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Still Life

Still Life

Still Life is a short horror film about a man who is driving through a small town when he discovers that the people have all turned into mannequins.

Still Life was made in 2005 in Canada by director Charles Johnston. If the premise seems a bit familiar, it was used in an episode of the old 1960s Twilight Zone TV show. However, the twist in this short film is a lot more horrific.

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  • that was weird!!! i hav seen all of these videos months ago,scary for kids we want moreeee!!!!!!!!

  • Hi! I’m a new user here. BTW today is my birthday! I love these vids. And I love this site ;)

  • I think that it was because of drug overdose. Did you see how he took his medicine twice? And the second time he literally drank from the bottle. It made him think that people are mannequins.

  • I bet it’s the medicine he took in the begging.It’s probably a side-effect and that’s why he sees mannequin’s instead of people.

  • POLICE: its the police get down on the ground!

    man: but he tried to attack me sir.

  • I think the man was crazy and he thought everyone was a dummy, but they were actually real people and he ended killing them in the end.

  • Basically, this man goes to a small town and everyone he see’s is a mannequin. After he runs someone over, all the mannequins stare at him like in the cafe. He runs out of fuel and goes to the house. Seeing a family of dummies he attacks them with a bat. When he goes upstairs he realizes that he has blood on his body like a serial killer would. The police in human form arrive and arrest him. As he is taken downstairs he notices that the family of dummies are actually human. And he killed them.

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