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Scary Commercials 2

Scary Commercials 2

More scary commercials and advertisements to keep you entertained.

11. Bungee Jump

Did a bungee jumper really get his head bitten off by a crocodile?

This is actually a scary advertisement from Australia for Foster’s Beer. The ad features a man named “Big Doug” who jumps off a crane into a river and has his head bitten off by a crocodile. It caused a stir when it was released in 2003 because many people were disturbed by how real it seemed. It created an urban legend on the Internet when people e-mailed an edited version of the video to each other with a blurb claiming it was real footage.

12. Shark Fishing

Another scary ad for K-Fee

13. McDonalds Commercial

These McDonalds commercials from Japan are extremely disturbing, creepy and bizarre. In the USA, Ronald McDonald is a friendly, smiling clown. In Japan, Ronald McDonald is a stalker who lurks around your house at night, breaks in and hides under your bed.

Based on these commercials, Ronald is obviously just biding his time until he murders you and eats your corpse. Maybe that’s why rice and noodles are more popular in Japan than hamburgers and french fries…

14. Pasta Sauce

These Pasta Sauce commericals from Japan are, according to some people, the most disturbing ads ever made. Tarako is a type of salted fish. A Japanese food company called Tarako needed a mascot, so they combined tarako fish with a kewpie doll and came up with Tarako Kewpie. For some reason, Japanese people really liked the mascot and it became extremely popular.

In Japan, Tarako Kewpie may be considered cute, but in the rest of the world, it is nightmare fuel. The company became notorious for their weird pasta sauce commercials featuring hordes of mutant dolls invading earth and scaring children. What the advertisers are trying to say is, “There’s a lot of fish in our sauce,” but what it seems like they’re saying is, “Puny humans! Tarako will destroy you all!”

15. Dorito’s Commercial

This is a Doritos commercial from Mexico. It features some zombies on a public bus who seem to like the taste of Doritos more than they like the taste of human flesh.

16. Marmite Advertisement

This British advert for Marmite is a parody of the classic horror movie The Blob, but it was scaring too many children and had to be pulled off TV in 2005. The kids were worried that when they went to the shopping center, their parents would be eaten by a giant brown blob. Some parents claimed their children refused to watch TV after seeing the ad and were having nightmares because of it.

17. Bud Light Commercial

This was a Superbowl commercial for Bud Light in 2007. A young couple are driving down a deserted road at night when they come across a creepy hitchhiker holding an axe and a six-pack of Bud Light.

18. Softmints

A commercial for Trebor Softmints with a weird character named Mr. Soft that freaked out a lot of kids back in the 1980s.

19. Frost Bites

If this is what happens when you eat Dentyne Frost Bites mints, no wonder nobody ever bought them…

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