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User Stories 2

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User Stories 2

The Fortune Teller in the Woods by tywannawin

A long time ago there was a fortune teller shack in the woods. She was the best in fort worth and had a Hansel and Gretel type house. One night there were five people who wanted to go to the fortune teller. They planned and planned and when Saturday hit, they went. They all went down a empty road. It was a very dark night as well. They were in the woods when they noticed the shack. the friends got their fortunes told and when the fortune teller got to the girl in the back of the line she wrote something on a piece of notebook paper, folded it up, and handed it to her, she said don’t open this until you get home. They were all heading home and right when they got out of the woods, there was a curve. It wasn’t raining or anything, but all the friends made it passed except for the girl. She rolled right off. Her whole car burst into flames and she was burnt beyond recognition. She then died from serious pain. Every thing burned in her car except for one thing, the piece of paper. The piece of paper was found after quite a long time. It said, You won’t make it home alive. All of her friends explained the fortune teller, how she looked and everything, and the police kept saying thank you when they were finished. Then one officer said, this is impossible. The other officers asked why, but before he could say anything the papers set on fire and killed him. Then a brutal massacre happened and every officer was killed. Except for one person. The murderer. She had a very dark collage of colors on a hoodie and a mask that was very colorful as well. When she took off the mask, It was the fortune teller.

Abandon by Huyweiland

It was night, a guy who walking along the street pass by a abandon house. He like scary thing and want to explore haunted place and he think this will be a perfect place to start his first haunted place explore. Well, he just move to this neighborhood so he dont think it haunted or not. Well, he think the door was lock,but he just try and it did it.The door it unlocked,he just went inside without thinking what lies in the house.Well the first thing he saw was a fireplace,2 couchs,and a TV covered almost been covered in dirt.’So this definity the living’he thought,well it is.Nothing seem paranormal happen here but something caught his eye,a picture of a family with a mother,father,and a son.But that not what is it.The mother eye and mouth was covered with black paint.So this is definity not a good sign.Suddenly he heard a laughting sound come from the upstair and that freak him out.He going upstair and see what was that laughting sound come from.When he reach to the top of the stair.He saw a little boy sitting in a bed in a room with a door open.He paralyzing,then he step backward and fell down the stair. And when he wake up,he stand up and reach for the door.And he want to take one look back.And this is what he saw.His own body,and his head was 45% covered with blood…

Dreams Do Come True by musicismyeverything

Michael Shupbach had a strange dream. In it, he was climbing Mt. Everest. But it looked different. It was always dark. It scared him. When he woke up, he was uneasy. He felt the dream was fate trying to tell him something. He suddenly knew what he had to do. He had to prove the dream wrong. If he didn’t, he knew he would be scarred for life. He didn’t know why it was so awful. After all, it was only a dream.

Standing there looking at the mountain, Michael suddenly had the urge to turn back. But he knew that fate brought him here and fate wanted him to climb, so he started. He got a rush of adrenaline. After an hour of climbing, he stopped on a ledge. He saw footprints that weren’t his. He decided to follow them. They lead him up the mountain and into a cave. Michael decided to spend the night there. As he was pulling out his sleeping bag,he heard a dripping sound. He assumed it was water and settled down. During the night, he felt the dripping on his head. He decided, out of curiousity, to see what it was. He grabbed his flashlight and shone it towards the ceiling. He froze in horror. Hanging from the ceiling was a body impaled with a huge icicle. Blood was what he heard dripping. He realized, with horror, that the body was one he had seen in his dreams. He ran out, forgetting his sleeping bag. He climbed as fast as he could. Michael made the mistake of looking behind him. He saw a mangled, bloody creature coming after him. As the creature lifted its head, Michael saw that an icicle had been jabbed through it. The creature then dissapeared. Michael continued to climb, scared out of his wits. Finally he reached the top. Convinced that he was safe, he decided to relax. Suddenly, he felt an unnerving presence behind him. He turned around and saw the creature. Stunned he fell. He caught himself. He was hanging by his fingers. He looked down and saw a bloody figure on a giant icicle. It then dissapeared. The creature then appeared in front of him and before pushing him down, it raised its head, grinned a demented grin, and said, “Sorry Michael. Dreams do come true.” Michael, confused, felt himself falling. Then, before becoming impaled with the giant icicle, he realized that this whole adventure was exactly like his dream. He then thought he was still dreaming. As the icicle sliced through his stomach, he knew he wasn’t dreaming.
Michael’s ghost now haunts Mt. Everest, scaring people and pushing them to their deaths. So next time you go to sleep, remember that dreams do come true.

