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Mysterious Murderer

Mysterious Murderer

Mysterious Murderer is a scary story written by a user named CuteKittenz. This story is still unfinished.

Mysterious Murderer

I know what happened. I saw it with my own eyes, but nobody will believe me. They all think I’m mad. I don’t belong in an asylum. I’m not crazy. He’s out there and he’s after me. He makes me feel guilty and changes how people think of me. Every time it happened so fast, but I remember everything like it was yesterday. It is playing over and over againin my mind. You see, he got close to me four times. He didn’t just strike randomly. He was cold and calculating. He sliced up each of my boyfriends, one by one, from my first to my possibly last one. If you want to listen to my sad and unforgivable tale, sit tight. After hearing this, you’ll want to place security cameras outside your house. Here it goes.

Mysterious Murderer 1 – The First Encounters

One hot Summer’s day when I was 10 years old, I decided to set up an e-mail account for myself. I was kind of a stupid 10-year old and I called myself bubblestarbaby666. I thought the name was awesome and every day I checked my e-mail, thinking I’d be famous, but there was nothing, until one day, I saw a little comment from an E-Mail so long you could barely remember three words of it. It simply read “We belong together forever” , I thought somebody was just sending random comments to any E-Mail they thought of, so I just replied “People like you need help” and for a while I never got any replies.

A while later, when I was 14, I got my first boyfriend, his name was Darren, and he sent me loads of love letters and roses. Time went by quickly, and it came to the end of term, so a girl called Jassy in my highschool was hosting an end of term house party. Most of the school was going, and she had a really big house because her parents were the president’s co-workers, and some people were picked to sleep over, one of them was me.

Everybody arrived at the house party, and the music started blaring in everybody’s ears as some drunk jocks in American soccer helmets and pads came hurdling through the door. It had only been a few minutes, and everybody was off their heads in alcohol, except me. I saw Darren coming down the stairs (he was also very drunk) and he bashed right into me, all these drunk people were starting to annoy me so I went into her backyard and sat at the poolside. I decided to check my E-Mail, the one I created when I was 10, and I was astonished to find that I had 5 unopened e-mails, all from the same person. Someone who called themselves “ryturh7yr7fh347rhdf75yrudh73ug436″. This is what they looked like:

Sent at: 6:45pm on 9th May 2003: My darling, I have not heard from you lately, are you ok?
Sent at: 3:09am on 12th August 2004: I know you’re there, stop ignoring me, its me, we love each other, and I know you miss me.
Sent at: 8:26pm on 25th December 2004: Christmas is cold without you, I miss you opening presents and smiling with that beautiful face, I can’t wait to see that beautiful face again
Sent at: 1:25am on 19th January 2005: Happy 14th, I will never forget your birthdays, check back at home, mommy’s got the present I sent you.
Sent at: 3:33 on 6th June 2005: Found you! You’re 760-730-2148 aren’t you?

Those were the emails I found. The last one sent a chill down my spine, though. The sixth was the day before the day of the term party. I presumed that whoever this “anonymous” person was, they knew me and were sure to phone me any minute. I had a little Blackberry, and the second I scrolled of my email screen, there was a call from 760-931-6722. The same area code as me. I wasn’t thinking at the time, I screamed and dropped my phone in the pool. My best friend Sally came and comforted me, and we went back inside to call the police. They arrived quickly and I told the officer that somebody was stalking me on my E-Mail and phone.

“Ok, we’ll go and investigate,” he said. “Can you please give us your phone, we will need to seek evidence before making it official.”

“Well, erm” I stuttered, fiddling with my hands in my pockets, “I threw my phone in the pool”.

“Really?” he looked amazed, as if nobody would ever do that, “Is the phone still there?” he asked me again.

“I think so” I said, still in shock over the fact I had a stalker.

When I went over to see if there was my phone there, there was nothing but a clear blue pool, “I, but, its was there!!!” I protested, gobsmacked that somebody had stolen my phone.

“Are you sure you brought it?” Sally asked, searching in the pool.

“Yes!!! I saw it with my own two eyes, I got a call from somebody with the same area code, I think its a man,” I told them, really paranoid at that moment.

“Well, what do you expect us to do, Carly?” asked the officer. “There is no evidence, so we can’t investigate.”

“How does he know my name?” I asked, shocked.

“I know your name because its written on your handbag,” he replied.

Sally calmed me down and went to tell Jassy what happened.

“So what happened?” she asked, completely confused.

“Basically, somebody called Carly on her phone and she thinks its a stalker” Sally informed Jassy.

“Oh” Jassy realized “Well you’re still staying over, aren’t you?” she asked, “Yeah, will anybody be staying in the room with me?” I wondered, “Erm, no boys, except my bf is staying in my room, what about Gemma? The new girl in the school” she thought. I didn’t mind who would stay with me in one of the many guestrooms, as long as I had some company after what happened, “Sure” I agreed, and we went to sit down and chat about school.

