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User Stories 4

User Stories 4. These stories were submitted by ScaryForKids members. Please read through them and if you think any of them should be posted, leave a comment below.

User Stories 4

Black Valentine

(by Pete)

A kid named Arthur was picked on in class all day while the teacher did nothing about it. On Valentine’s Day everyone except Chad the kid who bullied him showed up. When it came time to pass around valentines Arthur asked to go to the bathroom then the teacher pulled out a black envelope. She opened it and a bunch of gas poured out causing the kids and teacher to erupt in uncontrollable laughter. The fire department showd up and found a valentine that said “WHAT’S FUNNY NOW”? The police arrested Arthur for endangering his fellow classmates and threatening the safety of his fellow students since they belived grew up he planned to spread laughing gas threw the classroom as a form of revenge. Arthur grew up in juvenile hall and had to go through evalutions, therapy, counseling until he turned 18. At 18 he was determined to be stable so he was released. Chad who had transfered to another school because of the incident was now an adult and it had ben 20 years since that day and he now had his own house where he lived alone. On Valentine’s Day the mailman showed up with a black envelope. He seemed to have a disturbing grin on his face as he gave it to Chad. When Chad opened it the envelope exploded killing him instantly and destroying his home.


(By GhostGirl1607)

There once was a women who was home alone watching TV, she got kinda bored with this and went to the kitchen to finish her duties there. Just when she had started mopping the floor the phone rang. She looked at the reciever and it didnt say a name of a number, she shrugged it off and answered it. There was a brif silence then someones said “I’m an hour away from hour house, and im dripping blood.” She thought this was strange and asumed the mysterious person had a wrong number so she went back to the kitchen to continue her housework. 15 minutes later she was done with the mopping and had just started doing the dishes when the phone rang again. She answered it and the voice again said “Oh um..(silence)…im 45 minutes away from your house and im dripping more and more blood.” by now the women was kinda worried but continued on with the dishes. Again she had just put the last dish away when the phone rang. She hesitated but picked it up anyway. The voice said “im 10 minutes away from your house and im dripping even more blood” By now the women ran around the house locking all doors and windows and everything. She then sat on the couch and had just turned on the t.v when the phone rang. She thought about answering it then deciedd not to, but after 2 minutes of ringing she couldnt bear it any longer and answerd the phone. “the voice said im in your driveway and theres blood all over me dripping this way and that way leaving your drive way a mess.” Just then she screamed when she heard a knock at the door. Without thinking she opened the door, and standing b4 her was a man about 50 or so dripping with blood. There was blood all over the driveway, her car, the door, the side of the house..Basically everywhere. The man finally said “Do you have a bandaid I could use???”


(By DeathlyPrincess)

Anna and sam were sisters. They loved each other and their mother very much. Their father had been found dead in their home one day,he had been decapitated but they never found his head. The two sisters were horrified at the sight when they found him, the two sisters had been very changed after ward. It took them 3 years to get over it but they did .7 months later was their moms birth day and they dicided to suprise her.They hid in her closet but kept it open just enough so they could see her. When their mom came home she yelled”Sam Anna are you guys home.” she repeated 3 other times then shrugged. she walked in the room and locked the door behind her. She put a big plastic bag on the bed and pulled out a sphere with long black clumpy strings sagging down to the floor. It was covered in a lot of a dark black liqued. Blood. the girls watched in horror as the woman bit into it and was takeing giant chunks out of it. as she ae it her skin turned a pale white, hernails black,and she grew taller and taller. the worst of all though is that her face looked like it turned into a white glass and had deep crack going deep into her head. The woman suddenly turned around and saw the two girls in the closet. Investigator: I cant tell what happened but it seems as though the girls suffered the same horrible fate as their dad. The part I dont understand though is that we found the mother underneath the floor boards. After her body was examined we found out that… she died only minutes after her husband.


(By Chiuleles)

The college building was engulfed by enormous flames every second. The wails of those dying were unbearable. Nobody knew how it had gotten to this. They all were aware of one single thing: they had to get out.
Just a few managed to do it, though. Most of the survivors were badly injured and barely standing on their feet. Death was dragging near towards them, although they had escaped the terrible flames. The firemen were on their way, but they already knew there wasn’t much to do for those trapped inside.