(musicismyeverything says: I hope you liked my story. It is my first story. Please comment and let me know how i did. I hope you post this sfk.)

Stomach Ache by writer123

Jerry McCoffman loved candy. Every day, on his way home from school, Jerry would go to the candy store and spend his allowance on whatever sweets he wanted. One day, Jerry went to the candy store and looked through the chocolate aisle. Then, he found a large box of caramels. The sight of the large box of candies made Jerry’s mouth water. Eagerly, Jerry grabbed the box, ran to the counter, and paid for them. As soon as Jerry got home, he ran to his room and started devouring the chocolates. When he was finished, Jerry let out a contented burp and went to dinner. But after he finished his meal and went to his room, Jerry felt his stomach start to ache. “Guess I shouldn’ve eaten those caramels so fast.” Jerry thought. That night, Jerry had just fallen asleep when he was awoken by a severe pain in his stoamch. As Jerry groaned in agony, he pulled his blanket off-and screamed. He saw things buldging out of his stomach. Then, Jerry’s stomach burst open and thousands of large worms craweled out of his body. The next morning, when Jerry’s mother came upstairs to wake up her son, she found his dead body lying on the bed, blood staining the sheets. When the coroner examined, the body, he was shocked by what he discovered. The caramels that Jerry had eatne contained worm eggs contained worm eggs from a science labratory which hatched while they were in Jerry’s stomach.

(writer123 says: I really hope you like this, SFK! I’ve written a bunch of other stories that I’ll post on here soon. It’s my dream to become a writer, and I really like reading/writing scary stories.)

Stuck in a dream by Livingtodielaughingtocry

In the middle of night , i woke up . I saw that my hands and legs were cut off . As i lived alone , that meant that there will be no one to help me . I cried in pain and agony . I had only a few minutes or hours to live . My bed was stained in my own blood . Is this a dream ? After trying very hard , i had managed to fall into a sleep again . After i woke up , i felt that my hands and legs were completely fine . But i found that my eyes had been removed . I tried to use the cellphone for help but i was unable to type a number and call . I found out that it was not possible to find the door in my room . I suddenly bumped into a large figure . I could smell blood from him . I tried to run but i ended up hurting my body in the process . There was nowhere to go . I screamed and cried , but there was none to help me . Suddenly I felt as if my head was being chopped off by and axe . I lost my concsiousness . Again I woke up , but I felt so much pain . After a while , I saw that I was inside a sewer or something . I saw piles of human brains lying here and there . The rotting smell from the brains made me vomit . To my horror , I saw that I had vomitted out my own heart . My breath stopped . This time I couldn’t wake up . All I could sense was intense amount of pain , as if I was being burned in hellfire. I want to wake up . Is this a dream ? Why is this happenning to me ? SOMEONE ? ANYONE ? A LITTLE HELP !! ALL THAT I WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON . HELP ME …….. ?

