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Cereal Commercial

Cereal Commercial

This cereal commercial for Post Sugar Rice Krinkles is from the 1960s and some people have called it the most disturbing cereal ad ever filmed. It features a creepy, wild-eyed mascot named Krinkles the Clown.

My friend sent me this video. I watched it a few times, but I couldn’t figure out what the clown was saying at the start. So, I slowed it down and turned on the closed caption subtitles.

Cereal Commercial

It said, “I will murder you”.

Cereal Commercial

scary for kids


  • Nope, he did say Breakfast. The subtitles thought the rooster crowing said “I will murder you”

  • Cereal? but I don’t eat cereal for breakfast. And that clown is normal, anyways.

  • I have coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, and the video freaked me out ten times more. I didn’t pay attention to the actual sound part because of the fear the clown was generating, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to “murder” someone with cereal. 6/10 creepy clowns.

  • Guys, it’s not the clown saying “I will murder you”. The closed captions thought the rooster crowing was someone saying I will murder you.

  • The clown completely says “breakfast”. Lol, who found it saying”I will murder you”?

    anyway, hi there… I was not here for so many days….ahh… feels good to be here… Love SFK and Love this webbie…

  • Well, in the 1960s clowns never had such a infamous reputation for making kids pee in their pants and plus i’m 1000.99% sure he did not give murder threats in a cereal commercial- there are better places to threaten people – especially if you’re a clown.

  • “I will murder you.” seriously? the clown completely said “breakfast” lol

  • I dont like cereal 😂😂 and here in Portugal theres this really weird cereal commercial where a guy has a bowl of cereal and he takes one spoonful and then roars like a lion 😂😂😂 the first time I heard it I jumped! I honestly thought that I was going to get killed ahaha

  • I don’t find the clown saying I will murder you. At start the clown says: breakfast! I am hungry…. Right?

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