Just when I was about to take a sip of bunch, I heard a petrified scream. That’s what freaked me out the most, it was Darren’s scream, and I started crying, even though I didn’t know what was happening. That’s where it happened so fast, his severed torso came crashing down the stairs, and landed at my feet. I let out the loudest scream anybody had ever heard… “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!”

I screamed and screamed and cried and cried out of shock, everybody was chanting 911 as they dialled over and over and over again. Everybody was freaked out as a knife came flying through the window, but it luckily everyone dodged it and it just stuck in the wall. We all took shelter under tables and pillows and sofas except Gemma, she went over to the window and told everybody to join her. One by one we all went over and somebody had lined spiky barb wire up on the windows and doors, you could hear slight buzzing from the electricity in the barb wire. We were trapped, everybody screamed and starting throwing cups and glasses of alcohol at each other, blaming everyone for the terrible night. Jassy was crying, and lots of the cheerleading crew was comforting her. I went upstairs, and found that those windows hadn’t been lined with the wire, this window lead straight out to the pool, so I called everybody who had calmed down upstairs. Just before I jumped out, I noticed a knife under the bed. Gulping, I shook off the feeling somebody was still there and jumped into the water with a splash.

I climbed out of the water and called up to everybody. A jock threw down a kitchen knife to cut the barb wire and everybody jumped out, half drowning their heads with water. I clutched the kitchen knife and sliced through the barb wire. Cheap crap it was. The door burst open and everybody hurdled outside, running to and fro back to their houses. I went upstairs with Gemma and we collected our stuff out of the guest bedroom where I had jumped from. I looked under the bed, and the knife wasn’t there. I promised myself I would never stay at Jassy’s again, and ran home.

Mysterious Murderer 2 – Double Trouble

After the first incident, the funeral came pretty quickly. Darren looked terrible, they had stitched the three separate parts of his body back together, and he looked like Frankenstein. I used at least five boxes of tissues to get over what happened, and his family used about 25. He was a truly loved man, and he didn’t deserve to die, whoever did it was evil, and I hoped they died a slow and painful death. I never wished so much hate to anyone, and never so much sorrow to any boyfriend.

He passed by quickly, but I never forgot him, and soon would the term start again, so I decided to go and visit my mom. I lived with my dad, because my mom and dad had divorced, and they both married other people, so I thought I’d pay her a visit before term started. I arrived quickly in my little Porsche and she greeted me at the doorstep.

“Hey Honey, what’s up at school?” she asked me, tossing her long blonde hair in my face.

“Its the end of term mom, but lately… ” I paused and broke down in tears.

“Oh honey, what’s wrong?” she calmly asked me, hugging me and stroking my hair.

“Somebody murdered my boyfriend, his torso rolled down to my feet at Jassy’s” I cried, nearly dropping down to my knees in tears.

“Darren? Oh, I heard about him in the news lately, evil people live in this world kid, but I feel so sorry for you, he was really nice when I met him” she reassured me. “Come in, Brad’s just eating a Beef Jerkey sandwich”

Brad was her new husband, and he was really nice, but a little OTT nice, he bought me the car, and is paying half for my scholarship to go to college, I really like him, but I think he needed to spend more on himself back then.

“Hey kiddo!” he welcomed me, shaking my hand “How’s school?”,

“End of Term” I said, and sat down. I wouldn’t tell them I had a stalker, they would freak and probably hire the police, let alone call them.

“Hey honey, you got a present late for last Christmas” my mom remembered.

“Oh damn” I thought, “That’s what my stalker has sent me”. Slowly, my mom passed it to me, “Do I have to open it?” I yawned, pretending to not want to,

“Well honey, somebody’s bought it for you, just try to be grateful” she yakked on.

“Fine” I sighed, slowly unwrapping the badly wrapped gift, when I opened it, my eyes grew wide and I screamed inside my mind. It was a GPS tracker, the ones that people can search down and if you were to clip it on your trousers for example, and walk from New York to London, they’d see your every step, but, of course you can’t walk across the sea, which is why it’s an example. It also came with a little note, a printed one, printed with bad ink, so you could only vaguely make it out, it said:

To: My little obsession (bubblestarbaby666) From: Your everlasting love (ryturh7yr7fh347rhdf75yrudh73ug436)
Now that I’ve found you, I’ll never let you go. Say you’ve missed me. Now that Darren is out of the picture, nothing can stop us being TOGETHER FOREVER!

I thought about it for a second, but no way would I tell my mom, she would think it was cute or something. “I’ll see you after time, bye” I quickly announced, then sped off with my coat and car keys to my sporty carry – around. “We’ll send the money at the end of the next term” mom echoed as I stomped on the GPS tracker and sped off. “Okay, love you guys, will explain!” I shouted back to them. “Bye” her voice droned off.

