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Halloween is Grinch Night

Halloween is Grinch Night

Halloween is Grinch Night is a 30 minute Dr Seuss Halloween special that originally aired on TV in 1977.

Halloween is Grinch Night is a Halloween TV special from Dr. Seuss that originally aired in 1977. Although not as good as the The Grinch that Stole Christmas, it’s still very enjoyable in its own right.

The story of Halloween is Grinch Night story is not well known, but those that have seen it hold a special place for it in their hearts.

The plot goes like this: The Grinch didn’t stay good after Christmas and is back to being dastardly and mean. The citizens of Whoville are terrorized on Halloween night by the Grinch and his countless monsters and spooks. Young Eukariah Who, sets out to save his family and the town. Along the way, Eukariah learns quite a bit about facing unpleasant facts, confronting your fears, and taking positive action when faced with a threat. There are two Seuss songs, “He Will Eat Them”, and “Grinch’s Inches Closer”, both hilarious as you might expect.

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