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Crazy Train

Crazy Train

Crazy Train is a scary story for kids written by a user on this site named TheBeast40 (

Crazy Train

No one knows what really happen to the story of the “crazy train.” In 1987, a Guy named Charlie was in charge of his kids getting on the train. He figured it would take 25 minutes to get there and he was in a hurry. When he got there, he had five minutes to spare. He watched the news and sat watching when breaking news came in. Warning, a criminal has escaped from the local fulton prison, armed and dangerous. Make sure you lock all your doors and go to safety now. Charlies train was there and he grabbed his kids and got in the train and it was dark and all of a sudden, the train came to a stop. Charlie was wondering what was going on. He decided to go investigate and found the driver had died misteriously. Charlie walked outside and heard a giggle. He did not know where he was at. The place was abandoned. When he seen that a video camera was recording, he became more terrified and decided to go back inside the train. There was no sign of his kids. He figured that they had gone to find him. He went to the far back and found it was unlocked. When he went in there, he smelled something really bad and found his kids hanging upside down and was tortured with a knife and died from serious injury. Charlie couldn’t help but cry, then there was a note on his kids back. It read “ever heard of me Charlie.” he passed out and found himself in the drivers seat. He heard evil giggles and decided to go back outside. He found a door and went in to find TV’s everywhere. Someone had been watching him the whole time. When all of a sudden, a huge figure he saw with his wife and he was crying and went out to kill the man. Charlie went to hit him, but the huge guy didn’t budge. When he turned to Charlie he said “it’s time for a new train driver, our old one is no good and we need a new one” chairlie then got mad and screamed “LET HER GO!!!!!” the man said calmly “kill her NOW” charlie didn’t know what to do and went insane and killed his wife. They say that, ever since that day, Charlie has been riding the same train, killing anyone who dares to get onboard. He hides his victims in the back of the locked room. Every time he puts a body in there, he giggles at the remains of his wife and kids and goes on, until he runs out of time for a new Train driver.

(TheBeast40 says: I hope you like this. It’s my first story!!! Tell me if it was good or if it needs a little fixing. Thanks!!!)

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