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Horror Videos

Horror Videos

Horror video clips and scary short films from youtube.

Horror Video

1. There Are Monsters

There Are Monsters

There Are Monsters is a short online horror video made in 2008. A married couple are about to host a dinner party. The strange little girl standing in their backyard and the store clerk with the unsettling smile are signs that something is not quite right in this small town.

2. Blinky


Blinky is a short horror movie about a good robot that turns evil. This is actually one of the best horror shorts I’ve watched in a while.

3. The Dummy


The Dummy is a short horror film from 1982 about a woman who is menaced by a scary puppet. This started off as a student film, but it was picked up by HBO and screened regularly on TV, giving a whole generation of kids terrible nightmares.

4. The Cat With Hands

Cat With Hands

The Cat with Hands is an extremely scary short film that tells the story of a strange creature that steals body parts.

5. Red Balloon

Red Balloon

The Red Balloon is a short horror movie about a teenage babysitter who tries to comfort a little girl when she has bad dreams.

6. Peekers


The Peekers is a scary short film about a man whose neighbor knocks on his door one morning and asks him to come over to his house to look at something. From there on, the film begins to get creepier and creepier.

7. Duck Children

Duck Children

Duck Children is a creepy short film. What starts out as a seemingly innocent school play becomes a tale of horror, death and a man with a huge head and a big googily eye.

8. Mama Video


Mama is a short horror film from Spain about Victoria and Lily, two little girls who are on the run from their demonic mother in an old Gothic mansion. The short is in Spanish with English subtitles.

9. Still Life

Still Life

10. Facts of the Case

Facts of the Case

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