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Blinky is a short horror movie about a good robot that turns evil. This is actually one of the best horror shorts I’ve watched in a while.

Blinky was made in 2011 by Irish director Ruairi Robinson. The budget was 45,000 Euro and it was funded by the Irish Film Board. You may recognise the kid in the film. He was in Where The Wild Things Are.

scary for kids


  • Sorry! My other comment was actually for Red and Blue (a story about colored blood) and I posted it in the wrong place, please delete it, SFK, sorry and thank you.

  • I say the parents should have realized the damage they were doing to their son. If you asked me, I say the parents deserved it more.

  • i was ok til the dog was killed and chill went down my spine at 11:24. POOR DOGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ='(

  • Great. So, you have a robot that will obey your every command, and you tell it to kill everyone. Great idea, kiddo.
    And that silence at the very end, I was sure something was going to jump out.

  • Aww, Blinky. I would buy him and a hot Robo babe or him ;) Lol’ did you see the way he looked at the other robot… Foxy! Haha. That kid treated poorly though. I would treat him so much better. :(

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