In that hell, only one survivor seemed fine enough to walk. It was a thin student, with long dark hair and a pale face. Her expression was as blank as it could be. Afer all, she has never shown emotion openly. The police were soon to be there, but she had no time to waste. After all, someone was out to get her. The young woman was okay, except for a burn on her leg. She could still run, and she ran. She kept on running until she reached an intersection far away for the burning building. The pyromaniac would never let people survive the fires he or she set. There was no one to know the identity of the criminal.

The girl managed to get into a taxi, and the driver began casually chatting with her. He seemed to be unaware of the foul smell that was coming from his customer. Puzzling enough, she didn’t wish to be taken to a certain destination. She just said “Walk me around”. And so he did.
“Look, I am sorry, I just wanted to do it one more time before the police got to me. Actually, they won’t dare lay a finger on me”, she said all of a sudden.

“Do what?” the taxi driver asked, only to notice a box of matches in her pocket and some gasoline hidden in the girl’s jacket.
It struck him. That’s why she was snelling that way. Looking down, he noticed her injured leg. What had she done?

“Excuse me dear, but the pyromaniac leaves no survivors, not even themselves”.

She poured the gasoline and threw the lit match in the car.

“At least I am going with a bang” she thought as the car exploded.

Black Hood

(By malevolent and sinister)

I read the last sentence of a story on, before my mother told me to go to bed. I switched off the light and walked over to my bed. As I was falling asleep, I glimpsed a black tattered hood, with nobody`s face showing, a bit like the grim reaper, you know. I fell asleep. In my nightmare I was getting ready to go to my school. As I walked up the stairs, I thought I saw the black hood from last night. It was behind a half open door, head only showing. I shrugged it off, grabbed my glasses and ran to the car and waited for my mum. As I was in class, I looked out through the window. There it was. Black hood, everything, body, head, but no legs. It was floating! It had a ebony blacked and wrinkled hand, beckoning me to come towards it. I turned and did the last sum of maths page 90. I walked to the hall to eat lunch, I forgot my bottle of water, I turned around. It`s head was poking out from a half open door! After school had finished, I got a text from my mum (even though we are not allowed mobile phones in primary school!) that she could`nt pick me up from school. As I neared my house, someone in a blue Ferrari drove down the road. As I crossed the road, the Ferrari drove full speed at me. I looked at the driver, funny, it`s black hood, A.K.A What I think is death`s brother. I dodged the Ferrari, narrowly missing by an inch! I ran down the road. The Ferrari crashed and black hood jumped out. It disappeared into thin air. I did some research. There were some people who had encountered this, they said if you pull an angry face, it will start to run away, then you must let it run, but don’t lose sight of it, follow it and it might disappear. I tried that the next day. Sadly, it did not save me. That night when I went to bed, I dreamt that it had floated into the room, no weapon, just itself. When I woke up, my bed was covered in blood. My mother stood crying with my brother in the doorway. I looked in the mirror. My neck and stomach were slit open and I glimpsed black hood in the mirror.

(dear reader/SFK, I actually dreamt this and decided to write it down. I am only 10, so no nasty comments if this gets posted. I really want to be a writer when I grow up!)

Dark Hair

(By malevolent and sinister)

I woke up and looked under the wardrobe. Nothing there. I breathed out a sigh of relief. In my dream, I was hiding under the cabinet in the hall, near the front door. The door opened wide and a woman, with long dark hair and a pale face and steel grey eyes burst into the house. she wore a dark dress that was torn up to her knees. She was gasping for air and turned, running up the stairs. shortly afterwards, a tall dark figure with a mask over his face and a long black coat carrying a blunderbuss burst in. He laughed menacingly and walked up the stairs slowly, deliberately making loud noises to scare the victim. I watched fearfully. Then there was a loud bang. The woman fell downstairs and landed facing under the closet. She stared at me with cold eyes full of hatred. Staring and studying me. I woke up and screamed. The man with the blunderbuss standing over my face. He laughed a low, menacing, malicious and evil laughter. I felt a pain in my neck. I couldn’t breathe.

