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Cat With Hands

Cat With Hands

The Cat with Hands is an extremely scary short film that tells the story of a strange creature that steals body parts.

The Cat With Hands, by Robert Morgan

The old man sang softly to himself as he walked to the well. He stopped and turned to face his silent companion.

“You know this is the place, don’t you?” he asked. “Where it comes from, so they say.”

He took the bucket his companion was holding and approached the well.

“Story has it, a boy came face-to-face with that animal… right here. Right where we’re standing now…” He lowered the bucket into the well and continued his tale.

“A small boy was taking water from the well. He was somewhat surprised when he lifted his bucket, and saw a kitten sitting in it. He was even more surprised when the kitten jumped out of the bucket and landed on the edge of the well. Instead of paws, it had human hands.”

“Suddenly, the kitten reached out and, quick as a flash, snatched a bird from the air. It devoured the thing whole. The boy was shocked. Slowly, tentatively, the boy reached out to stroke the kitten. It grabbed the boy’s arm with one hand and reached for his face with the other. The boy slumped over, hitting the well’s edge and falling to the ground. His face was perfectly smooth. The creature had taken his face!”

“Over the years it carried on like this,” the miner continued, “thieving different parts of people like it wanted to be a person. Until it looked just like you or me, on the outside. But the only human part it never got was the…”

All of a sudden, his silent companion grabbed the old man’s head with both hands and drew him in for a kiss! The old man struggled to free himself.

“– tongue!” his companion finished gleefully in the miner’s gravelly voice. The miner felt around his empty mouth in horror, then looked up. His companion was changing, advancing on him. He stepped back and tripped over a fallen branch. He felt something bite into his leg, dragging him off into the darkness, and he couldn’t even scream.

A few minutes later, its meal finished, the creature sang quietly to itself and left the clearing.

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