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Dorm Mate

Dorm Mate

Dorm Mate is a story by bloodandgore24 who is a user on this Website. The tale concerns a mysterious videotape that a boy finds under the bed of his roommate.

Dorm Mate

Dorm Mate

My name is Todd. A few days ago, my friend Cory passed away due to unknown circumstances. A videotape was found under the table in my friend’s dorm. The tape showed the police how my friend Cory died.

Cory lived in a dormitory with a friend but he went home for vacation so Cory was left alone. He didn’t mind it because he always wanted the room all to himself, but he regretted it soon.

He was studying when I called him. I invited him to a party downstairs, I told him that everyone in the building will be joining but he insisted to stay since his grades were slipping, he needed to study harder. So I just went to the party. But when I noticed the time, I decided to go upstairs to check on him since he was all alone in the building. His room is in the 3rd floor so I felt uneasy thinking I had to walk all the way to his room since there was no one else in the building but him.

I worked up my courage and put some music on my iPod to drown my fears. I started on the 1st floor, it wasn’t that scary. The lights are on and all the rooms are noisy. When I arrived on the 2nd floor i felt like someone was following me. Every time I walked I hear whispering behind me. But everytime I turned around there was nobody behind me. I just put on my earphones and forgot all about it. The hallway in the 3rd floor was kinda eerie, it was dark because they didn’t fix the lights yet, but I arrived at his room safely.

I knocked at his door and he opened it. I was shocked when I saw him. His hair was messy and his eyes are crazy. He pulled me in and locked the door. I asked him what was going on. He said he heard running in the hallway while he was studying but every time he opened the door to look, the sound stopped. He was pretty sleep-deprived so I thought he was being paranoid.

I made tea and I asked him to calm down. He set up a videocamera on his table, turned it on and left it lying there. He sat down and drank his tea and calmed down a bit. We watched a movie and I left since the party was over and people were coming back upstairs. I arrived back to my dorm and slept like a baby.

At midnight, we all heard a scream. I assumed it was Cory so I went upsatirs and checked on him but there was a crowd gathered around him. I was about to ask him what was going on but when I arrived he was already dead.

While we were watching the tape, I felt something behind me. When I turned around, there was a lady outside the room and she was grinning maliciously at me. I was focused on the lady when I heard Cory’s voice on TV. He was recording himself in his room. Cory narrated to us what happened:

“I was studying when I decided to lie down. I was staring at the ceiling while memorizing some facts when I fell asleep. I woke up and there was a la-lad- lady floating on top of me and grinning maliciously at me. I closed my eyes and prayed hard but when I opened my eyes, she was even closer! She imitated my prayer but in a cold voice. So I passed out. And when I woke up, she was sitting on a chair across my bed watching me sleep. I screamed and went out of bed but a force pulled me back.. ”

Then the camera scrambled and we could hear screaming in the background and a voice saying “Come” over and over again. The camera returned to its normal state and Cory ran to the camera and said there was no time. Then a hand grabbed him and he was gone. The camera moved and fell off the table.

(That’s all. xDDD I hope it was good :) Sorry if it’s no so good its my first time:) scaryforkids I hope you put this up.)

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