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Facts of the Case

Facts of the Case

The Facts of the Case of Mister Hollow is a creepy short film about an old photograph that gradually reveals more details the closer you look.

The Facts of the Case of Mr Hollow was made in Canada in 2008 by Rodrigo Gudino and Vincent Marcone. The title is a reference to the short story The Facts In The Case of M. Valdemar, by Egdar Allen Poe.

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  • Ooooh… or perhaps the people with the tattoos ARE the Keres themselves! Haha! Just thought of this…

  • This is a symbol of the fact that Death surrounds us everywhere in many shapes, forms and disguises – whether it be violent, cruel, murder or ravaging disease. Keres are female spirits of violent and cruel death in Greek mythology. Blood-thirsty evil death spirits who feed upon the blood of soldiers on battlefields after ripping the souls from their bodies and throwing them into Hades.

    Some of the Keres were personifications of epidemic diseases, which haunted areas riven by plague. The Keres were depicted as fanged, taloned women dressed in bloody garments.

    So Keres were the evil spirits and or Goddesses of terrible death.

    The opposite was Thanatos, the spirit and or God of peaceful death.

    This short film is a representation of Keres.

    Although, at the beginning of the film, there is a newspaper clipping with the headline: Child Disappearances Continue Police Say Victims Number 100.
    Underneath this, a small heading states: Paganism Flourishing in Northern Ontario.

    This seems to suggest that perhaps there is either witchcraft going on or cult activity. And from what I have read before, both have been responsible for sacrificing babies and young children to their “Gods”.
    Also, there is a symbol of what looks like a knife of some sort with black wings and some sort of thorns slithered around the blade. The men in the photo each had this tattooed onto a part of their bodies. This suggests to me that they are a cult who sacrifice to the “Goddesses” of death – hence the woman standing with the baby.

    The priest and man with the priest in the background look ready to murder the cult and save the woman and baby. The cult figures unknowingly about to become the feast of the Keres themselves as they are about to be murdered.

    I have never read the story ‘The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.’

    I might now.

  • wow the camera movement is incredible and i never thought this video would take a twisted turn in just on picture

  • Weird. I love these but could sfk tell the story because I am sometimes too nervous to watch it.

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