick said why are we running so fast uh um well we gotta get to my house soon at the house it was really nice yet creepy like a hollow diamond really good looking but no center empty they watched tv and played video games but rick was home sick so he tried to leave no said the weird boy and blocked his exit i miss my mom please said rick NO a voice souned like a man but from a boys mouth dont rick i dont want to hurt you but you cant leave just stay your safe here i want my mom rick yelled running to the back door and ran out ran all the way home he ran inside and yelled mom MOM im riiigghht here sweetie mom hi rick rick knew some thing was wrong am i in trouble he asked no not at all just then the weird boy yelled run rick run from the side walk QUIET she screamed and slamed the door rick where are you rick had ran and hid in the upstairs hallway closet riick im on the first step bot it sounded hollow like ten children talking second he held in a scream third rick fourth and then the closet door swung open and his mom turned into abloddy face and devoured hi alive outside the weird boy said oh rick why did i fail i should have made you stay or brought you to my house when we first met i should have saved you i knew she would do that head hung he walked into the horizon…

That’s Not Me by XxScaryGirlSamaraxX

There was a middle-aged Professor who used to give tution classes after college. A young boy decided to stay after regular classes to prepare some project files. Professor was helping him with theory matter. Suddenly the boy noticed a scared look on professer’s face. On asking the reason, the professor pointed his finger towards something or someone. The boy turned back to see what’s the problem but there was no one. He start focusing on his work. But every minute, the professor was pointing something out in his house.Once in the kitchen, once in the dining room and once on the sofa. The confused student decides to leave when the professor warns him not to leave the house, or the ghost will go after him as well. Curiously student asks the professor about the ghost and the professor tells him that the ghost is an exact lookalike of himself, except he has a hollow face with a hat. The frightened student tries to run but the professor takes him in front of the mirror and points at his reflection. In the mirror, instead of professor’s reflection, there was a ghost’s reflection who looks exactly like the ghost professor talked about!! The student could hear the professor murmuring in shaky voice, “You see son… THAT’S NOT ME!”

The Penguin by MewmewKitteh

Once upon a time a young girl was turning 11 and she wanted one thing for her birthday. Megan wanted this Hideous Penguin plushie from the store. The penguin had bright red eyes and 3 red stained teeth. The penguin had a foul odor but Megan didn’t care. Megan’s parents only wanted to make their little princess happy on her special day.

On the day of Megan’s birthday she was suprised to receive the penguin. She was so happy she called her friend Stephanie. Megan invited Stephanie over to her house the next day. Stephanie told Megan she thought the penguin was kinda creepy and she too noticed the foul odor. Megan didn’t care and she went to the bathroom. Stephanie giggled and laughed at how ugly the penguin was until the penguin said something. Stephanie was so shocked she screamed and ran out of the room.

When Megan got out of the bathroom Stephanie told her what happened and Megan told her to stop lying. Stephanie swore up and down that she didn’t lie and Megan just laughed it off. Stephanie though maybe her nerves just got the best of her.

About an hour later Stephanie said it was getting dark and she decided to leave. Stephanie and Megan ran down stairs and Megan hugged Stephanie and said bye.Stephanie left and the day went on. Megan got bored after 20 minutes and decided to watch TV. About an hour later Megan’s mom called out that dinner was ready and Megan and her father ran upstairs and into the kitchen.

Megan, her mom, and her dad ate dinner and they all got ready for bed. Megan’s parents decided to watch some movies then go to bed and Megan watched 1 and then went to her room.Stephanie played with her penguin for 10 minutes and then went to bed.Around 2 am Megan her a deep and demonic voice saying he’s going to kill everyone and eat their dead corpses and Megan thought maybe her parents were watching a scary movie and she went back to bed.Around 5 am Megan heard a scream and the demonic voice again and she was annoyed that her parents were still up,so she went out to the living room to go ask them to turn the t.v down.When Megan got into the living room she was greeted by a fresh trail of blood. Megan got really scared and stood there for a couple minutes gasping for air and staring at the blood.

Curiosity got the best of her and she followed it. When Megan got to the end of the trail it stopped at the door of the parents bathroom.Megan slowly put her hand on the knob and slowly turned it and she was horrified at the mess.There was blood covering the walls and floor,a pile of organs in the corner,patches of skin hanging off of the towel hanger,piles flesh in the sink,and 2 large skeletons of her parents in the cabinet.Megan couldn’t help but throw up in the toilet and she screamed. Megan saw her plushie on the floor covered in blood.

Megan picked it up and started crying. Megan ran into the kitchen, grabbed the phone, ran into her room and dialed 911. When the person answered, Megan told them all about what happened and they asked her some stuff and then told her they would be over in 10 minutes.

Not to long after the heard sirens and saw flashing lights illuminating her room.Megan heard pounding on the door but was still to shooken up to leave her room.She heard a loud noise like breaking wood.And heavy footsteps coming up the stairs quickly and her door flew open.It was an officer.The officer turned on the lights and went over to Megan and tried to comfort her while he talked into his radio scanner and a female officer came into the room and told her to go change and that they would have to take her to the station to explain to them exactly what happened and every detail.