Jamie, Come and Play With Me by Slendermaniswaiting

A young girl named Jamie was at the store with her mom, when she saw a beautiful doll for very little money. “Mom, can I have that?”, asked Jamie. After a moment, her mother said “Sure, just as long as you don’t leave it on your desk when you come for dinner.” The young girl thought this was an odd request, but she agreed to the terms her mother had given her. Later, as she was playing with the doll, she heard her mother calling her for dinner. She set the doll on her desk, forgetting the instructions her mother had given her, and went out to eat dinner with her family. About an hour later, Jamie went into her room to get her doll, but could not find it. She called out to her mother, ” Mom, have you seen my doll anywhere, I can’t find it.” Her mom did not reply. Suddenly, Jamie heard a soft, eerie voice, singing out, ” Jamie, come and play with me, or I’ll kill your family.” A little disturbed, she went out to the kitchen to see if her mother was there, doing the dishes, so that Jamie could ask again where her doll was. Once she entered the kitchen, however, she met a horrifying sight. Her mother was there, alright, but she was not washing the dishes. She was sprawled, on her back, a look of pure terror on her face, with all of intestines scattered on the floor. Jamie was aghast. She ran from the kitchen, and heard the same, creepy voice, still singing, ” Jamie come and play with me, or I’ll kill your family.” It was louder, closer, more menacing, now. She rushed into the family room, and again asked where her doll was. What she saw appalled her. There was her family, her father had his evening newspaper stuffed down his throat, and his face was a ghostly blue. Her two brothers lay on the ground, and their toy guns had been shoved through them, pinning them to the floor.
Again, she heard the voice, but it was much too close, it seemed as though the ” singer” was standing next to her, singing into her ear. ” Jamie, come and play with me, or I’ll kill- the young girl spun around and saw her doll, holding a long and rusty knife- YOU!!! Jamie was never seen or heard from again. The police never found the body of her or her family.

13 YEARS LATER A 9 year old girl named Jamie is with her mother at the store, when she sees beautiful doll, for a very cheap price. Turning to her mother, she asks, ” Mommy, can I have that doll?”

The Refuge by Requiem

Where I live there are frequent hurricanes. Our elementary school was right near the coast and thats why we had an school refuge right next to it. Unluckily, this year, there was more students so three fifth grade classes had to go to a refuge far away near a dumpster. My class was one of the unlucky classes. Two young teachers, Ms Pearl and Ms Hamilton were responsible for bringing us there and staying with us. The hurricane came the next week, earlier than what we expected. Everyone had to take shelter in a refuge. Since it was so sudden, no parents could pick up their children in the hurricane. The refuge near the dumpster wasn’t just smelly and old; another school probably had the same problem so another class was already there. The kids huddled together under dirty blankets and stared at us. Our classes stayed in the opposite corner. It was dark so we couldn’t really do anything. My teacher asked if it was fine that we borrowed a few and the male teacher nods softly. The blankets had a musty smell but it was warm. For extra heat, we all slept together in our coats. We fell asleep while Ms Pearl and Ms Hamilton whispered. In the morning, when the sky was a faded light blue, my teachers shook us from our sleep silently, hushed us, and rushed us away. A few minutes later, our parents came and so did dozens of police cars. A kid asked Ms Hamilton what happened. In a shaky voice, she said, “The other teacher-he is actually a murderer.”