(dear reader, this is my second story and I hope you enjoyed it, I made it up all by myself even though I am 10, I hope it gets posted here. Love Malevolent and sinister)

♥♡ Do you love me for real? ♡♥

(By draculaura)

Justin and Savannah were seniors in high school. They were also boyfriend and girlfriend and loved each other deeply. One day a girl who had her sights on him, sydnee, she dared Justin to tell Savannah out was a date when he asked her out. “Fine Sydnee but you have to ask out Tristan. ” “EWWWW SICK FINE!!!” Well Sydnee didn’t know that would cause Savannah’ s close to death call. Savannah and Justin went on a date it went well, until he thought about the dare. Sydnee’s dark dare *I have to do it. * Thought Justin. Savannah asked a question “do you love me for real?” Savannah asked. “NO it was a dare.” He replied. Savannah got up and ran into the darkness. “IT WAS A DARE! ” he said . “You don’t have to tell me twice!” She screamed. The next day Savannah and Justin showed up for school. He tried talking to her but everytime she would bury her face in her arms. Sydnee thought she could make her move with Justin. Justin rejected her advances. Savannah was comforted by Jacob, Justin’s best friend. Justin grew jealous and chased Savannah with a knife one day. It was at the hotel Savannah lived in. He caused her to the top of the building and she fell. She clung in to an American flag for dear life. When Justin figured out what he did he helped her up. “I love you and I would never harm you. ” he said. She forgave him. Then out of nowhere Tristan ran outside”HEY GUYS SYDNEE ASKED ME OUT! !! I SAID YES!!!” he grabbed Justin’s blade and threw it came back and sliced his throat, then sliced sydnee’s forehead with an L shaped cut that left a big scar for the rest of her life. Sydnee ran up to Justin the next day and kissed him Savannah saw everything she held in her tears. When justin would try to talk to her she would say “well you must have enjoyed that kiss.” That night Justin came to Savannah’s hotel room he went into her room “I DONT LOVE SYDNEE!! I ♥ YOU! !”
“I love you too.”
What they didn’t know was sydnee snuck into Savannah’s room. She crouched up with a knife and stabbed them both… They woke up in the hospital and the Tv was on Sydnee broke out of jail…

Many Deaths

(By JustCreeped)

In My First Life, I Was Just 13 Years Old. I Had My First Boyfriend, Jason. We Spent 5 Wonderful Years Together, It Felt Like A Dream. We’re Also Planning To Get Married Next Month, Ah Fantastic! But These Days I Saw That He Has Been Eyeing Other Woman, And Barely See Each Other.
One Day, I Saw Him Dating Another Lady! I Was Filled With Rage And We Had A Huge Argument. Jason Got Out Of Control, And Shattered A Mirror. He Picked Up The Most Sharpest Piece And Killed Me.

Second Life, I Stayed Away From Most Boys. I Didn’t Want To Live That Over Again. I Had A Delightful Family. But Soon My Father Died, And Gotten A Stepfather. We Lived A Happy Life. But I Met Someone New, I Trusted Fully With All My Heart. But My Stepfather Hated Him. So I Planned Running Away With Him Tomorrow. My StepFather Knew What I Was Going To Do, So He Purposely Did A Car Crash…

Third Life, This Time I Have A Best Friend, But He’s A Guy. But He Was A Nerdy Guy, And I Was A Orphan. I Felt Much Better And Safer, But I Had Other Friends.. My Friends Were Rebels, And They Dared Me To Go To The Haunted House. So I Did, But I Saw A Ghost. He Just Stared At Me, Holding A Knife With A Really Tight Grip. I Didn’t Have Any Fear, I Just Has A Blank Face Staring Straight. He Suddenly Dropped The Knife And Smiled, Not Some Kind Of Evil Smile, But Just A Smile. Then He Changed Looking Less Horrifying. “Let Us Complete Our Goal” I Knew What He Meant, He Started Strangling Me. And Now We Are What Seems A Couple…

If You Ever Get A Mysterious Text. Answer, Don’t Worry We’ll Be There, Till Your Life Ends Forever Okay? :) Oh, You Wanted Know Our Goal? Find Love, And Kill. We Kill Each Other, Yeah Thats Love, If You Witness It You Will Get Our Text 24 Hours Later. And Your Next.. Bye Bye Organs, Hope I See Your Blood Soon!

