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  • Season’s Greetings and Alma are my faves. Only because I love the legend of Samhain.

  • My cpu doesn’t work with Youtube, but of all the ones above I’ve seen, I think Alma is my fave.

  • @Rage-Man99 The Website Is ScaryForKIDS.Com. What Do You Expect?? -.-

  • cool story blood and gore lol the nana stole her face but why would she want it?

  • I have another story!!!
    @scaryforkids i hope you like it!!
    Chin Tan Change (you can change the title if you like ^_^)
    Chin Tan was a Chinese cosmetic store, my nanny suggested we go there before she drives me to the party. I saw some pretty weird stuff there. Lizard cream, Dog Lotion, Lemon Contacts. I almost vomited and decided to go home. But when I turned, the manager was there. He looked at my face with such interest. “Your face is pretty, too bad it has so much disfiguration, I would love to fix it.” he said. ” How dare you?! My face is not disfigured!” I screamed. “Oh no, I am sorry, I just meant that there is something wrong with it.” then he whispered, ” I can change your face to make you look better.” I pushed him then I ran away. At the prom, my boyfriend was completely ignoring me. I asked him why and he just told me that my face looks pretty cool. I knew what he meant by that and since i was pretty frustrated, I broke up with him. Later that night I ran back to that store, it was still open. The manager greeted me with a smile and said he knew I was coming. While I was lying down, I asked him how it’s done and how many days will it heal. He told me that he just needs to remove my face and replace it with a new one and keep my face preserved for another patient. I saw another patient beside me that looked very familiar. I fell asleep afterwards. I woke up the next day and decided to go home. I peered into my parents’ bedroom and they were still asleep. I decided to look into the mirror to see if my face was improved. I saw my face and screamed. I was totally different! I looked like a movie star! I was so happy I went to my boyfriend’s house to surprise him. I slipped into his bathroom waiting for him to come in. I heard him waking up and approaching the bathroom. As he opened the door, He was shocked to see me. Not knowing who i am, he forced me out of his house. I kept convincing him it was me but he still won’t believe me. I went home crying and my parents were staring at me clueless. They asked who i am and I explained to them that I just went to a cosmetic store to change my face but what they said next horrified me. They said that I was upstairs doing my homework. I rushed upstairs to find another woman with my face lying on my bed giggling. I asked her who she was in an aggressive manner but before she could speak I pulled her hair. She screamed and screamed until my mom went in. She slapped me then she held the stranger and hugged her. She adviced me to just go home to my own family before she calls the police. I had no choice. It was raining that night when I went back to Chin tan store and demanded my face changed back. There was no answer. I found a sledgehammer and tore a hole in the door. I found nothing inside. But there was a note to the floor. The rain poured in but the note was still readable. It read: “I am very sorry to give your face to your nanny. But you had it coming.” I fell down on my knees and cried.

  • @Scarystoriesrock hi and go to tell me your story it is in the scary stories section

  • @scary_stories_rock read the following message if wanted: People actually don’t really make “friends” on here. It’s kind of stupid that we can’t though. Sfk should really make a feature that lets you chat with people. But, no one wants to stalked from chatting on here and murdered, right?

  • I LOVE the nightmare before christmas! Its one of my favorite childhood movies.

  • hii scarystoriesrock!!!!!! u mite have to google scary for kids tell me your story to find it
    @carcass hehehe I always end up posting my stories ON stories so they have a greater chance of being seen :) I hope they post some of my stories I work really hard :L

  • 4th and im new and i get ignored her so hi i would love to make friends oh n were do we post our own stories

  • Hey SFK I have a question . In the ” tell me your story ” post how many of them do you read? And have you seen any that catch the eye o3o?

  • They all seem funny xD i used to like the song this is Halloween yet now it just freaks me out xD

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