Out Sick by Chilled 2 the Bone

Sally Moreno was always the nicest girl in school. The sad thing was she was also the poorest. For years she begged kids for lunch money or even food scraps. In our Kinder years we were the best friends and that contiued till 5th grade. She then secluded herself from all her friends for what seemed like no reason at all. Until 7th grade when she started to hang out with Bobby Thomas. They spent every minute together. Till one day in role call First period role call . Ms.Hanes was going down the list ” Bobby Thomas “. He’s out sick ,called Sally. This was not unusual so we went on with the day. But the next day the same thing happened. And the day after , Bobby was missing . After that more kids turned up missing. The same thing reapeted itself many times. A kid would hang out with Sally a couple weeks then go missing . Then during our Sophmore year Sally started hanging with me and my bestie Rachel. One afternoon Sally just blurted out ” Hey wanna come to my house ” Ummm…….. Sure I guess. I was unsure why she just out of the blue invited us to come to her house. I just assummed she was being friendly. Ill pick you up later byesies ” . Later that night she came to my house and rang the doorbell to my suprise she had no car , not even a bike so i drove us in my BMW . She told us she lived in cabin . So we went to the woods and after hours of driving we came to a old cabin made of old rotten wood . Nice” I said . Rachel giggled . We went in and found old rotten furniture and a old fridge. “So” she said grabing a broken wooden plank. “Comfy aint it” . Before i could answer she hit me with the plank . I slowly drifted out of consciousness wondering why. Whe I awoke blood streamed down from my from my head and i felt a stinging in my forehead. I looked to see only a trail of blood leading out the door. i quickly got up to see more blood and almost everything broken. Rach must have put up quite a struggle . I looked in the other room to see Sally unconscious on the floor and Rach was what looked like dead. I ran to my BMW . As I was starting it Rachel called “dont leave me ” I turned around to see Rach and Sally coming up behind her “RACH BEHIND-” but I was to late she was knocked out again . As I drove away I saw Sally laugh crazily. The next day in First period the Teacher did Role call “Rachel Cross”. A wide evil grin spread on Sally’s face. She turned and winked at me ” Mr.L, Rachel is out sick.

(Chilled 2 the Bone says: Thank you to all that read this story hope that you enjoy if you could leave a comment it’d be great – P.S Im a girl. Also anyone feel free to revise or add more detail)

I’m Sorry by krystenhook11

One time there was a boy named Richard.He had very bad parents.Richard was seven.His mommy beat him until he couldn’t move,for his arms and legs were sore.He had just accidentally bumped into his mom.he said mommy I’m sorry.when he went to sleep he said I hate you mommy!then he saw a ghostly shadow.the shadow spoke and said I heard you say you hate your that true?Yes Richard you want her dead the shadow said.yes Richard said.very well said the shadow.wait until morning then go to your mommys the morning Richard woke up and went to his mommys room.what he saw terrified him.his mommys body parts and organs were strewn about the room.his mommys head was hung by fishing line on the ceiling.with it a note scrawled in the mommys blood said why do you hate me?

Tick Tick Tick by iwasdeadbeforeidied13

Tick, tick, tick. The sound used to comfort me. When I was younger I would listen to grandfather’s clock make that noise every night. It always put me to sleep. My dad died when I was small and when I was 12 mum was dying. Grandfather told me about when grandmother died. ‘She insisted on staying home so she could listen to the clock. She loved it as much as you do.’ I loved listening to grandfather’s stories but this one creped me out. That night when I lay listening to the Tick, tick, tick I pictured my dead grandmother, and my dying mother. My mum died not long after. At first my friends comforted me but eventually they faded away. I was left with only my grandfather for company. But the worse thing was everywhere I went I heard the ticking noise. I couldn’t ask grandfather to move the clock it would break his heart to know I don’t like it any more. Every tick reminded me I was getting closer and closer to the hour of my death. Everywhere I went I heard that blasted ticking. My grandfather noticed I was acting strangely. I kept falling asleep, I wasn’t eating properly, and I locked myself in my room. He probably just thought I was just grieving. He took me to a bereavement councillor but nothing they did could help. Probably because I was too ashamed to mention the ticking. Eventually I grew so sick of the ticking I decided to tell my grandfather about my problem. I looked all over the house for him. At first I thought he had gone out, but then I remembered he would have told me. Any way his car was still in the drive. The ticking noise just got louder and louder, until I finally snapped and ran back up stairs. I stormed up to the clock. And stopped. There in the case where the pendulum swings was my grandfather’s severed head. A note was pinned to the case. I grabbed it and began reading. The writing was curly and old fashioned. It simply read ‘You’re next. Love Grandmother.’ I rang the police and they said they’d be right over. It tried to leave but the doors were locked. So I hid in the cupboard under the stairs. I’m so scared. The ticking noise is still going but I can’t leave or do anything about it. I can hear footsteps coming closer. I’m just praying it’s the police.