It’s There

(By nightlock)

It’s there. in the corner. I can still hear it munching happily on my parents. from under my bed, i can just make out its feet. i blink and its gone, but i can tell its not really gone… just in a new spot. suddenly, i hear something climb onto my bed. “oh god,” i think to myself, “its right above me”. its whispering something… i cant hear what its saying though. i move closer to the sound of its voice to hear what its saying. there, nw i can hear it. a chill runs through me, tears run out of my eyes, and i thinkng i wet myself. it said, “i know you’re there…”

(note: you can edit it as much as you want, just as long as you keep the general idea. Thanks! -nightlock)

Going Camping

(By Greed01)

A group of 4, Cathy, Alex, Rufus, and Matt, decided to go camping to woods. They got there when it was already dusk. The first thing they heard some monkeys and bats, and the sound of crickets. They built their tents, made a fire, told some stories, and went to sleep. After an hour, Alex woke them all up.
“Why?” Matt said.
“I heard footsteps coming closer to me.” Alex replied.
“I can’t hear anything, just the crickets.” Matt said.
“It’s all in your head, Alex.” Rufus comforted Anna.
They went all back to sleep.
After another hour, Rufus began to wake them up also.
“What now?” Matt said.
“I also hear footsteps coming closer and closer to my tent.” Rufus told them.
“But I don’t hear anything?” Cathy said.
“We’ll all discuss this in the morning.” Matt said as he went back to his tent.
When it was dawn, Matt was the first to get up. He decided to look for people who could have made the foot noises. When he was far enough, he saw a little hut with a family of 3 living in it.
“Excuse me, were you the people who came into our camp last night?”
“No.” The father of the family said.
“Do you know any person who is living in this forest with you?”
“No. We are the only people here.”
“But who was the one making footsteps last night?”
The family did not utter anything more. They grew pale and look terrified.
“Quick, Mary, pack our things, lets leave this forest.” The father said.
“W-Why?! Is there anything wrong?”
“Boy, you have got to leave this forest now!”
“Why?! Why please tell me?!”
“This was thought to be a myth, an old lady was living in here once, she loved this forest, she took care of the animals here and never leaved this place. But one day, a group of hunters killed a large number of animals. She swore she would take her revenge. After she died, numerous reports said that she haunts the place and she kills anyone who dares to enter the forest.”
Matt was very scared, he took out his phone and called his friends.
“Hello?” Cathy answered.
“This is matt. Listen Cath, tell them to leave this forest now. ASAP NOW!!” Matt warned them
“But why?”
“There is no time to explain! Just get out of this freakin forest!”
“Ok, just let me get the bag–aghhhh!!!!!!!!!!” Cathy screamed in horror as a sound of a someone being killed is heard.
“Hello!? Hello?!”
“I am going to kill you for entering this forest. This place is forbidden.” An old raspy voice said.

Shattered Glass

(By Satan)

Greg was a man in his late thirties , he had a boring schedule for his daily working life , he used to get up , has his breakfast alone , as he wasnt married and had no brothers nor sisters, go to work , come back home, prepare himself for the next day and go to sleep.

One day as he was going to sleep he heard footsteps and the sound of shattered glass, he went to investigate, the noise came from his basement , he was brave enough to go and lookup what was wrong, he noticed a crowbar next to him, so he grabbed it incase there was a thief messing with him.

He went in to find shadows hiding in the darkness ,the door suddenly closed behind him , the chills ran down his spine , he was afraid that something was lurking around him , all of a sudden , he heard a bang , the hair on his neck stood on its end , he was terrified. He looked behind him to see an axe falling on him…

Greg woke up gasping for air , it was a nightmare , to his surprise , he heard footsteps and the sound of shattered glass…

(SFK , I hope you post it for me =’)! its my first time ! Thanks !!!!! )


(By DoICare NoWay)

Hello little piggy, you seem fat and juicy. Maybe it’s time to have bacon, or pork chops. Doesn’t that sound good. You have gotten plump these last few days haven’t all you little fatties. Pretty soon it’s time to eat cuz I’m getting hungry for pigs. Hello little deers nice and tender, you look good today. One of my favorite foods are freshly roasted deer. I can’t wait to dig my teeth into that fat juicy slab of deer meat that I can have when I get my hands on you. But remember, it’s almost hunting season for deer… Hello dear little lamb, how are you today. You look yummy and good. Soon it’ll be time to harvest all of you, my little lambs when you all become nice and fat with lots of chewy meat on the bones. You my sweet will make a special someone very, very happy.

