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Gifts From Grandma

Gifts From Grandma

Gifts From Grandma is a story submitted by Saad Hamid, who is a user on this Website. It’s about a little girl who loves her grandmother even though her mother hates her.

Gifts From Grandma

Gifts From Grandma

There was once a woman who hated her husband’s mother. Her husband tried to calm her down, but it was no use. They had a four year old daughter named Minnie. She loved her grandma and always kissed her goodnight. Minnie loved to listen to her grandma’s stories before going to sleep. Minnie’s grandma always brought gifts for minnie and they played with each other all day. Each time the grandma brought a present for Minnie, it made the mother extremely angry.

One day, the grandma died because of a terrible disease. Minnie was crying her eyes out and no one could stop her. Her father wanted her to stop, but he was also crying. The mother was so happy. It was a day for her to celebrate, but she could not.

At the funeral, everyone was crying, because they were all grandma’s old friends. Minnie cried the most, she couldn’t stand it.

“Calm down Minnie, Calm down” her father said.

His eyes were also full of tears. But there was one thing; the mother didn’t come to the funeral. She was sleeping soundly in her bed. She opened her eyes to hear loud cries coming from downstairs. She knew it was the funeral. The room was darkened. Only dim daylight was coming through the curtains. She thought she heard a cackle.

“Just my imagination” she told herself.

No sooner did she say this then the door burst open.

“I need checking!” the police officer said as he entered the room.

Suddenly the loud cries stopped. They checked all the places. The woman was scared, she was eager to ask what happened but no one would listen to her.

At last, when all the police men finished, she asked, “What is it? What happened?!”

“Miss, we just received phone calls from your house about someone torturing your daughter.”

The woman got scared. “Torturing my daughter? What do you mean by that?” she asked as if she was suspicious.

“We came to discover that her father’s not home. The daughter told us he had gone somewhere to work, and he will not come until tomorrow.”

The police officer did not wanted to alarm her. Actually when coming back from the cemetery, the father cried so much that he didn’t look up, and a car killed him, tearing him apart from limb to limb.

“Then who was on the phone, was it Minnie?” The mother asked.

“No, it was a woman. We believe it was you.”

The woman was scared to death. But she nodded anyway, in confusion.

“You must have forgotten.” The police officer said.

When the police went off, she went to check on Minnie. She was shocked by what she saw. Minnie was talking to someone. Small kids, she thought, they always fool around.

“What’s my little princess doing?” She kissed Minnie.

Today she was acting like she loved her daughter, and didn’t scold her like before and even told her stories. She was just doing this because she was scared. But she didn’t have a clue of what life had in store for her.

That night, she talked on the phone with her best friend while Minnie played with her dolls upstairs. Today she was free to back-bite the grandma. She even knew it was a sin, but she did it anyway. She told her friend everything against her. She was just talking when her daughter came downstairs, her face pale.

Minnie looked very scared. “Grandma knows!” she said.

The mother ignored her, thinking it was just kid’s stuff. After ten minutes the daughter came down again, this time her face was even more pale.

“Grandma knows” She said again in a crying voice.

“Minnie, stop disturbing me! Can’t you see I’m talking on phone?” The mother was getting angry at her daughter.

Minnie just nodded hysterically and went off. Minnie was making her mother very scared. Ten minutes later, the same thing happened. Minnie came downstairs, coughed five times, cleared her throat and said, “Grandma knows!”

Now the mother was furious. She grabbed her daughter and dragged her upstairs to her room. She threw her on the bed.

“Just shut up Minnie! What do you want?! Why are you scaring me like that?!” She shouted.

“Grandma kn-”

Before she said it, the mother slapped on her face hard. She locked her in the room and she could hear crying and banging on the door, but she ignored it and went downstairs. Minnie sat there, scared. She knew grandma would do something. She just slept.

Two hours later, she was woken up by a startled cry. The door of her room stood open. She thought her mother would have done it. She became thirsty and went downstairs to get a glass of water. She went to the kitchen, only to discover it was locked. She was scared. Why would her mother lock herself inside?

She heard a dripping sound coming from inside. She knocked on the door but no answer came. At last she went to the attic to get the spare key. When she opened the door, she saw a horrifying scene.

Her mother was hanging from the ceiling fan. She had been cut from limb to limb, stabbed and decapitated. Her head was lying in the kitchen sink. The dripping sound was blood.

Minnie screamed. There was a note lying on the floor. “Come to grandma” and the last thing Minnie remembered was her head being chopped off.

(Hello guys. I made my my account on this site long ago, but I am using it now. I love to write scary stories, so I wrote a scary story by myself. I hope you like it.)

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