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A Little Scare by ursh.stifler

Ashley was on her way home from a party one night when she suddenly got that feeling that someone or something was behind her. She turned around, but there was nobody there. She kept looking behind her every 2 minutes and when she got to her house, she just ran inside and locked the door. Something was weird. She didn’t see a car in the driveway and there weren’t any shoes from her parents in the hallway, but there was still a light in the living room.

“What the hell? Mom never leaves the lights on,” she thought to herself and went up to her room. She got undressed, went to take a shower and got into her pajamas. She looked in the bathroom mirrorand saw her reflection. Today it was diffrent… She went to her bedroom, turned on the TV and her laptop so she can go on facebook. She was chatting with friends and her boyfriend called her.

Jake:”Hey what are you doing?”
Ashley:”Oh nothing,just watching tv and being bored…Where are you?”
Jake:”We are at the pub,ill be home at midnight,ok?”
Ashley:”…Why so late?Cant you go home now?”
Jake:”No,the guys wanna drink something and guess whos gonna drive them home”
Ashley:”Okay then..Call me at midnight! I love you!”
Jake:”Ok baby,I love you too!”

Ashley hung up the phone and continued watching TV. She felt weird, as if someone was watching her… But there couldn’t have been anyone in the house… could there?

The doorbell rang. It was her brother Greg. She opened the door and was glad to see him because it was getting pretty weird being all alone. Her brother gave her a bag of chips and said that she has to just hold it for 1 sec. She smiled but her smile froze when she saw something horrible… The living room lights were off. She said: “Greg, I’m a little scared. Could you go see if someone is in the livingroom?” He replied that she was just being paranoid and they went upstairs… Hours passed by and Ashley recieved a call. It was Jake!

“Hey babe are you home yet?”
“Yeah,the guys were pretty messed up”
“Hey,a weird guy asked me if I know you..”
“Do I know him?”
“Well, i dont know,he smelled of alcohol..Did you lock the door?”
“Yeah I did… Whats wrong?”
“Nothing, just trying to be sure that you cant escape…”
“What are you talking about, silly?”
“Well, look in the closet..”
“You’re scaring me..”
“OKAY OKAY…” She looked and there was a cute little teddy bear with a ribbon tied around its neck.

“Ohh baby, you gave me quite a scare!” she said, breathing a sigh of relief.

But when she turned around again, she saw a scary old man standing in the doorway with a butcher knife.

“How about I give you another scare?” he growled.

An Old Friend Knows Best by Diamondgamer

There was a boy named Bobby Moore who was extremely content with his life. He had good friends, nice parents and always got excellent grades in school. He was 14 years old when he found out that he was in love with a girl. Her name was Lena Bay. She was a typical hottie with a nice body, long brown hair often tied in a ponytail and a personality that anyone would fall for. He confessed his love to her and she said she liked him too. Then they started dating. But what Bobby didn’t realize was that he was growing apart from his friends.

One day, he tried to talk to them, but they ignored him and told him to go back to his little girlfriend. He was confused and didn’t understand why they were acting so ignorant to him. Rumors had been spread that Lena had been cheating on him. She denied it,of course, and he refused to listen. Once again, he tried talking to his friends, but they accused him of coming to them only when he needed them and they stopped talking to him or replying to his messages.

Bobby was discouraged and didn’t know what to do.He tried talking to his parents,but they shrugged and weren’t much of a help. While he was in his room, thinking of a way to get his friends back, he heard a voice say: “An old friend knows the best”. He thought it was just his imagination, but it repeated the next day and the day after that and the day after that. He was freaked out,but decided to follow the “advice” he got.He called one of his old friends,Louise Middlethorn,that he hadn’t seen in ages.They met up and started talking about their life.
-That’s sad.-Louise said after hearing the story.-You know,I knew Lenny once.She just doesn’t seem like the type of person that would cheat on someone.
Since he trusted and loved his friend dearly,he believed her and decided to call Lenny and talk to her.When he got out the phone,he heard Louise saying:
-Don’t even try,you’ll end up dissapointed.
Bobby was puzzled.They talked a little more,then they had to go home.He couldn’t stop wondering why she said these words.Maybe she’s jealous?He called her right after thinking of this.
-Just don’t try,do you hear me?-She said angrily and slammed down the phone.
“She’s jealous”He thought,and phoned Lenny.
-Let’s meet up and talk about it,okay?-she said on the phone.
Bobby was happy.”Why did I even listen to Louise?She was jealous all along.Why wouldn’t she tell me if she liked me?She’s just the same,like my former friends.”he thought.
He went to the place where they were supposed to meet up.He looked around,and saw her coming with a big axe in her head.
-No one makes me look like a bitch!-she said with a sinister smile on her face, and chopped off his body to pieces. Then she disappeared. Just that moment, a text message arrived on his phone. It was from Louise.