News Alert: Yesterday at 6:35 that evening the police found a man in his basement surrounded by the dead caresses of 10 preschool aged girls and boys. Each one had a sign that said ether pig, deer, or lamb written on it. The 10 children fit the description of the children missing two weeks ago. The man that seemed to have murdered the children thought that they were animals and he was going to cook them and eat them. He is dubbed as highly disturbed and and does not have any family in this area. If you think you know this man call the police.

News Alert: The man escaped Friday night from the insane asylum armed with a gun and a knife . Before he escaped he gunned down two workers and his doctor. He he was charged for murder because he kidnapped and killed 10 preschool children and was about to eat them before the police arrived. He is a white Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes. He is about six foot four and is wearing a white vest with jeans. If you see him call the police. We repeat call the police. He is armed with dangerous weapons.

(SFK please put it up for everyone to see. Pleaaaasssse)


(By Requiem)

Do you know Polly? Well, if you don’t, you’ll meet her one day. She’s a innocent girl but a bit greedy. They say Polly died from a car accident. She had came from McDonnells. They sold human meat and Polly actually liked it. Even after Polly’s death, she goes into McDonnells to eat human meat. The problem wasn’t that her hunger was as strong as a stone with a Mohs scale of 10 or that her hunger cannot be satisfied. The true dilemma was that she was a predator and her only prey was human. Of course she was a human too, but she is also a predator. That’s why, after her death, she did not become an idle corpse. She was a dead predator that continued to eat. But she only stayed in one place; McDonnells. To eat endlessly. But then another dilemma occurred. The police discovered McDonnells sold human meat, sometimes even fresh. And yes… They had proof. More proof than needed. McDonnells closed down and anyone in hand with them went to jail. Now what could Polly do to fill her predatoric hunger? She wanders around for people like you, who enjoy being frightened. Maybe you don’t notice, but she’s stroking your plump cheeks and you might pass a strange girl smiling at you and licking her lips. If you’re scared don’t be. She’s not a ghost, murdered, stalker, torturer, demon, devil , remember, she is just a predator.

The Crooked smile

(By Crooked-smile11)

There once was a boy named matt, He had been in a new school for quick a while by now. He was always so nice and kind to people, I`ve never seen him angry or mad. But one day I got a call from him he said. “I am going to do it”. There was a long pause and I said “What is wrong I can fix it”. He said with the most raging voice I have ever heard of saying “These vision in my head, Those things just wont leave me alone!!”. I jumped a little when he yelled. So I said “Ill be over in just a few minutes!”. I ran for him before, Before he could harm him self. I got there right on time well that’s what I thought but no. I was staring into a life less matt. I drop down to my knees with a blood hurdling scream. People from next door came to also see this horrifying sight. That was the last I saw matt with his eyes blank, bleeding from them and him with this wicked, crooked, smile.

Run Away

(By MayTheHuman)

I always hated my family. Never had time for me. So, I packed my things and left with $300. I was walking down a deserted round in the middle of the night. No cars come here. It’s kinda scary.


Someone calls my name…..How? I’m all alone!too scared to turn around, I run for it. Don’t stop.Can’t stop. I run until I hit a…. thing?

“Woah, What are you doing here at this time?”
A young man stares at me.
“I uh…. I’m lost…”
“Sure you are.”

He turns into a gross creature. It has the body of a human but a head of a bull. Wings of a bat and claws of a cat.His eyes…. Oh his eyes! Red and hungry. I suddenly realize where I am. The Pine Barrens. Home of the Jersey Devil. And I am face to face with it. Before I can run, It sweeps at me with it’s long claws. The last thing I feel are the claws. Ripping me open like a bag. Plucking my guts out. I can ever forget those eyes, before they were demon. They looked so much like my brother’s.

Vampire Fang

(By krystenhook11)

One day a boy called Jamal was playing in his backyard.His mom called him for dinner.He said’coming mom’.On his way to the house he saw a long,pointy fang on the ground.’Oh cool’he said.He picked it up and went inside.When Jamal finished dinner he went to bed.At 12;00 am he woke up.He saw something glowing on his desk.’What is that’he said.’Oh it is the fang’he said.Suddenly the fang went up in the air and was floating over to Jamal.It pierced his chest and he was never seen again.the end.

