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Candy Girl

Candy Girl

Candy Girl is a scary story submitted by a user called scary lady. It’s about a teenager who comes across a weird little girl.

Candy Girl

Candy Girl

Candy was a normal teenage girl. She was listening to music and trying on clothes. She put on her favorite sundress and went outside to take pictures.

“You look pretty in that dress,” said a small voice.

Candy whirled around, surprised. There was a little girl with black hair sitting at the edge of the driveway. Candy smiled.

“Oh, well thank you!” Candy laughed.

“I have to go home,” said the little girl as she turned to leave.

When the girl was within a good distance, Candy turned around.

“Well, that was weird,” Candy said.

She continued taking pictures and singing.

That night, Candy woke up as her bedroom door closed. She turned on the light and looked around. She didn’t see anything out of place. Candy was soon asleep again.

The next day, Candy realized her dress was missing. “My mom must’ve washed it,” Candy said to herself. Candy went outside to take more pictures on her phone. The little girl was in the drive way again. Candy walked over to the little girl and said hello.

“Hi.That’s a pretty necklace,” said the little girl as the grabbed it to look at it. “I have to go home,” with that, the little girl left.

Candy didn’t realize the necklace was missing until the next day.

Candy knew something was wrong. She went outside and the little girl was still there.

“Have you been taking my things?” Candy asked the little girl.

“Yes, I’m very sorry. Everything was just so pretty and I wanted it,” the little girl started crying.

Candy felt bad for making the girl cry. She picked her up and sat her down on her lap.

“It’s ok. It’s ok. But, it’s not nice to take things,” Candy said, trying to calm the little girl down.

“I’m sorry,” the little girl said between sobs.

Candy put her down and sent her on her way.

The next day at school, Candy’s boyfriend broke up with her. Candy started crying and continued crying all day. When she got home, she sat down outside and cried. She just wanted to die. The little girl showed up in the driveway again.

”What’s wrong?” asked the little girl.

Candy stopped crying enough to say,”My boyfriend just broke up with me,”

The little girl was confused by this. Candy explained it.

“The boy I like doesn’t like me anymore. He thinks I’m ugly. I just want to die,” cried Candy.

“Oh. Well, I still think your pretty,” said the little girl, trying to brighten the mood. The little girl soon left.

That night, Candy went to sleep crying. She woke up in the middle of the night. The little girl was walking toward her. Candy started screaming.

Candy’s mother called the cops. The police found Candy’s mangled body underneath the blankets in her room. She had been skinned, scalped, and her eyes had been plucked out of her head. There was a note sprawled in messy writing across the wall.

It read: “You got your wish.”

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  • I don’t need that girl to grant any wishes for me I got Cosmo and Wanda they do all my wish granting lol I know how stupid this sounds but had to do it

  • The little girl made her wish really came true, its scary! By the way, Who’s the main character? What happened to candy’s boyfriend?

  • I see what you did, scary lady! every thing the little girl thought was pretty that was candy’s, she took. so when she said candy was pretty, she TOOK CANDY!!

  • I love these stories about scary kids. But has anyone notice that most of them are about girls? I hardly know any about scary little boys!

  • lol well my originsl idea was tht the girl had a problem wit stealing anything she liked she thought candy was pretty and candy wanted to die so the girl goes and takes her skin eyes and hair so she could have it and candy wud die but they changed the ending up soo yaa lol it used to say “It’s a win-win” lol kinda stupid but tht was my original idea

  • by the way princess of demons she wasn’t evil the girl was nice but remember she said she wanted to die? Well she was a little girl and she didn’t understand that it was just an expression so she killed her so she would be happy, get it?

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