When I got back to school, I noticed I had a new love letter in my locker. At first I thought it was the secret admirer who was stalking me, but from a little eye contact, I realised it was Bob, one of the cutest jocks in the school. I felt bad to Darren, but I also thought that me and Bob would be a good match. Bob didn’t like his name, as he was bullied by some idiots for it, but he was very popular in the school. On the first day of school, they had a welcoming prom for the newbies which everybody could attend, so I flipped a little patch in the letter where it said ‘ WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME? – YTL ‘ . YTL meant Your True Love, so I looked at Bob and nodded. He let out a dazzling smile and then came to hug me. That first day my dad had given me an i-Phone for my last term before college, and I just tapped in my E-Mail as I got a blaring message on my new phone. It said:


Sent at: 2:22am on 10th June 2005: Happy Term Start!!!You’ll be seeing a lot more of me
Sent at: 5:15am on 10th June 2005: This is gonna be one hell of a term! Watch out! Watch out! There’s a murderer about!
Sent at: 13:41pm on 10th June 2005: So many recent emails! Kiss your 3r87ty.b748943y57y.o38w74rur.b goodbye!!!

I was totally freaked out, I didn’t know what the last part meant, but I’m sure it meant murder. I would do something, but they’d think me mad, how could I stop it? I just had to try and find it before someone else did, how to at least TRY and stop it. Maybe I couldn’t stop it, but I’d still die trying, and die I probably would.

The prom music echoed through the building as people arrived in limos and cars, pushing to get a first place inside the hall. All the new kids on the block were dressed in green spotty dresses and sandals, looking ridiculous. Bob came in an awesome black suit and bow tie, and he told me I looked good too. I wore a blue sleeveless dress and silver heels, I guess Bob was right. The music started to turn into slow dancing and Bob told me he needed to go to the toilet a second. I accepted, and he sped off down to the school cubicle to do his business. I waited for ages, until there was only a few people left, that time, it happened so fast, Bob’s arm came down the stairs, and somebody had already called some normal looking paramedics to take it, they took Bob out of the back of the school and his arm into the front car, which I wasn’t sure if it was an ambulance or not.

Mysterious Murderer 3 – Third Time Unlucky

In 2006, when it was my 15th birthday I got a new phone. I had moved school ever since the last two incidents, moved to a new town and got a new number. Actually, my parents were so concerned about me that all three of the adults in my life moved to London with me, where I was totally new and just the new girl in California. On my first day of school, I got a phone call from an anonymous number. I remembered that I hadn’t added my pen pal from home called Carrie, and so I thought that it was her.

“Hello?” I said into the phone. All I could hear was coughing and screaming.

“Who is that?!” And will you please stop screaming?!” I shouted. I heard heavy breathing and then a pause before a deep and eerie voice said, “No!”

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” I cried and hung up.

Making friends was pretty easy at my new school, they stuck to me like glue, and asked me what it was like in America, some other girls who were like the stupid cheerleaders in my old school said that I had a really cute voice, which I took as a compliment, until they said “It sounds like the nerds have stuck a rock down your throat!” and walked away. Later that day I got a phone call in class, which was actually from one of my friends from home, but it resulted in my phone being confiscated until the end of the day, four hours away. Lunch break came, and the clingy friends that I had made came over and asked me to play with them. I refused and went upstairs into the classroom to try and find my phone. As I opened the door, I screamed in horror, one of the canteen ladies was strewn across the floor, decapitated and her arm had been chopped off and missing. I cried until I gagged and ran to the teachers phone booth to call classes around the building. “911″ I repeated to myself, remembering the American number. “You are calling from the wrong country, try again” A recording said to me. I smacked my own head and called 999 , “999, what’s your emergency?!” A voice said on the end of the line. “Hello, Peter Grove Secondary School here, there is a dead member of staff upstairs in my classroom, please come immediately” I was overwhelmed with shock, was my murderous secret admirer in LONDON, all the way here to get me?! No word of fear could explain how terrified I was. I sat on the porch for the wait, tears streaming down my eyes and all the clingy people patting my bat and sitting next to me, it really didn’t help but I could barely even speak at that moment.

The police arrived and went upstairs, then came the paramedics and shocked staff members. They carried her lifeless corpse out of the building and it was only until the next day that they announced she was dead.


Sent at: 3:35pm on 13th April 2006: One two three, more! If you didn’t want to be upset, you shouldn’t have opened the door

Sent at: 4:01am on 14th April 2006: Don’t mind her, she was interfering with my calls baby

I was truly scared, he was here, he’d flown over or got someone else to go here and kill everybody I knew. He killed everyone who even slightly crossed his turf, or interfered with my life, like my lovers. I decided to stay as it may of just been a coincidence, but it made no difference to what he was going to do next. The last two events were the worst, and those stuck to me like glue.

Keep on reading if you dare…

(CuteKittenz says: I Will continue :P, please post my Story Scary For Kids, all the parts of it, all these bits I’ve written, these parts about my story Mysterious Murderer, I would never feel more happy if it was posted, Thankyou :)

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