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Midnight Beast

Midnight Beast

The Midnight Beast is a story submitted by a user called NinjaYuuta. It’s about a teenage girl who has a frightening dream and encounters a creature lurking in a darkened basement.

Midnight Beast

Midnight Beast

A young girl named Sara lived in a small town up north, practically in the middle of nowhere, forcing her mother to drive for an hour to get to her work. It was very cold in the town and the wind often blew through the trees, creating an eerie whistling sound.

On a cold fall evening, Sara had to wait home a lot longer than usual for her mother to get home. She was scared and alone, but she remembered her mother saying she could go to Ms. Andrews’ house down the street whenever she felt the need. Sara put on her jacket and started out the front door.
It was beginning to rain, so Sara decided to run. By the time Sara reached the corner before Ms. Andrews’ house, her nose was frozen and her cheeks stung from the cold rain. Sara turned the corner, only to find a tall dark house.

“Crap.” Sara said under her breath, hoping she was home and had just gone to sleep early, as it was nine o’clock. She made her way onto the porch and noticed the front door was ajar. Sara walked inside, desperate to get out of the harsh weather.

“Ms. Andrews?” she called. “It’s Sara. Your door was open.”

No reply.

“Hello?” Sara had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, knowing something was very wrong.

Just then, Sara saw something leap from the upstairs balcony, swoop right in front of her, then down the basement stairs, all without ever touching the floor! Sara’s heart was racing. She turned to leave, but the door had shut and didn’t budge. She was stuck in the dark.

“Saraaaaaaa” called a high-pitched, witch-like voice from the darkness. It sounded like it was coming from the basement.

“Saraaaaaa,” it called again, “I have your mommy down here, too…”

Sara felt like she was going to puke, pass out, or both. She started her way toward the basement stairs, feeling the way along the wall. She looked down the stairway, pitch black was all her eyes could see. Then, out of the darkness came two green eyes slowly moving towards her. They slowly changed to yellow, then blue. Sara was hypnotized by these eyes dancing closer and closer, slowly, up the stairs. The color started to change once more, but this time, they turned red.

Sara turned to run but a long, cold arm reached for her and snatched her down the stairwell.

“Help me!” Sara screamed desperately as she fell down the stairs.

Once Sara hit the hard concrete floor in the basement, she jolted awake in her bed. Sara was sweating yet relieved it had all just been a dream. She pulled back her covers to find she was still wearing her soaking wet clothes, jacket, and shoes. Wait a minute, Sara thought.

“Mom?” Sara called. “Mom!”

No answer.

Sara started to cry. She was alone and her mom was missing.

“I know she’s in that basement!” Sara sobbed.

She climbed out of her bed and started for her bedroom door when she heard her closet door creak open. Sara froze where she was and listened. The house was so quiet, all Sara could hear was the ringing in her ears. She took another step forward.

“Over here Sara!” The same voice yelled with urgency.

Sara’s heart jumped into her throat. She turned toward her closet and slowly made her way to her closet door. She reached out her hand, curling her trembling fingers around the cold, hard knob. The door creaked as it opened. There Sara stood, staring into a pitch black closet. She stretched her arm forward, fumbling around for the pull string to turn on the light, finally finding it and pulling it.

The light flooded the room and stung her eyes. There was nothing in the closet. Sara felt silly, she was just scaring herself, she thought. As she turned to leave, she found herself standing in front of a huge, monstrous looking beast. It was at least 8 feet tall, twice as wide as she was, and draped in black. Sara froze in fear, she couldn’t even breathe. A low growl began to creep out from somewhere inside that creature and it’s big, evil, red eyes began to pierce into her soul.

The closet light blew out, shattering glass all over Sara’s hardwood floor. The creature reached out and grabbed Sara around the waist and, like the speed of light, carried her down the stairs and out her front door, back into the rain. This thing can fly! thought Sara, astonished. It was taking her back to Ms. Andrews’ house. Sara wanted to die, to escape this fear she was feeling, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her mom. This time, Sara did pass out. She couldn’t remember going into Ms. Andrews’ house, going into her basement.

When Sara came to, she was tied down to a metal table with a blindfold on and a gag in her mouth so she couldn’t scream. She just laid there and cried. All she could hear was the sound of chainsaws, axes, and screaming men and women. Sara just waited, knowing the beast would be back and do something awful to her.

It felt like she had been laying there for hours, maybe even a day, when something touched her hand. Sara tried to jerk away, crying, trying to scream. The blindfold was pulled away from her eyes. She opened her eyes to see her mother.

“Shhh!” her mother told her. “Don’t let it hear us!”

She loosened Sara’s wrists and ankles and helped her up. Together, they made their way up the stairs and back home. They called the police to come and help the other people who were also trapped. When the police arrived, they found many torture weapons in the basement, some living people, but never found the creature.

As Sara went to bed that night, she couldn’t help but feel something wasn’t right. She woke up at one o’clock, thinking she had heard a scream. Sara listened closely, and thought she heard her mother calling her from the living room. She got out of bed, went into the hallway, and tried to turn on the light, which didn’t turn on. The power must be out, she thought to herself.

Feeling her way to the staircase, she slowly made her way down the steps. After reaching the bottom, she heard her mother call her once more, this time from the kitchen. She edged closer and closer, finding the light on in the kitchen. As she walked in, she screamed in horror to see her mother’s dead body sprawled on the floor in a pool of blood. It looked like she had been clawed from her shoulders to her hips. Sara turned and was going to run to the door, when she ran straight into something.

It was the beast and it was grinning at her and licking its lips.

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  • Great story NinjaYuurta it is awesome I wish there could be a movie about it I would watch it

  • HI OMG THAT STORY WAS GREAT…I have a basement.Thank you for that story lol.Byezeeeez.

  • @XxdatewithdevilxX: I like predicted endings I mean it makes shivers go up your spine this story was AWESOME!

  • @XxDateWithDevilxX- Thanks! I really don’t care about criticism. I prefer it…
    @xXPhantomFangWolfXx Wow! I’m being complimented by one of my favorites! You’re an amazing writer, too! I loved Liar Liar!

  • That was such an inspiration. I wish I could write stories this good. Two of my stories have been posted so far, “Turn Left” and “Liar Liar” but neither of them are half as good as this. :)

  • OMG Best story ever! NinjaYuuta, you rock! That is some insane talent right there!

  • cool story
    i guess but very predicted ending sorry just constructive critisim

  • OMG! Thank you scaryforkids!!!! Thank you BabyFreaks!!!! EEP!!! So excited and happy!!!

  • This is one of the best stories that i have yet to read on here you have awesome writing skills i hope to hear more from you soon =)

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