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Kimberly Story

Kimberly Story

The Kimberly Story is a scary urban legend told by Ed Hermanski and you can listen to the audio recording below. He was a history teacher in middle school in Chandler Arizona and every Halloween, he would tell his students this real chilling scary story. Over the years, the tale of horror spread by word of mouth and now it has a terrifying reputation.

Kimberly Story

Mr. Hermanski says the story is based on true events that happened when he was teaching middle school in Fabens, Texas. There was a girl in his class named Kimberly. She was absent for almost two weeks. When she returned, she was wearing a dirty, tattered nightgown and kept repeating over and over, “Poor Kimberly… Poor Kimberly…” Police found the dead bodies of her parents buried in her back yard.

She had this evil, evil look on her face, and she was dirty, and she had blood on her fingers… She said, “Ssshhh. They’re here.” And I said, “Who’s here?” And she said, “The ones who live in the walls.”

The Kimberly Story is over an hour long and the audio quality isn’t the best, but it is worth listening to. It is very unique and original and freaks most listeners out.

After hearing the entire story, many people have claimed that they experienced weird events. Some hear mysterious noises, others suddenly have their lights go out and the electricity switch off. Some even get strange phone calls that can’t be traced, and a few claim to have seen a girl in a long white nightgown walking by outside their window.

If any Hollywood movie producers are reading this, they should get in contact with Mr. Hermanski about buying the rights to turn this story into a horror movie.

The Kimberly Story

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  • Freaking Youtube is down at my house I’m currently in and I cant watch it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *falls down on knees* “WHY!!!?”
    – Maximum Ride

  • creepy picture! scary girl! unexplained creepy things!!! not sleeping tonight
    11 out of 10 scary girls crawling through dog doors
    has anybody listened to the video? Did anything happen? MUST BE SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Currently, I’m procrastinating on my homework, so I’m wondering whether or not I should actually set aside my homework for an hour to listen to the video. But after reading the comments, I think it’s worth the time lol

  • This story is just, everything! It is better than any other horror film I’ve ever watched. It’s been on my mind since the time I listened to it. I honestly believe that this story is real, but the strange fact is that there are no records of any murder committed by anyone named Kimberly in El Paso. :/

  • Oh the update was before it was on sound cloud and now its on Youtube. I’d rather listen to it on sound cloud though. I don’t want no jumpscares while I’m listn’n!

  • I wrote my first comment a long time ago and now I don’t get it. Anyway how was this updated from the first time?

  • Ugh. It’s so long. I’m just gonna google a summary of it and read that.

  • This is definitely my cup of tea, I’m gonna try to find it on the internet or youtube. Reviews coming later :)

  • it was creepy and scary and the weirdest thing happened to me i was listening to it and in the middle for no reason at all it stopped i tried everything but it wouldnt start i gave up and a short while later it started again and i realised that it didnt start all through the AZAAN (muslim call to prayer) and after that i nearly fainted

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