The Taste of Ice Cream

(By malevolent and sinister)

One night, these girls were having a girls night out. Bertha arrived late and as soon as she got into the room, she excused herself to go to the toilet. Half an hour later, they sent a girl to check on her. The girl knocked on the bathroom door, no reply, she pushed open the door, no one inside. There was a loud clatter in the kitchen so she got the others and they went to the kitchen. Bertha sat cross legged on the floor, with empty tubs of ice cream all around her. She looked horribly pale and her nails and teeth had grown long and sharp. She had a tub of in between her legs. She saw the girls, shrieked and screamed and ran out the house.
At 6:00 am, the girls got a call from Bertha.

Bertha: “Turn on the channel six news”
girl: “Why?”
Bertha: “Just do as I say!”

They turned on the news. The reporter had said “A girl called Bertha crossley threw herself under an ice cream van at 4:23 yesterday because she had never tasted ice cream.”

the girl called Sharon: “B-b-but that was two hours before our girls night started!”

Which Way

(by twisted_girl)

There was a little boy who was only 6 years old named Luke. He was walking home for the first time alone because his parents were at his grandmother’s funeral. They didn’t want to scar Luke with the sad death, and they didn’t have the money to hire a babysitter, so they had to trust him to follow their rules and stay safe. Luke was, of course, sad about the death. But he tried to push it to the back of his mind, staying strong. He tried to remember what his father told him.

“Turn right and the first intersection, straight at the second, and left at the third. Keep going until you see the neighborhood, and remember to NEVER talk to ANYONE.”

Luke took a deep breath, and went on his way. His cute little sneakers hitting the ground in a slow march. He acted as brave and tough as he could, held his head high and eyes filled with determination. He knew he could do it.

And so it started off well. He turned right at the first intersection, straight at the second. But then, Luke forgot which way to go at the third intersection. He started to panic. He couldn’t ask anyone because he wasn’t allowed. The more he thought about it, the more he forgot. The frightened little boy tried going right. He didn’t see his neighborhood yet, so he kept going.

Luke picked up his pace. “I know I can do it, don’t ask yet.” He thought to himself. He tried going right, left, straight, right, right, left. Up the street, turn, back down. It was getting dark, and just as he was about to give up, he realized he had made it back to the third intersection.

Finally, Luke had given up. In an exasperated and dissapointed tone, he looked up and said “I can’t do it. Which way do I go, Grandma?

“Left.” The grandmother replied.

Luke walked home, safely. As soon as he walked through the doorway, he dropped his bag, and screamed.

(I hope you like it and that it gets submitted. Sorry that it’s not that good, it just popped into my mind a few days ago and I HAD to show it to you. Thanks for your time!)

Andrea Andrea

(by skyeyes)

“Andrea, Andrea, so lonely, how do you ever make friends?” The song hit Andrea Right’s ear. It was the song she was familiar with as she walked to class ignoring all the whispering. The rhyme was right she was lonely and did not have any friends not one single one. Andrea checked her cell phone. Somebody had texted her.
BloodyCrisp:Andrea,Andrea,so lonely,how do you ever make friends?
xspottydogx:Who is this?
BurnngCrisp:Oh Andrea,you must know…
xspottydogx:I don’t know now tell me!
BloodyCrisp:Your old pal BloodyCrisp…Oh how I would like to see your blood…
Andrea just turned off her cell phone and continued on her way to class.Later Andrea went home to her apartment and lied down on her bed. She was a bit shaken up by the text when suddenly she got another text. This time it was from a mean girl called Charlene whom she knew from class.
TotallyPopular:Whats up freak?
xspottydogx:GO AWAY CHARLENE!
TotallyPopular:Oh you are so lonely,your making yourself…
BloodyCrisp:Oh hello Andrea….
xspottydogx:Both of you go away!
Andrea felt chills down her spine as she saw the message saying Charlene had logged out.BurningCrisp sent another message.
BloodyCrisp:Show me your guts coz I can see you…
xspottydogx:You creep stop messaging me…
That seemed to do the trick for a few days but one day Andrea thought she saw somebody looking at her and then a new text came up on her phone.
BloodyCrisp:I’m ready for you
xspottydogx:You freakin’ creep,stop stalking me!
BloodyCrisp:Not an option,you look pretty in that white top…but it would look better in red
Andrea began to cry
BloodyCrisp:Now don’t cry,I will make you cry tears of blood…
xspottydogx:Leave me alone!
BloodyCrisp:Thats it you idiot,I’m killing you on Tuesday!
Andrea threw the phone out of the window and it smashed to a billion peices. She hid on Tuesday but she saw a face at her window. She jumped back in fright as the so called ‘BloodyCrisp’ smashed through the window and held a knife towards her throat…
“Andrea,Andrea,so lonely,How do you make any friends?” He slashed her neck and stabbed her. Andrea took her last breath and fell down dead. In her blood he wrote “Andrea,Andrea,So lonely how do you make make any friends?”