Big purple Eyes by mizakikurusaki

Cassandra was the most prettiest girl in school, everyone wanted her to be their friends, while the boys wanted her to go out with them. There was one person that loved her the most, Bryant Baer was the nerdiest kid in school but he worshiped Cassandra. Each and every day he asks Cassandra out but gets rejected each time he tries. One day Cassandra gets fed up with Bryant’s request so she asked her brother to take care of him. At 8:30pm Bryant left the library and while he was walking Steve, Cassandra’s brother pushes him into the wall. “Whats going on!” Bryant screamed as he tried balancing himself. “Nothing much, just here to beat you up, Cassandra’s orders>” Steve punched Bryant hard in the stomach. Bryant fell to the ground and tried to breathe. Steve knelt down and pushed his face especially the eyes. “If I ever see you look at my sister again I swear I will kill you!” Steve screamed and punched harder. A few minutes later Steve stopped and told Bryant to get up. Bryant didnt move and his face was blue plus his eyes were big and purple. Steve was horrified for what he did and ran away.

A few months later Bryant was buried in his grave and Steve was sent to jail but a few days later died. He died of beating, with 2 large purple eyes. Cassandra graduated high school and went to college and tried to forget what happened. One night Cassandra was showering until she heard a chuckle. Cassandra looked around and screamed “Who ever is there better stop!” “I see you I see you not” a voice called. When Cassandra looked at her ceiling and saw Bryant’s gace with Big Purple eyes. Cassandra screamed until the lights went out. When the police found her body her body and face was beaten to death while her eyes were big and purple.

The Well by icannotbetrusted

A new family moved in a house it was and old house. they had a little girl about seven she found a well out side her mom and dad said stay way kim. kim did not lisen she fell in one day and drowend. her mom and dad where so sad they had to move out of the house e cause for the meromies of kim. they packed up and moved. a new family moved there they had a little girl too. Her name was Rita she waseight and shesoud the well too here mom and dad said stay awayfrom there Rita. o.k mommy o.k daddy. one day she went over to the well and the ghost of kim pulled her in Rita tryed to get away but she couldnet Rita pulled and kick up kim killed her the same way she died. now if you stand bye the well kim died in and say can i swim too 3x she will dragg you in.

Jess by Blood Rose

Ok sfk here is another story. I hope you have time to read it and I hope you consider publishing it. Constructive criticizim is strongly advised!!! Thanks

To Jess: I don’t have much time. It is after me. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but I know that It is here. It started around the time I started going out with you. I love you babe but I can’t do this anymore. Look this isn’t a suicide note. I’m just slowly dying. Slowly. I don’t know why or how but It is everywhere, I tell you. I see It in my dreams. I don’t want to die. I just want this all to end. I’ve been seeking the most help I could get. But I’ve figured out Its game. The closer It gets the closer I am to… To… Dying. It is at least 10 feet tall and very slender. It’s arms droop down to It’s shins and It’s legs are extremely long. It docent have eyes. Only cold black sockets to match its droopy, slimy, scaly black skin. And it’s head is like a human’s. But much more large and grotesque. And It’s lower jaw juts out to reveal several rows of sharp, long, glistening white teeth. I don’t know what on earth it is but I know one thing. It messes with things. It messes with minds so you don’t know It is even there. That’s how I found out. I was too cunning to even think that nothing was there. And that’s how this race against the clock began. Now I see it everywhere. I can feel it watch me as I write this. I know it will mess my letter up to whoever reads this. I shut myself out of the world. And just recently have gone to see you. You make me feel better any day, I tell you. You patted my hand and hugged me close saying how you missed the old me and how I changed. I apologized and tried to explain profusely. You were concerned but shook your head with a sigh. You told me there was nothing you could do to help me. Jessica, you told me you couldn’t live like this and see me insane. And you closed the door to your house and I drove away. Now I sit down writing this and I can feel It pulsing at my brain. Saying something. Over and over again. “I shall kill you. Kill you tonight. You will have no choice. No choice but to fall. No one will know. No one. No one.” I finally understand. He’s going to…[Gibberish]

