Scary For Kids


  • I think I could fight off a dummy like this. After all, once you get whatever weapons they had away from them you have the advantage. The girl in the video could have just kicked him down and thrown him out the window

  • And why would she throw a blanket on it? Why could’nt she grab it when it was in the blanket the abuse it!

  • What is the worst thing a doll can do?
    It can’t stab you, how will it grip the knife? His fingers are all molded together.
    It can’t shoot you…

  • Ugh I haven’t even seen it yet and it creeps me out DX I have a fear of dolls coming to life DX DX DX DX

  • Creepy, xD I hate myself for watching these at night in the dark. xD every sound I hear: Theyre comin for me mama xDDD

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