FaceBook Hacker

(By Greed01)

Kenny loved to hack facebook profiles and messing someone’s statuses by saying “I’m stupid” or “I’m a moron.” he also likes to mess with people’s lovelives. But until one day, he witnessed a very scary happening.
One night, In his room, he was very busy with hacking. The hacking generator showed him an email address and a password. As soon as he entered it, he was a little freaked out. The person’s name is “Kenny Smith” which was the same as his own name. As soon as he wrote statuses and messed with the profile, the computer crashed and he reloaded it. Then, the profile name began to change, it said. “iwill”. Then he refreshed it to see if it will change again. The profile name changed to “killyou”. Then the computer screen began to turn red. And a video was loading. On the video, it shows his bedroom and him looking in the computer. He could barely lift a muscle. As he continues to watch himself, he sees someone behind his closet slowly walking towards him. Then he strangled him to death. But the last thing he ever saw was the computer changing back to normal. And the profile’s name was turned to “killedyou”.

(So hackers, seriously… stop hacking.)

Computer Addiction

(By Carcass)

“Five more minutes mum!” You shout , eyes still attached to the wretchet screen. It’s obivious that those 5 minutes will turn into 5 hours. You’ve been on the internet for 7 hours . Suprised? Yes,We know to you it’s only been a few minutes. These hours are spent checking on your farm,feeding your unicorn,casting spells,trading equipment,updating your status,tweeting your idols,uploading the pictures you took in Hawaii,hacking,chatting,and many more. Well,your family blames you for being so addicted to it,they’re wrong. You see the moment your finger touches the keyboard,a tiny organisim crawls on to You. You never feel it,until You are strapped onto the laptop. It’s a parasite. This parasite makes it’s way to your brain somehow and it FORCES You to go on your Toshiba. It only dies once You have been away from the internet for a long time. It’s inside of You right now. Can’t feel it ,can you? You will realize you’re addicted once You reach the point where You eat cheeseballs and drink Pepsi for breakfast,lunch,and dinner. You stink , You can’t remember the last time You showered. The only time You get up is to get the charger , go down to the store for more packs of Pepsi,and when you need to use the bathroom which takes 5-10 seconds. . Look at your eyes! When was the last time You slept?! Ah yes,I forgot about that 8 hour World Of Warcraft battle. You’re broke due to the 59.99$ You paid to get the VIP membership. Sigh…Well You still have credit cards! Oh those 5 minutes are over,correct? Just tell your mum 5 more minutes..

Dance Til You’re Dead

(By harrystyleswife)

Amanda Landon was happy to receive an invitation to Jessica Richards dance party. You see Jessica is the most popular girl at Westwood high and you would be lucky enough for Jessica to even acknownledge you. Amanda decided she had to find something cute to wear to her party, so Amanda went dress shopping with her friend Hannah. They both picked a really cute dress.
On the day of the party Amanda was a little nervous but, she was really excited. At 8:00 the party started.When Amanda got there most people who socializing. It wasn’t for a little while until the dancing began. Jessica told everyone to go to the dance floor. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. All of a sudden the song changed to a weird sounding song, Heads will roll. As soon as it played everyone kept dancing but, they couldn’t stop. Jessica was watching them all dance, she had a satisfied look on her face. She couldn’t help but, grin too. No one realized that the song Jessica put on was cursed. The curse would make anyone who listened to it dance for eternity. Jessica of course was immortal. No one knew that. The dance party continued on and on. Soon there was only dancing skeletons.

(Okay so my story might not be that scary but, whatever. It was inspired by the song “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. if there are spelling errors I apologize)

scary for kids


  • @breezyb333 You are a major league b*tch! I know that’s inappropriate, and to be honest, I hate spelling mistakes too. But, you can’t just freak out on them, they tried their best, they did as much as possible to make it great. I am going to post a story sometime later, and it is gonna be great. I am still better with fan fictions, but I can do horror. It’s gonna be on the latest story page. It will have spelling mistakes just to p*ss you off. Yes, @breezyb333 YOU.