The rest of the letter was scrawled out in gibberish writing. The police found his body the next day inside an old warehouse that had closed down for the weekend. His brains had been blown out and a gun was lying next to him. The police and I drove to the scene and I had to leave after a few minutes, due to utter hysterics. It was an obvious case of suicide. And we checked the security cameras to be sure. He was alone. He had killed himself. But his note to me. It made no sense at all. If he was talking about this It killing him then why did the cameras show suicide? Was it the line about how it messes with minds? Is that true? Could it have killed him then made it to look like suicide? Well nobody noticed anyway as I drive home and stepped out of my clothes and into my beautiful black skin. My face transforming into an eyeless void of black with only my white teeth showing. What’s that you say? Oh well what do you believe? Was ‘It’ a figment of his imagination? Or is It real? Why don’t we find out together shall we?

Machete by Livingtodielaughingtocry

In a certain town, there lived a family consisting father,mother and their children, Adam and Gabriel .Their town was near a hill that had a haunted house on top of it . In that town there were rumors that a terrifying murderer lived in that house once. He had a legend of killing one hundred men.He got caught one day and was burned to death. His dead soul attracted many demons.So that meant the house was haunted for good.If people walked near that hill at nighttime , the next day they could not be found.Adam and Gabriel were curious of this mystery . Their parents always told them to never walk past the hill a t nighttime. But the kids decided to try things out.The kids escaped their home at midnight,equipping themeselves with a machete and went straight to the haunted house.When the brave duo reached half the way to the haunted house,Adam suddenly lost his eyesight.He began to get freaked out.After a while , his vision returned, but he terrified at what he saw.Where his brother was supposed to stand, stood a seven feet tall fearsome stature ,with a long , shiney knife.Adam froze to the spot, without thinking twice, he choped the hedious statures’s head off. After a few seconds , he saw his brother’s head chopped off.Only then Adam understood that the so called murderer’s dead spirit had confused him and he killed his own brother.Being horrified , Adam started running for his life.He somehow managed to escape from the spirit , but he did not have the guts to return home.He spent the entire night mourning for his brother in the hillside forest.When the night was about to be over, Adam heard a voice calling out his name.The voice began to speak.”WHY DID YOU KILL ME? I WAS INNOCENT. NOW I SHALL TAKE YOU WITH ME”.These were the last words Adam heard before his head was chopped off with a machete.

The Vampire Sorority by Draculaura

Kelly was so exited, it was her first day of college. Kelly made her way to the dorms then a girl with pale skin and lots of beauty walked up to Kelly. “I’m Sara what’s your name?” “Kelly…” Kelly replied. “I’ll call you Kel. Hmm… our sorority could use someone like you. You could come with me to the sorority. ” said Sara. “Sure okay.” Replied Kelly feeling insecure. When they made it to the sorority there were lots of pale slender girls, some with tans you couldn’t tell were fake. Kelly noticed one suspicious detail about the building, there was Sunscreen everywhere! *oh its the middle of summer its so they don’t get sunburned. * Kelly thought uneasily. “Hi what’s your name?” Said a blond girl with brown eyes that were almost red. “K…k…Kelly” she managed to sputter out. “I’m Leah.” Sara walked behind Leah “Sara I’m going to call my dad to tell him college is going great! ” Sara flashed a thumbs up. Kelly walked up the stairs into her room. Her dad picked up the phone “Honey did you join any sororities? ” her dad asked in haste. “Yes dad W-” “What’s your sorority called?” “Eros……” “Get out of there NOW!!!!!!! THE GIRLS IN THERE ARE CANNIBALS IT WAS ON THE NEWS!!!!!” her dad yelled. “Ok daddy I will.” Kelly said. She ran outside, but then a truck drove by and everybody heard two gunshots. The girls in the sorority ram outside and dragged Kelly’s lifeless body inside. What? Did you really think they we’re vampires? get real! Lol

