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Scary Commercials

Scary Commercials

Watch some scary commercials, creepy advertisements and weird viral videos specially selected for your viewing pleasure. From the scary German car ad for K-Fee to the Metz Judderman and other horror-themed commercials. My personal favorite is the Lonely Water public service announcement.

1. Scary Car Commercial

This German advert for K-Fee was one of the first viral videos.

2. Japanese Tire Commercial

The Japanese Tire Commercial is so scary it even comes with a disclaimer and a health warning before you watch it. The translation says “Not for the faint of heart”. It came out in 2013 and some people say it’s the scariest advert ever. Two men are driving down the road at night when they encounter a scary female ghost in the road.

3. Scary Golf Commercial

Another popup video from the German company K-Fee.

4. Lonely Water

Lonely Water was a public information film (PSA) created by the British Government in 1973 to warn children about the dangers of accidental drowning. It terrified a generation of kids and made sure that nobody ever went near the “dark and lonely” water. It was filmed like a horror movie and they even hired Donald Pleasance from the original Halloween to do the voice-over. It features a bunch of kids playing near rivers and ponds while the Grim Reaper watches them die and he seems to really enjoy it.

5. Cereal Commercial

This cereal commercial for Post Sugar Rice Krinkles is from the 1960s and some people have called it the most disturbing cereal ad ever filmed. It features a creepy, wild-eyed mascot named Krinkles the Clown.

6. The Judderman

The Judderman was a scary TV advertisement that aired in 2000. It was a commercial for Metz (an alcoholic schnapps drink) and featured a creepy sprite who turns unwary travelers into puppets.

7. Little Baby’s Ice Cream

This commercial features a woman who is made entirely of ice cream and she is eating herself with a spoon. Delicious!

8. Smokey the Bear

“Mommy, did that woman just rip off her face?”

9. Baby Laugh-a-Lot

Remco’s Baby Laugh-a-Lot is a doll from a scary commercial that aired on TV in the 1970s. When you push a button on the doll’s chest, it lets out the creepiest laugh you will ever hear.

The children in the ad may be giggling, but I guarantee you that no child who saw this commercial in the 1970s was smiling. They were quaking in their shoes. This is not the laughter of a cute doll, this is the laughter of a crazed maniac who is planning to murder you in your sleep.

10. Kinder Surprise

A 1980s German ad for chocolate eggs featuring a disturbing Humpty-Dumpty creature. Yet again, another generation of kids was traumatized.

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