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Heart Art

Heart Art

Heart Art is a story submitted by a user on this Website who is nicknamed DEAD scary. It’s about a little girl who is very fond of art and makes papier mache hearts.

Heart Art

Heart Art

A few years ago, in San Diego, a small family (mom, dad and daughter) moved into a big house. The daughter loved art. She was very clever when it came to creative hobbies and artistic pursuits. She especially loved papier mache and often painted the sculptures she made out of paper. The strange thing was that she only made painted hearts.

One day the young girl was walking home from school, when it started raining. She decided to take a short cut through a small abandoned church. Until she fell down an empty grave and banged her head and fell unconcious. Meanwhile, back at her parents house, her dad was reading the newspaper when he came to a huge headline about the local abandoned church where devil worshippers were doing their rituals.

At that moment they heard rustlng and smashing of plant pots outside their door and when they opened it, they found their daughter standing there with a huge meat cleaver and two painted hearts. Her eyes were rolled back in her head and all you could see were the whites of her eyes.

Suddenly, she slit open her mom’s chest, ripped out her heart and ate it. Straight afterwards, she did the same thing to her father. She pulled both of their bodies out into the empty road and stuffed a small painted heart where their real hearts should be. Then she disappeared into thin air.

Maybe she’s outside your door now, and she has plenty of painted hearts ready!

(Plz tell me if it was good enough and I hope it gets put on your website! Sorry the beginning was long and boring!)

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  • Omg!!! I heard a knock at my door 0_0 but it was my friend lol right after I read that part I heard bang bang bang so I grabbed a saucepan and my sisters Barbie carriage (ikr) and I opened the door. My friends like hi! I’m like NEVA DO THAT AGAIN 0_0 OK WHERE’S THE KNIFE and she says … Okay…

  • Creative Indeed, And keep posting… I’ll like to read more of your stories…
    YESSSSSSSS, I’m First in 2013… Happy Valentine’s Day, The hearts of this story reminded me to tell you… :)

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