It said: “I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear enough. Please read this! Lenny is possessed by a demon and is very vengeful. Don’t stay alone with her anywhere, please, you hear me?”

But he couldn’t see it because he was dead.

The Ghost Girl by Alfaramz3

It was a stormy night and this girl lived in an apartment with her brother. She was about 9 years old at the time and he was 13. Her brother kept telling her to go take a shower but she wouldn’t listen because she was scared that the lights would turn off while she was in the shower. After a while of yelling, the brother and sister just calmly played a game. Then they heard thuds in their mom’s room. They opened the door and the thuds grew louder.
The thuds were coming from the closet.

In the closet the attack was supposed to be attached inside: the brother slowly opened the door. Nothing. Nothing was there. “We must be just imagining things,” he said and he went to go for a shower. He told his sister that she could play alone for a while.

As she played she heard the thuds again and the storm grew into thunder and lighting. The lights started to flicker. She yelled at her brother to hurry up because she was scared. He didn’t respond. The mirror in the room suddenly smashed down to the ground because the storm shook the apartment. The girl stepped to the nearest corner of the room. All of a sudden, the closet doors slammed closed and all of the lights went out except for the bathroom and her mom’s bedroom. Her brother didn’t notice since he was in the shower and the lights were on in there. Then came more thudding. She was so scared…

Then all the doors slammed open again and right in front of her, was a pale figure. It was the ghost of a girl. Her face was horrible and there were no eyes, just hollow sockets. She was wearing a long white dress that was dripping wet and streaked with blood. The ghost girl came closer and closer until the little girl screamed and climbed the ladder to her bed. She hid under her covers and the last thing she saw was the ghost staring right into her face before she fainted.

She woke up to find no brother and no mother. To this day, no one believes her and ever since then she’s had physic powers. When the girl turned 14, she moved in with her aunt. Her aunt’s house was supposedly haunted as well. The 14-year old girl knows the ghost girl is her friend. The ghost girl fell down a well on her wedding day. It was back in the days when you married young. The ghost girl watched the girl for years and wanted to make sure that when she turned 15 she would die, just like her. That’s why the girl had to stop her physic powers because if she didn’t have the power to see the future or see ghost… She would be safe.

The girl who was 14 almost died. From a mental clown ghost with knives. To a headless man with an axe. She saw a little boy in a car call for help everyday in the car across the street. She even went to south America and three girls came to her for help. She said enough was enough. The girl knew that her house was haunted. Her room was haunted. There was this old lady who sold the house to her haunt and then died. That lady watches the girl too. The ghost girl and the old lady both watches the girl. The other ghost were sent to kill her…

Did it work? No… Everyday the girl looked online fr information on how to get the psychic powers to go away. And every day… it just got worse. Every night, the girl was plagued by nightmares that consisted of all her family dying in horrible ways or her falling off a cliff. She woke up every day at 3 o’clock in the morning, only to find her closet open and her covers on the ground and she barely could breath. She couldn’t take it. She knew what the answer was. The only way she could live a “normal” life again was to let the ghost girl take her body or kill herself…

She did both. Everybody thinks she’s normal… Her soul belongs to the world now…

I know it might not be that scary. But the point is when the girl’s body dies her should and the ghost girls soul are both going to haunt people and then two people will be taken over… then four… then eight and so on… This is actually a true story and it all took place in St.Lois.

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