  • @breezyb333 Calm down. Think about it. I’m 16. I still make mistakes. But not everyone has PERFECT grammar. There’s probably 6 and 7 year old’s trying to write stories. And you are bringing them down. Go write you’re Bullshit somewhere else. Thanks to everyone else accept this Pickle for writing these amazing stories!

  • Savannah???? Thats my BFF from Cat Sim. And draculuara too!!!!! I knew it!!!!

  • @breezyb333

    Thats not nice. So what, I’m 14 and I still make some mistakes. And the stories are great. I don’t care if they don’t have correct grammer but they worked really hard on the stories so you are the only garbage around here. Would you like it if someone called you stupid. NO. So shut that pie hole of yours ’cause no one wants a party pooper. Also your feedback isn’t possitive. All of these stories are good. Also they’re just kids so its natural to make some mistakes. I wish you never said that. It is so mean and I don’t want to curse but you better get lost! Just kidding! Just stop being a party pooper. My stories aren’t up there so I am really disappointed. Good job to everyone who got their story up there!!!👍👍👍👍

  • @breezyb333

    Chill. These are people that are learning how to write. We all didn’t pick up a pen at 3 and write the next ‘Great Gatsby’. Also how rude are you to call these peoples works garbage and call an 11 year old a loser and make harassing comments about them. You may be trying to be a help but your just coming across as rude. You need to tone it down.

    Also it clearly didn’t cross your mind that maybe these people have language problems due to youth, disabilities, mental illnesses or because English is a second language to them, but hey, go on and continue to rain on their parade. Take away what encouragement about their writing they may have.

    And to ALL of the wonderful writers. Your editing will get better with time and practice. Don’t stress to much over it. I had to learn it too. Your works are amazing! Keep on writing!

  • Ok so this comment is long over due. I’m going to be posting it on a few pages. Look I love the fact that the readers of this web site can write and post their own stories, but come on people, check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation! It’s not difficult! SFK, I cannot BELIEVE you would allow these people to post this garbage on here! Do you not realize they’re messing up the entire website?! A lot of the stories could probably be pretty decent if they ACTUALLY made sense. Why don’t you spell check and correct grammar and punctuation SFK before you post them? It’s incredibly frustrating attempting to read someone’s vision of a scary story when you can’t understand their spelling, their run on sentences, or whatever other bullshit they mistakenly add. Some of it can be attributed to the fact that the authors may be kids, which is still odd bc they should be learning this stuff in school, but to the adults that write these stories, there’s absolutely NO excuse. PLEASE do something about the garbage that is posted on here or that is being posted on here. I can promise you, this negligence, laziness, ignorance, and clear stupidity will most DEFINITELY cost you your readers. I personally really REALLY like this webpage, but after reading the YOUR STORY stories, I’m annoyed and disgusted, like is it really that hard to push spell check? Or have someone else check your story before you post it? SFK you could maybe even collaborate with these writers to make their stories still their visions, but much more legible. It’s comical when I see people saying they hope to be writers one day, but don’t realize they’re HORRIBLE with the English language. All I’m trying to do is give positive feedback to writers, young and old, and to the person who runs this website. Also, I noticed on another page, a young man wrote a story that I thought was actually quite good. One of the replies he got left me with a sour taste in my mouth. The kid said he was an eleven year old author that was apparently working with a publisher and continued to bash this young man’s story. Not providing ANY insight as to how it could be better. OK kid, where the hell is YOUR book then? I sure as hell have NEVER seen it. Get the stick out of your ass. You’re obnoxious. CLEARLY you’re jealous that this kid got his story published on this site and you didn’t. Go cry about it. You being such a dick to that kid says NOTHING about him, but EVERYTHING about you. Loser. Anyway, nice job EVERYONE who got their stories on here! Keep up the good work! But PLEASE check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation! Don’t ruin your story by making childish mistakes! Thanks SFK. KEEP UP THE GOOD STORIES!

  • Actually, the story Mother looks like a TOTAL rip off of a video in the Creepy Videos. Either that, or The Closet ( the video in question in the creepy videos section) is a copy of the story.

  • Kitten226 He screamed because his grandmother was dead and so that must have been a her spirit.

  • These are REALLY REALLY GOOD! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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