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Scary Videos

Scary Videos

Really scary videos that make you jump and clips from horror movies to make you scream. This website has scary pop ups, prank videos, funny clips, the scary maze game and real ghost videos that will make you scream with surprise.

Scary Videos

scary for kids


  • Is it sad that I’ve watched all of these and found them absolutely hilarious? I think I need mental help..

  • Im scared,
    are these super scary?



  • The top picture freaks me out :(. What IS it?

    Scaryforkids says: It’s a scene from The Ring.

  • what video is the girl on top from? i know shes from the ring but the video she is in with that look or whatever lol

  • I have a suggestion SFK I’m not sure which topic to put it in and I suggest you look at It first. The Adventures of Mark Twain – the Satan part which I find very creepy…

    Scaryforkids says: It’s under “Claymation Movies”

  • Oh, how I remember a lot of these videos very well.
    I have seen the main picture of this category used in a chain mail someone sent to my friend. I came with a recorded scream.
    It made me laugh how it didn’t scare anyone that he showed it to.

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