Megan did as the woman said and she left the house with her penguin and she when they arrived at the station they asked if they could take the penguin and get it cleaned up.Megan agreed and they took it.Megan explained to the chief what hapenned and she got her plushie back.The male officer explained to her that they couldn’t get all of the blood off of it so it now had 4 red stained teeth and a blood stain on its stomache.The cheif told her that there were 3 similar cases.All of the cases involvded that the same technique of murder and the same time of morning and that exact plushie so they asked if they can take the penguin away and Megan said yes and she wanted that reign of terror and murder to end.

I’m Sorry by Soulserenade

Naruya woke up screaming, her palms sweating. The fear in her subsided as she realized, it was all a dream. She wasn’t in the basement, she was in her silk canopy bed. She wasn’t covered in blood, she was squeaky clean. So why did it all seem so real? She jumped when her phone ringed, who could it be? Her heart skipped a beat when she read Logan’s name. She forgot all about the dream as she remembered that she was supposed to meet with him at McDonald’s. She happily jumped out of bed and danced all the way to the bathroom. As she looked into the mirror, sadness washed over her like a gentle wave as she stared into her mother’s eyes. Those haunting green eyes. She shook her head and started getting ready. A few minutes later, she was ready. When she was just about to leave, her phone rang again.

“Hey Nary, have you finished it?” asked a cold and rough voice.

She knew that voice, it was John. He had sent her to do a job she didn’t want to do. But if she didn’t, then her little brother Jordan wouldn’t stand a chance.
“Um, hey John. I’m gonna do it tomorrow night at midnight.” she answered, but she wasn’t going to do it, killing someone was out of the question. But she had to. When she arrived at Macca’s, Logan was waiting for her.
Naruya took a double choc frappe and Logan took a coke.
“Nary, can you meet me tonight at midnight?” He asked
“Why? I mean, we can meet at some other time.”
“Please, i have something to show tell you.”
“You can just tell me now.”
“Please, besides there are too many people here.”
“Fine, where should we meet?”
“I’ll text you the place, well i gotta go, see ya tonight!”
“yeah, see ya.” she said sadly. Her phone buzzed, she knew it was Logan. ‘meet me at the old place, in case u forget, 2night at midnight.’
The old place, why does he want me to meet him there? she thought. she spent the rest of the day in her apartment. When it was time, she ran out all the way to the old place. A big,dark and hollow tree. Logan was hiding something behind his back.
“So what did you want to tell me?” She asked
“First, i have to ask you something.”
“I know who you are.”
“That’s not a question, Logan.”
“I know John sent you to kill me.”
“What? Logan, who is this ‘John’?” She was at a loss for words, he knew.
“Don’t pretend you don’t know him.”
“I don’t know him, Logan!”
“LIAR!…You killed my family too, didn’t you?”
“Well, now i know.” He said calmly. “But i think you deserve what they got.”
“NO!…you can’t kill me…you CAN’T!”
“I can and i will, i’m sorry.” She saw that he had a gun in his hand and in the other, a katana.
The next day Logan went on his daily routine. But at night, he woke up for some reason, he looked at the clock. 12 am, he could see a shadow near the door.
“Who’s there!?” he shouted, the shadow moved away. He could hear a soft whisper sailing around his room.
“If you want to know who i am, go to the basement. If you do not go, you will be forced to move.”it said.
Logan had no intention to go. But he felt someone drag him out of bed, down the stairs, into the basement. The lights flickered on and off, he could see a girl, not just any girl, Naruya. She was holding the same weapons he had used to kill her, a gun and a katana.
“Hello Logan, dear.” she said. “You killed me once, now it’s time for me to finish my job, and with it, revenge.”
Logan asked for mercy and forgiveness.
“I’m sorry, Logan. I can’t.”
The next time someone apologizes to you, you better forgive them, or they might come back from the dead and kill you.

The Creature by reTARDIS

The Creature

Last night, i had a nightmare. I dreamt i was walking down a dark, hollowy forest. The trees were spooky. It seemed to gaze at me as i made my way inwards the forest. I walked deeper and saw a figure at the distance. I ran to it. There, upon the tree, I saw a girl about my age, dangling up the tree. I looked at her face. Spiders seem to come out of it, her eyes were muddy, her mouth agape. I guessed she was already dead for a long time. I left her alone and walked deeper in the forest. My feet was hurting a bit. I stopped down a tree and took a nap. What awoke me was this strange moaning figure. It had this shrunken eyes, dirty black talons and a small amount of wispy grey hairs on his head. It was walking down the distance. I hid behind the tree. It looked around with its hellish eyes. I held on tight to the tree and gazed at the creature. It seemed to carry a bloody corpse with it. I was shocked when i saw her face. I recognized that it was just the hanging girl i saw earlier. The figure gave a throaty laugh and dragged the corpse deeper down the forest. The blood seemed to make a trail as the creature dragged the girl. I tip-toed down a few distance and ran away from the forest. In my whole life, i am never going to any forest again.

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