A Teacher’s Tale by NinjaRobot

There was once an old maths teacher who lived in a small town. The town was surrounded by large mountains and thick forests. There was only one single school in the entire area. The teacher had the reputation of being extremely strict with his students. One day, he stayed a little late at school due to pending work. All the students and other teachers had left and he was all alone. Time flew, and he realized it had suddenly got very dark outside. He hurried out on his way back home. Like everyday ,he had to walk through a thick jungle to reach home. He was only half way home when he had a feeling that he was being followed. He stopped on his tracks and turned around. he saw a small boy crying . He couldn’t see well in the dark so he took out his torch and went to the boy. He recognized the boys School uniform.

“Why haven’t you gone home as yet” said the teacher “This is no time for young boys to roam around” he said again, in his stern, grumpy voice.

He flashed the torch at the boys face. And the moment he did that he knew something was terribly wrong. The boy had no ears, or eyes, or mouth , he had no features at all . The teacher ran back all the way to the school. He wouldn’t stop till he reached the large , wooden gate of the school. A watchman came running out of the school .

“what happened sir, it’s almost as if you’ve seen a ghost ” the watchman said.

The teacher laughed at himself for being so stupid, he mumbled something about working too hard. ” Do you know of any child with no face” the teacher asked the watchman.

“You mean like this?” said the watchman, as he shone the light of the torch to his face. The teachers heart skipped a beat and the last thing he ever saw was that the watchman had no face.

(NinjaRobot says: I heard this story from a friend and she swears it’s true. I’ve changed it a little bit.)

Drip Drop by Candy

When Claire moved into her new house, she never got goodnight sleep. As, soon as the lights burned out around her bedroom Claire would hear ‘drip drop’, when she mentioned it to her mum. Claire’s mother moved into Claire’s room. Nothing was to be heard and as soon as she was alone ‘drip drop’. Sleepovers passed peacefully then ‘drip drop’ was heard. It was that one day; Claire discovered a trap door under the carpet as she lifted it up. It was a clear night. Walking down the broken ladder Claire reached for a candle. Holding it out in front of her, Claire was paralyzed. Blood smeared across the walls, dead bodies hanging from the racks- drying off. Claire was the next victim a cold hand pushed her across the basement as Claire took her last breath, the trap door vanished from the face of the Earth. Everyone left puzzled! Claire had gone, never to be seen again, so listen children don’t pick that room, hear ‘drip drop’ understand you are the next victim… ‘Drip drop’ ‘drip drop’ ‘drip drop’

The Clown Statue by killerman718

There was parents who were going to a job dinner and hired a babysitter for their 3 kids because they were going to arrive late. They said: you can watch the tv in our bedroom and if you are hungry there is food in the refrigerator. So she started watching tv and she saw a creepy clown statue. The statue was creeping her out so she called the parents. She said: Hi, the kid are sleeping and all but can I move the clown statue to another room? -What? -The clown statue in your room. -Take the kids and get out of the house right now! -Why? – We don’t have a clown statue! She climbed upstairs and went in the kids room but she looked in front of the door. She was closed and there was blood. Before she called that door was open! She opened the door and saw the kids gutted! She ran at the front door and the telephone started ringing. She said: Hello?!! She heared a creepy voice saying: You’re next. She started crying. She said: Where are you? The voice said: watch behind you. She looked behind her and the last thing she saw before she died was a creepy clown with a knife. Hope you liked it. =)

The Severed Hand by rakshasa

Last time , i asked sfk about posting indian legends . But now i am posting a populor creepy urban legend from india. I heard this story from my elder sister. It creeped me too much. In the indian city of nagpur, there is a prestigious medical college. Many students work hard to get admission in it. A girl named madhuri was lucky enough to get in the institute. When the first year commenced , she chose to live in hostel. But she was a misfit. As days passed her behaviour began to irritate the other inmates of the hostel. She often behave rudely to other students without reason . She also had deep fear for spiders , lizards, cockroach and other stuff. A group of girls who wanted to get rid of her found out this fact when they saw her shivering with fear in the class . She was fearing a wall lizard ten feet away from her!! They hatched a plan to teach her a lesson at night. They stole a severed hand from the college morgue and placed it under her pillow at night when she was not in her room. When she entered her room, they locked it from outside. madhuri heard the door locking and tried to open it in vain. She could hear the laughter of the other girls. She called them, requested them to open the door. she threatened them of telling this thing to the warden too. But instead hearing to her, the girls began to tease her. Tired , madhuri went to sleep on her bed. While adjusting the bed, to her horror, she saw a bloody hand under her pillow.she screamed and the girls listening to her burst into laughter. madhuri screamed for nearly three hours but nobody opened the door. Then, the screams ceased .The girls also went to sleep telling each other to open the door. At seven a.m. All the girls gathered to the door .they soon realised that no one has opened the door all night. They started blaming each other and then some girls opened the door. When they entered the room , they found it empty. There wasn’t any trace of madhuri. The girls began searching for her . Suddenly one girl looked upward and shivering with fear pointed other girls towards the top of the cupboard. On the top of the cupboard was sitting madhuri and she was eating the bloody hand ! and was completely driven insane!!! Madhuri died after spending six months in mental asylum. The girls were detained immediately by the college.

The Doll by bloodandrosesforever

Jessica had a doll. A doll with blue eyes. Icy blue eyes. It scared Jessica but she wasn’t allowed to get rid of her deceased mothers doll. Her mother died under mysterious circumstances. She had no signs of murder whatsoever. The dolls name was Evangeline. She wore a posh Victorian dress with shiny black shoes and knee-high socks. She had her hair hidden under a wide-brimmed hat with a blue bow tied in a ribbon. One day Jessica was home alone with Evangeline. She thought she heard voices.

”Jessica, Jessica, come out to play… Jessica Jessica, follow me… Jessica, Jessica, I know a good hiding place, where no-one will find you… Jessica, Jessica, come out to play”

“It’s driving me insane,” said Jessica. “Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong? W-who are y-you?”

”I won’t say, come out to play”

”P-play what?”

”Hide and seek”


”Outside, Jessica, Jessica, come play with me!”

”O-ok I’ll go outside and play, even though its getting dark.”

Jessica worriedly ventured outside. ”W-where a-are y-you?” she asked.

”Go to the bush”

She felt her way to the bush in the cover of darkness. She found a mysterious entrance to the bush. She crawled inside the thick plant.

”Jessica, Jessica, make a wish and look up”

Jessica made a wish. She wished she could be with her mom again. She looked up and screamed. Evangeline had a knife and was sitting on a branch.

”Wish granted!”

Evangeline said with a menacing laugh. She threw the knife at Jessica’s heart. She died instantly with a sickening knife in her chest. There was blood everywhere. Evangeline managed to clean up all of the blood and make Jessica look like she wasn’t murdered, just like she did to Jessica’s mom. She walked to Jessica’s bedroom. Later her dad came home and couldn’t find her in the house. He searched everywhere but couldn’t find her. He gave up on his search. Not long after Jessica’s death her dad Horace was wandering around the garden. He heard a voice.

”Horace, Horace, climb up the tree and you’ll see your wife and daughter”

Horace did it immediately without thinking. He couldn’t see his family. Before he knew it, a rope was around his neck and he was pushed of the tree. Evangeline cackled evilly. She cleaned up the rope and made the death look like suicide. Over the years Evangeline had more owners. She was adored then feared. Children begged their parents to sell the doll and claimed to hear a voice calling their names twice, and telling them to come outside.

(bloodandrosesforever says: This is one of my first stories so sorry if it’s not that good.)

scary for kids


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